Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton - Just A Fool (Unofficial Music Video)

Unofficial music video by Christina Aguilera & Blake Shelton performing "Just A Fool". (C) 2012 RCA Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment

*Edited by MrPrimadon*
  • Jody Dupont

    How come I’ve never heard this before? Damn the both sound amazing. I did not think a country singer could come close to singing with Christina.

  • Sandra Mccoy

    They sing really good together . Wish they would do more songs together

  • Tashia Nevels

    Blake and christina need make one more song together

  • Vasarr Basarrov

    Сукка. Шикарная же песня!

  • Helen Randell

    Love you Christina An what better connection Blake Shelton love 💕 this

  • Tami Evans


  • carolyn kennedy

    Love this song.Sound so good together.

  • Elisa Leoncini

    Blake can sing with anyone. His vocals are Amazing

  • Georgia Peaches Watts

    Love, Love, Love this song by these two! Great song together!!!

  • Judy McNamara

    This song reminds me of some like me just waiting and waiting . But boy they did a great job of this song . They aced it I'd say .

  • Carlton Knox

    I think Miranda would have done a lot better

  • Peggy Nigh

    I adore this video...what an amazing set of vocals. Not to mention the song is at times so true for so many! Wow! New fan of them both again!

  • Dazzlin' Diva'z & Dude'z Work Hard then Play Harder

    1st time I heard Blake Actually Sing..

  • Janova Reid

    Awesome need I say more

  • 9095alison

    Addicted to this song probably cos i relate to it x

  • Angelique Mason

    WhoA!!! They worked hard on this. What a great match!

  • Dan Boston

    Christina angelic voice just pushes it over the top...awesome!!!

  • Asang Jamir

    Wooow! Two dynamic singer created an awesome song. Whooooo!

  • Rhondaa Dailey

    Omg this girl has a voice like no you christina...gbu always

  • Gwendolyn Carter

    Beautiful Christina! One of the best female singers ever.

  • Stephanie Rosenow

    Christina is way better than Gwen. Sorry #TeamXtina

  • Paula Lester

    This is reeeally great!!

  • Lenora Brooks

    Wow! This is awesome! More duets please!

  • Glenn Morris

    Country meets soul... Love this.

  • Tina Garcia

    This is still my favorite song

  • ann christenson

    i was sooo true to you. how about you ????

  • Lisa Windbigler

    This is who you need to do country songs with if you want a pop artist Blake .Gwen sux

  • madammim

    geez they both got fat and even better at singing!

  • zomb13 mincraft

    well it sounded good,he held his own here,but to look at it is a mess LOL he looked so lost up there XD Like he kept his eyes on her to make sure he didnt wonder haha but no it sounded really good

  • Diana Knox

    Their voices definitely complement each other!!

  • Stacey Ramey

    they are so good together. lol better then him and quin s

  • WellSea7

    Why am I back here AGAIN listening to this song! and I can't make it loud enough, dang.. this song just rocks who would've thought Christina and Blake would sound so awesome together, proof , two awesome voices = pure magic.. Can't love it enough....

  • Angela Cambio

    This is such a real song.. Its one i listen to alot.

  • Richae Rafieerad

    Absolutely AMAZING they need to make more songs, the words are perfect to what's going on in my life.

  • Mike or patty Rhoades

    this song , is so happy to me , good bye mike

  • Richae Rafieerad

    There voices are so in sync!😁

  • Carolyn Brt

    She seriously the best female voice out there

  • judy gentry

    MY HEART BREAKS....she really loved him!

  • Louise Sory

    I think there was almost something between them but then along came Gwen

  • Tina Pittman

    Just come upon this and in love with it

  • Katie Coyne Coutts

    Love this song. He's just such a big hunk.

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