Unboxing The Xbox One S Minecraft Limited Edition Bundle

Take a closer look at the ultimate Minecraft collector’s bundle. Available only in limited quantities. Get yours today: https://www.xbox.com/xbox-one/consoles/xbox-one-s/minecraft-1tb-redstone

Video with Audio Description: https://youtu.be/_qN_k-vczhQ
  • LastOneStanding

    Even though I’m not a fan of minecraft, I would LOVE to buy that Xbox one S it looks fantastic 😀😇❤️...such a amazing idea on making the custom minecraft skin on the Xbox one S and the brilliant creeper controller

  • The Unknown


  • Android Gamer

    That's so cool😲😲😲

  • Mr. gamer

    Bro this is awesome but I request you to make an Xbox with design of avengers infinity war

  • Marcathur Julio

    I'm sorry! but this doesn't look good at all

  • ExtraTerrestrial Gaming

    This is the only reason I have an Xbox one...

  • José Moreno

    I got it today for 199 euros! such an amazing job, this edition and your e3 <3

  • FO XY

    I love you mincosoft thx fot minecraft and Xbox

  • Hamblio Flames

    Many adults stop playing minecraft because everyone saying that minecraft just for kid.... Most of them are fortnite gamer.! They just want to stop minecraft because there are 70milion minecraft gamer and 23milion fortnite gamer! They jealous!

  • Anthony Starr

    why they don't make gta5 bundle and skin

  • AsianWarriorA

    It says never dig straight down on the bottom

  • Davi Bruno Correa

    I want the design of Resident Evil Biohazard

  • Joshua Baker

    What's dis pixel fortnite

  • PoptartsIsMyName Gaming

    Also the pig controller!

  • Lumea lui Timy

    AceyBongos i have you as friends

  • Spark 889

    I just got mine, it is pretty sweet!

  • Cladcreeper

    I already have an xbox one! THE CREEPER CONTROLLER IS NEXT!!!!!


    Did MINECRAFT is add in the box of Xbox one s minecraft bundle

  • Audun GAMING

    I love minecraft so much !!!!

  • Sulky Ermine

    Wtf... I might just buy this because it's funny

  • PoptartsIsMyName Gaming

    Currently my Xbox one s is the limited edition bundle too.but it's still shipping:(

  • Spark 889

    I have a problem with mine, when i connect it, it starts to do a strange sound, but the sound is just when the console is off and plugged, can someone tell me what the sound is :(?Ps:it isn't the fan

  • Auto BIT

    Anyone remember the Xbox one forza 6 edition

  • SuperJASGamer

    Can u fix the bug in minecraft I turn on the Internet I sign in with my account and it says that I'm offline I've been trying to sign in since 2012

  • John Tipo

    I think we need more badass xbox one limited edition like the xbox 360 MW3 edition.

  • maxi el pro

    This is the best Xbox one Of minecraft like

  • Adriana du Plessis

    I also have an Xbox one Minecraft

  • who am i? I'm spiderman

    Where was the Xbox connected too? 2:21

  • DaverCheck - Minecraft & Roblox

    yaaaaaa im suuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuper late

  • Techno PL

    ending lyrics [XBOX SOUND]

  • Red_ TheFox

    This is absolutely by far one of the coolest consoles ever made. Also y'all need to make a limited edition Crash Bandicoot consol or maybe even a Spyro one

  • edita Griciene

    best xbox one I've seen

  • SuperGreenYoshi/ GreenYoshi014/ SGYoshi14

    I think I see a joke when you introduced the 2 controllers... The creeper was born from a coding bug while adding the pig, and you made a creeper and pig controller... Possible joke, maybe?

  • corey_086

    I have that Xbox no joke

  • Wicha Naothaworn

    I like Xbox but service not available in my country T.T

  • NanoSpaceGaming

    This is a bundle I would possibly buy, I'm not gonna lie

  • CoolBoyGRB

    I'm your friend Acey

  • bacon lifes matter

    Xbox do you need gold to play minecraft with friends

  • gamergirl Salazar

    I'm going to the minefair on the sep.15

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