Far Cry 5 in 4K - The Judge Moose Mission Gameplay

Far Cry 5 may have been delayed, but don’t judge lest ye be judged by The Judge Moose mission.

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  • Primarch Rainier of the Starmarks

    What was the song used for the Moose Fight

  • GameSpot

    Does this get you hyped for Far Cry 5?

  • Terje Skuggen

    So much easier with a chopper 😂

  • Brennan Angelone

    The cult is many things. But racist is not one

  • vardaan nayar

    “FaRcRy 5 iS BoRinG”But it isn’t. Don’t expect to have new iterations of each game each year. You will never be satisfied. F.C.5 looks gorgeous and I will definitely buy it, if you don’t wanna buy it, don’t complain.

  • John Wick

    All ubisoft did was copy and paste previous games and did a few changes, but those few changes make the game completely different so everyone in the comment shut up bout the games trash btw i play it.

  • Axel Garland

    It’s hope county, not holland valley

  • Kyle Huggins

    It’s not far cry unless ur hippy flippin at some point

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