7 Things Not To Do in Kingdom Come: Deliverance

Don't miss these essential survival tips on things you shouldn't do in Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

First 26 Minutes of Kingdom Come Deliverance:

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  • OHG Fawx

    Lost my progress a couple of times due to glitches, but overall I love the game.

  • Stedysteel Sted

    I was waiting for List off npc not to kill or something that way

  • tanraj mangat

    Henry is a noble bastard not a peasent

  • Mateusz Raass

    u realize u end up with things TO DO instead not to do

  • Willie Stroker

    The bow isnt used to kill people. Its used as starter or finisher. Glad this guy also said this

  • Andrew Wright

    Completed the game including all (non-broken) side quests. Still playing just to go hunting and viewing the hills. Oh, and smashing that weak prince just for the fun of it.Can't wait for Part 2

  • xcaluhbration

    If you're stuck on a tough part, I suggest playing Chumps for an hour or so. Bows are CRAZY OP in this game and you can take a few opponents at a time by back peddling and firing in their faces.

  • King Nobody

    I'm amazed that IGN even covered this game considering that other gaming "journalists" have blacklisted it due to Gamergate. Weren't you guys big Sarkeesian and Quinn supporters? Aren't they going to be angry with you for not toeing the line? Polygon and Kotaku toed the line eagerly (as expected) but you IGN folks surprised me... Is there hope for IGN? Maybe.

  • Ryan Sullivan

    1 thing you can't do in Kingdom Come : DeliverenceHave fun.

  • Gökalp Atmaca

    how bad is this player my god.foodd is so trash only dried mushroom and fruits are worth eating.

  • President Platov

    I have never been able to play a game for longer than an hour at a time, because eventually it always got boring. But since I've got this game I've had so many 8 hour gaming sessions. I'm completely addicted to the realism of this game and since the 1.4 update I haven't noticed any bugs anymore.

  • Popesmear

    The dudes advice about food is wrong. Just buy as much dried food and honey as you can, it never expires. Also, you can remotely put things or take things out of your horses inventory whenever you want, but don't fill its inventory up while you are sitting on it, it counts your persons total weight against the storage space.

  • ArmyStrongGaming

    Not even 2 minutes in and there is an inaccuracy. I did not go as far as the ginger in a pickle quest in fact im still on the hunting with capon quest yet i learned every skill he has to teach. IGN 6/10

  • Dude Arino

    The first thing not to do, is buy this game.

  • elliphor

    Bow to the face while walking backwards. Never fails.

  • Gimplekin

    number one thing not to do in this game? buy it in the first place.

  • MoonBoone

    I struggled with combat at first but now I have 20 strength and with Herod’s Sword I can just swing wildly and win every time.

  • Nathanael Paxevanos

    Try and lockpick. Try to win persuasive checks with a random old woman.

  • mondo hellfire

    DLC on the way let's get a horse throw a bush first

  • Brad Bean

    You forgot...#1 dont play it until they fix this bug filled broken game.

  • Miniraise

    I loved the witch quest. It had quotes from Macbeth and the Crucible, two great plays.

  • Edward Payne

    Game is garbage. The number 1 thing not to do at all ever is buy this game. Its awful

  • Orsabell

    IGN guide on Common sense. Being honest though, The first tip is pretty good. If you don't do the first quest ginger in a pickle and delay it for a long period of time. when you arrive Bernard will berate you and tell you that the suspect ran off. BUT what if you do objectives before the mission? The Quest "On the scent" (No Spoilers)usually leaves you encountering someone near dead. But if you were to arrive to the scene before you know where his whereabouts are you will find him alive and freaking out. Which will lead to a alternate ending to that quest.

  • mondo hellfire

    number 1 buy the game

  • NLrenzo

    Sometimes i think this game is just to realistic to be fun

  • robynn

    This is one of the best games in the RPG genre. I can be quite challenging, but so can real life, y'know! :) It takes some patience and effort, it is really rewarding. Again, like IRL Only in "Kingdom Come" you'll get to live the life of an ordinary guy in Bohemia (current Czech Republic) in the late middle ages. It is also quite historically accurate, which makes it even more fun if you have the slightest interest in history. Just don't get caught raiding the kitchens, be sure to get those sword fighting lessons from Sir Bernard + remember to have fun. guys! ;)

  • Jason Chu

    Ha...stealth...if only stealth kills doesnt alert everyone in a mile wide radius it might actually be useful..

  • !John*Doe!

    Had to learn how to play around lockpicking because on anolog you're better off playing darksouls or death march on witcher 3 then it is to get gud on picking locks

  • Just Regardlez

    If your food poisonded go to a bed a sleep for a 1 hour

  • Layschipsrbad

    Seeing more comments with people complaining about people complaining rather than the people actually complaining

  • Rizvee Ratul

    No finish the a weakening quest and you can train with Bernard until you are good at combat I got to 20 swordfighting before even attempting nightangles quest

  • Mahrtoth Shadow

    I just ordered this game, I can't wait to get it. so, I've been looking at video's to prepare myself for when I get it.

  • pierce4141

    Spoiler alert. He’s not really a peasant at all even at the beginning he thinks he is a blacksmiths son and he is radzigs son

  • Folderol Derealizer

    My savedata got corrupted around 80 hours of gameplay. Im not playing again until they fix this issue. But yeah one of the greatest game. I have to restart though sigh

  • drey santillan

    The most immersive historical RPG game Shame I'm a pleb...

  • Colton Fox

    How you have all that good stuff at those early missions?! I barely even have armor

  • IGN

    For more tips and tricks, please check out our Kingdom Come: Deliverance Wiki Guide at http://www.ign.com/wikis/kingdom-come-deliverance

  • Rienk Kroese

    DO NOT.. I REPEAT DO NOT... Read on a horse. Glitch.

  • bob crowe

    This video should just say “don’t play kingdom come deliverance” 7 times

  • Meena Canaie

    So refreshing to play a game with actual quest variety that also makes you actually use your brain. So many open world RPGs (including the Witcher 3) boil down to following markers, doing combat, and dialogue with no real thought needed in between. This game still has objective markers, but it will mark a large area for you to do some sort of more open-ended task. And most of the quests can branch off in all sorts of different ways. It bucks the trend of removing "unnecessary" systems such as haggling, persuasion, reading skill, hunger, sleep etc. All of these things further pull you in and cement you within the game world. It also doesn't feel the need to throw waves of enemies at you just to fullfill some sort of action quota. A large chunk of this game involves non combat challenges and I love it. When the combat does happen, it feels exciting because it is not the norm.

  • Bored Asf

    As somebody who’s considering purchasing the game, character creation not being included is discouraging. It’s minor though, but we’re very used to it. Other than that, it looks good but after looking through the comments and seeing its flaws, asking for 60 dollars is a bit extensive. Also considering that it’s these developers’ first game, I don’t see how that’s rational. Also I feel like this game is reserved for a very specific kind of taste and I’m trying to figure out if I have it. Bc as someone who thoroughly enjoyed Skyrim, Skyrim is fantasy and this is far from that.

  • Rizvee Ratul

    Take the perk human dustbin this give the stats without poisoning from rotten food

  • Big Boss

    I thought you had to tap to block and stuff, Did not know you had to hold the button

  • iSmellSalt

    Here's 7+20 things you already knew.

  • FlengeHopper

    Idk about everyone else, but Ive yet to see any real bugs in this game. Maybe Im just lucky, but I havent seen any bugs other than the occasional texture wank.

  • xX QWERTY Xx

    This is just me but early hours in the morning, I’m playing Kingdom Come. And I come across an important or unusual thing when interacting with a npc that does repairing:The price in repairing (idk if it includes buy/ sell) WHEN haggling increases (depending on how you see it) How is this activated? Well I’m low level and as such money is everything, money is life so of course I can’t really afford to buy repair kits atm so my best bet is to go through an npc. To get to the know how, if you come to decision and NOT want your gear repaired, then you decide. “Hang on! Gear Durability is life just as much as money is!” So you come to the final conclusion to finally repair it, little do you know the greedy npc has increased the pricing from 79 groschens to 80 groschens!! It’s Outrageous I say!!!So now I think to myself “No wait hang on. Maybe that was original price...” so I do it again and the sneaky npc has increased it from 80 groschens to 80.6 groschens!!!! How dare he!!!!So basically I’m just wondering if for some reason it’s a bug or if it’s something to look out for when repairing your gearAlso on another note: certain traders will offer more money when selling certain equipment and so on

  • Dylan Moore

    This should be titled: 7 things noobs shouldn't skip.

  • scotty mills

    This game is one big Ol, Monty python simulator

  • Gustavo Guevara

    The title should be Top 7 thingsTO DO in Kingdom Come Deliverance

  • Samuel Culper

    It doesn't take long to get perfect block or the horse but it is insufferable after the first playthrough.

  • alex de grote

    Stay away from bushes, they are leg breakers..

  • Scalpaxos

    Tip: wait until the game is fixed before even starting playing it.

  • Arda Gazioğlu

    I don't quite like the combat in this game, you're either too weak or too strong. When I was around Level 10 I was getting destroyed by pretty much everyone but when I reached 20, I killed more than half the people in the bandit's camp by myself until eventually the archers turned Henry into a fountain.

  • D Messenger

    fighting 3 or more people at the same time is the only difficult part of this game and even that is easy mid to late game. I honestly dont know why so many people think its hard.

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