PC games harder to crack with Denuvo

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  • Tab Valentino

    Here is what makes absolutely no sense. Recording artists spend years producing a record. When they release it they normally charge $10-$12 bucks a copy. They spend millions and pay many people to help record and produce their record. A team of musicians are always involved. The same goes for Hollywood big budget films. They spend record breaking dollar amounts that make the Gaming Industry seem like chumps. Yet when they release a big budget movie on DVD they only charge maybe $10-$25 bucks a copy. My question to all of you reading this is: WHO THE FUCK DOES THE THE GAMING INDUSTRY THINK IT IS? CHARGING OBSCENE PRICES FOR THEIR GAMES. No wonder no one wants to or buy them. These greedy fucks need to drop the prices. I would be buying two to three copies a year easy. FUCK DENUVO. It will be defeated. Fuck the greedy gaming industry. I would not pay a dollar for this shit.

  • JD Gaming 1050

    Thank for watching my last video.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zMuXgXCfjWM

  • Aron Sima

    Denuvo on rise of the tomb raider and far cry primal ? Well.... they got cracked in 2 days so idk what to say about denuvo

  • Walder Frey of the Twins.

    I pirated Game of Thones like three years ago. Now I have all the seasons in bluray, all the books, a t-shirt and a mug.

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