Florida Georgia Line - H.O.L.Y.

“H.O.L.Y.” is on FGL’s latest release DIG YOUR ROOTS. Click here: http://smarturl.it/DigYourRoots

Music video by Florida Georgia Line performing H.O.L.Y.. (C) 2016 Big Machine Label Group, LLC


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  • ComentAndDoment

    Didn't notice this was country :S Modern Country I guess :O

  • Mandy Sexton

    My aunt Manda and Uncle can I know this song to I love this song to my name is lilly

  • Ashley Davey

    Going to be played at my wedding on Saturday! I love you Joe!

  • Addict With A Pen

    I just realized why it's called H.O.L.Y and I feel dumb highonloving youand it says holy over and over again but no.

  • Michele Green

    Come over pentatnoix yes you noxvc

  • Tom Bailey

    This a good song it was only when I started a cover of it that I Realized he compares and puts this girl above God.... Many biblicle references switched to this Girls... A Satanist Approach....He even mentions heavans and hallelujah in a Sexual. Manna... I Don't know the Guys their is no Woman Holy! She's his church his healing hands they got carried away took everything from God And Gave it to this Girl..... It is a catch song I thought it was a Christian Song now I know these dudes are a lamming God...... Fuck you Both you air headed sonofabitches. Go to Hell!

  • Michele Green

    Come over pentatnoix yes you

  • jessica pegg

    I liked all of your songs

  • Dr Rahul Vaghela

    Your songs for long run life like it will be never be boring

  • Lisam Gies

    love it thats real love of heart

  • Ajk 1206

    Play at playback speed 2. It’s not bad, but kinda cool

  • Mizo Tarzan

    50-100 years from now, this generations great-grandkids will discover this in some archive and say "Wow, Great-grandpa, y'all had some good music".

  • Payton Mansur

    what an amazing song this has to be one of my favs

  • Nick Red

    She has some dang big feat

  • Carolyn Mckinney

    Beautiful music i love this song

  • sid alim

    So sad now and this song makes me sad

  • Daniel McCleaf

    There is nothing holy about the human condition we are corrupt by Nature it is only through faith in Christ that we can experience anything holy.... the lyrics are from the Devil

  • Sherry Yates

    My Granddaughters Favorite Song!!!! Love This Song-!!!!!!!

  • alice tiffany Bennett

    this my daughters favorite love song

  • Salam Morrad

    I've probably listened to this song 500 times and still yet feels like I'm listening to it for the first time every time I listen to you! Love the hell out of this song!

  • Lee Dixon

    still my favorite song after 1,000 (not an exaggeration) listens... i know i will never feel like this with someone because ill be alone forever, but it is nice to think for 3:49 that it is not the case

  • Daniel Lander

    This song gets to me. I have 0 good memories with family since I Joined the military...I thought I could change that when I got out. Every time we try to create a memory it blows up in our face. We went to Fl ga line and nelly with some other people playing there too. Her old roomate got me kicked out by the police, we sang this one being held back by police at the gate before leaving dudes dumbass to catch an uber...70 miles to his house. Lol he got home at 7 am, and it still wasnt the worst night ever!

  • Delaney Covelli

    Anyone know who the production company is who created the video? Thanks!

  • Angela Jenkins

    I love this bc this make me feel closer to god❤

  • Sabrina Lambie

    My ex sent me this song. We cant be together but we are still so inlove so much and always will be it hurts. He is my forever.

  • B Runns

    This is one of the greatest songs I've ever heard when I was going through a rough time in my life!

  • Joy Kewin

    H.O.L.Y ohhh! how I love you.

  • Nathan West

    Come to Columbus the one please and thank you I love this song I will probably be there

  • Karli Fry

    The song HOLY will forever be my song to my future husband my best friend greatest lover ill ever know Thank You for this AMAZING Song !Shannon Dean McKinley your,my HOLY I love you

  • kk test

    behheyuturuuttuututyyurururru th turu turns rule of law of law enforcement officials Uruguay 's uu

  • Destiny And Jamie Epley

    This was my uncles favorite song and he died and I cry everyone I listen to it

  • Randall Axelsen

    I can't stop listening to this song. I told my best friend I love her and now we are trying. It's the most beautiful thing that has happened in my life. Thank you God for her.

  • Nayvee Brent

    In my past I wasn’t a person country but then things just changed but it all seemed to be right

  • Giselle Sicat

    Im high on loving you.💕💕💕 September 2018.

  • John Jeff

    I honestly can’t believe this video has dislikes

  • cierria_beansgurl • Why Don't We

    H: HighO: OnL: LovingY: YouH.O.L.Y!

  • Samuel Samuel

    love............ this song

  • Danielle Garner

    why are there so many dislikes

  • weaselGRM

    Thank you for this. Really helped me in need. It really did.

  • Dale Prokopiuk

    I just love this beautiful song. How can you not sing a long to this in your vehicle

  • The MIC - Music Inspiration Channel

    This song is evil. It's ironic how people have worried about supposedly Satanic rock music, when this kind of vapid mixture of romance and religious terminology - set to syrupy music - is far more insidious. Country is often construed as being "conservative, family-friendly" music, but stuff like this is just sugar-coated poison. Lame.

  • Samuel Alexander

    if you don't like this song then there is something wrong with you

  • alice tiffany Bennett

    and she's 9 years old

  • citizen erased

    one country music artist and a fan that sings along... what a lucky mf

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