What Can You Do In Far Cry 5's Co-Op Multiplayer?

Someone made the mistake of letting us play FC5 on PC and PS4 Pro and here’s what we did.

Why Far Cry 5 Has Us Confused: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Fg1CnqQvRxU

Check out 4K PC gameplay with Cheeseburger the murder bear!

Watch our breakdown of the first Far Cry 5 trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OPjJvXQFM1o

Far Cry 5 Announcement Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Qy1fzrM5UaY

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  • Antonio Brown

    Somebody add me on Xbox 1 xxTonyyT somebody play with me

  • Aeonboom

    Well this COOP looks entirely fucking POINTLESS...I think I'll just go play through Saints Row 3 again...How old is that now? lol And they pulled COOP off just fine. Game Progression for both included.Far Cry 5 is just another franchise cash grab...Ubisoft make a game and then scrap together a shoddy bit of multiplayer coop at the end...

  • wildwalkeruk

    Not keeping coop progression has stopped me buying this game, this was the same with Far Cry 4, when I played it with a friend, and didn't keep my progression, I stopped playing it multiplayer as it was pointless, doing all the missions twice was laborious and pointless. WildLands and The Division are much better at this where everyone gets the mission credits.

  • Ripper_ 09

    If anybody wanna play co op campaign add me on PS4 Riperez_09

  • Shifraaz Kadir

    so u cant play withe 2 players on 1 console split screen??

  • Chak Cheong Chan

    Is it possible to do coop between PC and PS4

  • VroodenTheGreat

    The fun of this game it that it doesnt take itself very seriously. A headshot will make someone do a backflip. Fun to play, just acts goofy. :P

  • Chris Wright

    Stop saying uhh.. u sound uhh fuckin stupit

  • Czer 1112

    Is Co op like split screen playable?

  • beatmetodeath

    Why can’t you play a seperate co-op to your single campaign. 😔

  • SGT Foley

    Wow you can fly a jet and support your friend!! Wow that’s never been done..Oh wait what’s this game?Battlefield 4 oh hello you beautiful sob you!

  • spareid 112

    Can you play split screen?

  • Sonia Lohan

    Can you play with 3 people ?

  • Abraham

    Can you play co op with the same console

  • Y34RZERO

    Whats a hostage? You mean acceptable casualty?

  • Matt Odlum

    My friends dont own Far cry 5 so im kinda missin out, if anyone wants to run some co op add me on psn, republicofODLUM

  • slipryman LL

    Can you play the main story with your buddy or is it just doing side missions

  • Tsheltrim Jatsho

    ty :) video was very helpful

  • The Gam3 Z0n3

    Can you play the campaign co-op? Or is it just random missions?

  • Johnny Massengill

    I saw the mountain coming closer and then it hit me.....

  • HeartlessHorseman420

    Where in the fuck is the online multiplayer team/deathmatch modes?

  • Jovi Rivers

    So I get that your progress doesnt get carried over from singleplayer to co-op and the other way around. But what happens if you both leave co-op and then a day later you go back on it. Would it carry on from where you left off?

  • M Prezza

    Talk about annoying. Getting near the end of this video was a chore. How many more "uh's" could you possibly fit into this video? The answer is none. I mean, your point was lost between all the "uh's". So much so, I just gave up listening to you and just watched the video until it ended. It's as annoying as those "waste of air" stupid girls that say "like" about every other word. Worst voice-over EVER. Recommendation: First dude.... totally forget about inviting the other guy next time you do a video. Just apologize and tell him next time you do a demo for "Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure 7", you'll make sure he gets a part.

  • oliverl89

    "Shooting like while jumping out like guns blazing and like he was like shooting at the base and everything was like exploding and like...." Very informative! 10/10 Review - IGN

  • Jinhunter Slay

    Why are people disliking the tether?I think it’s pretty sensible to make sure the two players are actually doing stuffs together instead of having one experienced player do all the exploring and fighting while the other just sit on his ass while he “progressed” through the game by doing nothing.

  • Tyler Spooner

    Is there offline coop or just online?

  • The commenter guy

    I was like uh u know uh like in the uh in the uh like the

  • Jen Jen

    Should I buy this game? might play it with my gf, is it good? and any other game suggestions?

  • Glen Cross

    Need someone to play co op with add me my gamer name is ninjitsuwarrior1

  • GameSpot

    What changes do you want to see in Far Cry 5 before launch?

  • kordulus

    I don't understand how they figured out no tether in Wildlands but still have it in FC5. that shit is annoying.

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