The First 10 Minutes of Attack on Titan 2

We take a look at the beginning of the hack-and-slash action game, Attack on Titan 2!

Attack on Titan 2 - Teaser Trailer:

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  • moonsmonsters

    What about the first 8 hours being the same as the first game

  • Gamers Mother Base

    It was a good idea to make the cinematic from the first person view.

  • Luffy

    AOT2 vs Far Cry 5 - what should I buy?

  • Rishav Pathak

    I'll probably get bored after completing 2-3 missions

  • Hunter Wolf

    sasageyo bro sasageyo.

  • Girino Jack - HOOD_ED

    Jss christ. Feng li's game works better for me(maybe is not a problem of the game but of the player).

  • Despicable Danny

    looks like a 5th grader was playing

  • Tyranny Rains

    if yall wanna see actual game play visit my channel from someone who actually knows how to play the game. Lol

  • Derfe34

    Lmaaaaaaao, The Titan is not even moving and this dude still manages to miss 2/3 hits

  • Nonsense

    I can't tell if the controls are garbage or if the person playing is garbage

  • Player 10

    I first thought this is a fps game 🤣 . Flying with the 3D equipment in first person would have been amazing . Who agrees ?

  • Luke Munroe

    If you watch aot ep 2 the moment where eren says hell kill them all as he walks up you see kid with a hoodie over his face

  • Soulz Soulz

    Thinking of getting it. Is there going to be an update where you can roam around as a mindless titan to eat people? Just curious.

  • Ceramic Shot

    Railroady gameplay and awful looking controls. Looks terrible. :(

  • Thumb Tack

    Aaahhh the way he plays, make it look lame.

  • Demon Lord of the Round Table

    It would be if its on first person

  • Keishin B237

    Just so everyone knows, This is litteraly the very first 10 minutes of you starting up the game. the full tutorial comes AFTER this.

  • Demon Lord of the Round Table

    That eren's parents dead scene tho still enough to make cry

  • Famous TV

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  • CatSratch

    is this on pc or switch ?

  • Te_Ani-Mate

    Rookie from halo in AOT style

  • Xayvion Frederick

    if only the person playing wasn’t complete trash then i could actually get a good look at how the mechanics look 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • ThatMan Narbash

    Whelp someone definitely got fired

  • Isyraq Ummair

    oh the player are so op =,=

  • Mabushii Kokoro

    Guys I wanna know if this contains any spoilers because I haven't read the manga I'm waiting for season 3

  • Marrie -lee

    Looks like he hasn’t even played the first one 😂😂

  • Erwin Rommel

    yea i will never think of touching this game too cheesy

  • superman291

    Come on guys it's their first time playing.

  • Tiago Marx

    It doesn't feel like you've got air momentum at all, kinda weird.

  • JayQuezz 2x

    This game and show was always garbage

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