XBOX ONE X Enhanced: FAR CRY 5 in 4K HDR on my LG 65" 4K Wallpaper OLED TV [4K UHD]

This is FarCry 5 on Xbox One X.
TV: LG 65W7V 4K Wallpaper OLED TV
Settings: Cinema Home, Active HDR (no game mode)
  • Misbah Haseeb

    I ❤ xbox one x and all games of ubisoft

  • MagicAyrtonforever

    Just picked up a used xbox one x for a bargain - 3 months old.. Can't wait

  • Zhilwan Jamal

    the graphic is nice and the tv is nice but how much money for your tv

  • Antonio

    What color gamut and dynamic color setting should I use on LG? Pls help

  • Reiner Deutscher

    Sieht auf dem Pc deutlich besser aus

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