Far Cry 5: 10 Things You NEED TO KNOW

Far Cry 5 (PC, PS4, Xbox One) is releasing soon and it's full of new things. Here are the basics you need to know before picking up the game.
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  • Poopie Sharper

    I ducking love this game!!!

  • Mason Vlogs

    They have taken s couple ideas from ghost recons wildlands

  • Jack Orwell

    Um can we get the far cry 3 classic edition separately ? Like without getting the gold edition ? If yes when is it releasing?

  • Christian Cunningham

    It also has a p2w feature!

  • Colten Frailey

    Is this based off of David Koresh? I have a feeling that it is.

  • Chris Ofsthun

    The lack of shared progress is the most frustrating thing.

  • lol14235us

    Is FC5 Crossplatform? Like can ps4 and pc play together in co-op?

  • Jaden Botha


  • ricky lee

    best new game ive played

  • stephen meinhold

    want it but £50.00 for the standard version is a bit steep for me i will sadly have to wait until it goes down in price or save up.

  • anthony Suwandy

    why should you customize ur character if u were in singgleplayerr??

  • Negan

    Well they removed doing the climbing every radio tower , to make it easy for us . But for me it just made me complete the game in one day . #Sigh when's Far Cry 6 coming out

  • Dillin Dzikowski

    I played FAR CRY series since PS2, My favorite is Primal bad ass Far Cry series control animals that you become Jesus Christ, since i heard of Far Cry 5 I was extremely can't wait to play this game, all Ubisoft games can't get any better!

  • Cameron Lee

    U forgot about peaches :(

  • Savannah Rollins

    You forgot something.. the church in the game is based off of a real church

  • momo 3HD_2

    10 only 2 out of 6 far cry’s has been in exotic locations.

  • Mr.Fabulous27

    This game is described in one word AMERICAN.

  • Brother Coduss

    i wish the resistence meters took longer to fill up. also, an 11th point: like far cry 3, 4, and primal the endings are unfulfilling.

  • Fenris Ulfr

    Best far cry ever!!!!

  • Sega Nerd

    I wish Ubisoft implemented a feature where if you have a mic in, you could say "good boy" to boomer or shout for him and he would respond.

  • xHeatProof Spy

    I want to get the season pass

  • farcryfandude5

    dude you should know almost every far cry game has its own story.

  • kmaajsmith

    i have an i5-6400 processor with a gtx 1060 6gb onboard ram. 512 ssd and 16 gb internal ram. can i handle this game well frame wise? have no issues with any games to date, other than escape from tarkov at like 60 frames, and hunt showdown like 40 frames. please respond quickly as i am to buy it tonight at midnight when i get paid if i get a positive response. thank you for the help!

  • Villain Crew

    1 thing you need to know - this game is off the chaiiiinnnn

  • Adrian Labastida

    Been playing since release and this game is super fun and not that easy, loving it!

  • aissa jez

    removing the map = Ubisoft wants you to spend more time in the game.

  • That1Guy Finn

    I'm kinda pissed that they didn't name the arcade: FarCade

  • Elvis Sanchez

    Buying it on its must expensive form on steam.(keep the creators rich, am I right?)=D

  • Vojta Martinek

    How i can throw granate?

  • Sheldon Stringer

    I love his game but is the farcry 3 actually a remaster? Cause that’s great, but I’ve haven’t seen or heard anything about it actually being s remaster until this vid.

  • Tagana thorn

    i got to say its better than the third one

  • Tony Sauce

    Reskin or not it does have alot new shit and i was really waiting for a far cry game that takes place in u.s. anyway. Plus with all the new shit coming out for it im really hoping to get this at some point

  • Kinetic 05

    Wait so on PC I dont get the remastered FC3??? even though I bought the gold edition

  • Marc Malmstrøm

    Do you try to be the most fast in speak??? slow down no price to win!

  • littleaub

    Yes, The Americas are the father and his group, and , And the good guys are Canada, There the ones with the back bone, there's no trump on their side.

  • TwoGunToast

    So can you just say fuck all that and join the church? Would be pretty interesting if you could do that somehow at the beginning

  • Jose Rodriguez

    Tbh the story mode is kinda wack asf

  • Iver Nyharke

    I personally think that the story is Amazing. From what i think this is the most "realistic" one of the games i've played ( FC4 and FCP) like a doomsDay cult doesn't seem to far out of reach. But that's Just me

  • Idiot Sandwich

    My first far cry game, I accidently stayed up to 3AM the first day.

  • Mike Martins

    this one was the best one yet. I feel like they could have added better weapons. I found myself halfway through the game and I couldn't find a balanced load out for me. the bow is a must but I was stuck between the ak and the ar. other than that tho it's great.

  • Lil Stitch

    There is a bunch of natives here in montana and the main characters you play as should of been natives and i dont have anything against black people

  • BestGamingPlays

    Made this channel just to upload myself killing those hillbillies :)

  • Ugo Spirit

    Do I need to play Far Cry Primal to understand this game?

  • Rutvik Joshi

    How to disable alarms in this game?

  • Xenix Gaming

    You can find stuff like wanted posters for your character

  • Karn Binning

    If anyone could help a broths out by gamesharing it my Xbox gamertags XxXxKJBxXxX

  • Charlie Theroux

    I want to know why all the shots are fired in slowmotion!?!? The bullets have the speed of a softairgun. Firing a .50 cal from 100m takes about 14 seconds to reach the target.. WTF???

  • JJ 8

    Do you guys think I should get Far Cry 5 or A way out? I understand they’re different games but I don’t want to get both of them. I’ve never played a far cry game but i heard good things. A way out seems cool but I don’t like the fact that it’s a co-op game.

  • xHeatProof Spy

    This game feels a lot like ghost recon and just cause 3

  • Brock Wolf

    This game takes place in fictional montana

  • jihad hamdan

    I got the game and its awesome

  • Terrorist 76

    Far cry is my favourite game I will cry if I don't get it

  • lolly rod

    because of trump this is what America is becoming .....it's called The Cult of trump and when you join it you become a trumptard....... trumptastic..... America is becoming Russia where only the white Rich, Christian, straight person will survive.....

  • Joshua Abadano

    I really want to buy this game now! Not only is gun and gun pvp back with arcade mode, but taking out the mini map makes the pve mode sound a lot more exciting.

  • Marisa Landor

    Far cry how to get rid of loot

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