Unboxing The Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle

Take a closer look at the ultimate Minecraft collector’s bundle. Available only in limited quantities. Get yours today: https://www.xbox.com/xbox-one/consoles/xbox-one-s/minecraft-1tb-redstone

Video with Audio Description: https://youtu.be/_qN_k-vczhQ
  • christian loveria

    I wish they make one like that for the Xbox One X

  • Jesus Himself

    I have not played Minecraft in like 8 years but I’m getting for the jokes of it

  • DaverCheck - Minecraft & Roblox

    yaaaaaa im suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper late

  • Red_ TheFox

    This is absolutely by far one of the coolest consoles ever made. Also y'all need to make a limited edition Crash Bandicoot consol or maybe even a Spyro one

  • Wicha Naothaworn

    I like Xbox but service not available in my country T.T

  • Larry Leonard

    Yo its peppydillboy remember me?? where friends on xbox!

  • The gold Bacon

    Xbox do you need gold to play minecraft with friends

  • LumiYT

    minecraft + xbox = cancer

  • maxi el pro

    This is the best Xbox one Of minecraft like

  • Donkey Kong gaming

    I just got an xbox one s minecraft bundle not the minecraft design so ita the normal one

  • Strawberry Gamer

    Xbox, can you make a roblox console? Or is it already available?

  • Davi

    I want the design of Resident Evil Biohazard

  • Tonic TB4

    Ekita will love this!

  • pointy

    Where is the kinetic

  • Spanish Dumbass

    I don't know why people say minecraft is for young people, yes most people aren't even teenagers yet but that doesn't give you the reason to go like "if you play minecraft your a kid" because that means nobody wants to play it in fear of being called a child which does not make sense so I might buy this or just the starter bundle

  • Lanceypantsy17 Gaming

    If a new Xbox comes out, it better have a Minecraft limited edition console.

  • Messi DIOS

    Why the heck is the console doing without foam or what everUnless he took it off before filmingSame with the controller



  • T H I C C B O I

    Can you change the startup sound to the original one because i don’t like it, i feel like it gets annoying after couple of times.

  • MegaNUT

    Is this powered by a redstone 🅱️lock???

  • monkey *king*

    I am massive fan pf minecraft too

  • Tolgahan Yildirim

    Why not a Xbox one X Fallout 76 or Astroneer edition

  • Dario Rivera

    Maybe a xbox forza horizon 4 edition

  • Francisco Andrade

    Xbox One S is Good

  • Josue Cruz

    Lo bueno que ya la tengo


    I wish I have Xbox one :(

  • Mr game & wach scarbour

    Make a call of duty Black ops 4 Xbox one s


    I really want Xbox one so bad

  • Blakey Golding

    i want this really bad and i don’t play a lot of minecraft lol

  • MysticVids

    The detail on this edition is insane.

  • TNT Boom Tnt

    Okay I'm getting a Xbox one s or x now

  • David Lingard

    I have one like that

  • g gamer

    I love in erything world the xbox its my faver console

  • AsianWarriorA

    It says never dig straight down on the bottom

  • Christ Cile

    2:54 one is the enchanted table inside the book

  • cillian smith

    I think the halo 5 edition was the most unique..please make another for Halo Infinite!!!

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