Pushing The Limits of An Old Family Laptop

This is the trusty Toshiba, my families old laptop that we've owned for years. These days it spends most of it's time in the drawer, but has she got any life left, and what can she do? Well, after a few issues and overheating, it was time to find out.

Toshiba C660
Intel Celeron B815
500 GB HDD
Intel HD Graphics

Thanks for watching :)
  • Exploitzz Geez

    Use Optifine in minecraft, you might get that 60fps


    Hey hey ahhaha my laptop are toshiba satellite pro c640 just like yours mine have2gbs of ramCore i32.20ghzGeforce 315m=512vramAnd when I test it to play some low spec games that the laptop can handle the game its so laggy i think the problem are the ram or the graphic card so i buy a 6gb of ram then i test it when im using chrome youtube its fast but when i test it on some low spec game the fps have a little improve but when i played some games likeAssasins creed 4The forest House flipperIts super laggy but my pc specs are same in the game requirements so i know that the vram has the problem of causing lagg on the game but for me the ram is worth it because if i using youtube i cant reach the 360p but know i can reach that So guys help what do you think i should buy a new pc or buy a new laptop plss help

  • Hjn Bnn

    i'm honestly surprised they even offered 30 pounds considering the age damage and shut downs, but since its an old family laptop i can see the sentimental value it has to you

  • Money Rain_331

    Lol I'm trying to find a good piece of hardware to game on but I'm just broke 😥😥

  • Papza RexL

    I have a older laptopCompaq presario CQ42Specs- Intel Pentium Dual Core- HDD 500GB- RAM 2GB- Intel Chipset Family OS Windows 7 But I Upgraded to 8.1 inactivateCompaq from 2011

  • mithikx

    If you need a video idea: grab a Thinkpad X220 or X230 (i5 or i7) and slap on an "eGPU", it's a bit of a jury-rigged hack job but a neat thing for those who don't know about it, good followup for the previous 2. I'd reckon it'd be a bit better than the Lenovo 110s or the AMD one, but just a bit better lmao.

  • co xe

    Extreme clock it and game on it.

  • AllThe NoLIfe

    Just upgrade it to Sandy Bridge i5 and it will be like new :)

  • Mr Grinch

    I have the AMD version of this laptop. AMD PII 320 processor. Runs fine with a SSD and windows 10. Just need a battery as the original one is dead.

  • HeadKnocker9835

    but can it run minesweeper ?

  • Jeffrey Kleeven

    My mom has a c660 too. But a little hetter version with the i3. Still using it after 7 years. Time for a new laptop? Or should i upgrade it to the max for her🤷🏻‍♂️


    I have the same laptop but with a Intel Core i3 and upgraded 8gb ram and a kingston 120gb ssd. I gave it to my mom.

  • da newb

    lol pretty much y family's laptop that i still have to try to play games of and the fan starts screaming even when u turn it on, much less try to play on old version on fsx or other games.specs: 2gb ddr2 ram2.1ghz core 2 duointel hd graphics320gb hdd (so damn slow)

  • Zapthos

    I spilled lots of things on my laptop (water, ice tea, milk) and it still works fine :P my laptop is beast

  • Tony C.

    WOW - Your old machine is much newer than my old collection of laptops? I haven't started any of them in 2018. I'll probably have to take one of two of them to the shop and get the CMOS battery changed?? My oldest(and first) laptop was bought brand new from Gateway and it was a 233mhz. That's "mhz" and I do not remember the model number, RAM amount or the HDD capacity? Several times I upgraded that stately old girl before her eventual demise at the hands of the person I gave it too. That upgrade list included a larger HDD and more RAM, but it was nothing compared to today's portable workhorses. I believe it came from the factory with Windows 98, but I upgraded it to Windows XP. Even after a memory upgrade it barely ran XP... It was fun while it lasted, but all things come to an end? It had been used so much and for so long that the plastic began cracking. When was the last time that you readers had a laptop long enough that the plastic deteriorated very badly? Of course I left a Thumb Up and Thanks for sharing this video with us! Praise The Lord and Godspeed to you all - Psalm 28:7!!edit: I got curious and the old beast I mentioned was a Gateway Solo 9300.

  • Dušan Đorđević

    I've got the same laptop except with a i3-380m and 2gb of ram...quite poor.

  • ZR1 Gamer

    Upgrade to SSD and Faster RAM!

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