Should YOU Upgrade to Ryzen?

The Ryzen family is all here, and AMD thinks they've finally got CPUs for everyone. But should YOU upgrade to Ryzen?

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  • Falcon Gaming

    1:54 this guy is too greedy -_-

  • ZiNG

    Ryzen = Better multitasking, lower power consumption, cooler temps, good stock cooler, cheaper mobo, future = 5% better gaming (although both intel and amd get steady 100+ fps in HD so kinda moot), plus integrated gpahics.Now why would anybody not give their money to the company that owns 10% market share and keep this great competition going?It's not ethics, it's self interest and it's called better cpus for the next twenty years. Boom.

  • sup there

    I have a core 2 duo it dose 1440p 1000fps

  • Marko Bratković

    I should upgrade to anything from my amd sempron cuz after 13 years of playing unreal tournament I think it would be good to upgrade to dual core but no money ;(

  • Zaxsy!

    Me chilling with a fx 8350 I installed yesterday. Oh hi

  • Draxxe Decay

    AMD vs Intel....It's Red vs Blue all over again!

  • Pengwin

    I've always been an Intel customer. I'm buying Ryzen 7 2700X with an RTX 2080 ti.That's really just a timing thing more than anything. Intel dragged their feet with Coffee Lake and I'm upgrading in October (after 10 year hiatus from gaming).Most reasonable people conclude the average user will not notice the difference, so everyone needs to relax. Devotees of Intel should at least appreciate that AMD customers are benefiting them by forcing Intel to work harder.

  • Sly sparrow

    400 for 8 cores that's good i think

  • Gabrielius Kačinskas

    I have one - very satisfied

  • Pingman

    Happy you included the 3570k for comparison :)

  • Tek

    Do even anyone just buy a computer for just gaming? this is stupid, we use computers for a lot of tasks not only gaming.

  • john Ehrke

    it feels good getting an 1800x for $130 cheaper than what a 1700 used to cost

  • Cool Gamer

    i am an Intel Core i3 2328M user with 6 gigs of RAM,a potato 500 GB HDD,Intel HD graphics.Should I get a Ryzen 1200 with a GTX 1050 and 8 gigs of RAM????????????????????

  • Charles Cottrell

    Half YouTube watcher, half Minecrafter

  • Platonic Game Studio

    still rocking i7 3770K 4.35 Ghz & ASUS Maximus IV Gene for Game Developing, Graphic Design, Illustrations and of course Gaming. but thinking will upgrade to Ryzen 2700X later this year due to the fact my aging ( and abused ) motherboard start showing their ages.

  • notatHomeVideos

    1 key thing not mentioned here at all is: power consumption. Intel has lower TDP AND much better performance per Watt, which means it will run cooler and quieter (on top of all the other things)

  • -Zman Does Youtube-

    AAAAAAAAAAAAAND this vid was made before AMD came out with the ryzen 3 2200g soooo that's not listed 😫

  • ultor europae

    yea, smack the cpu, bend the pins, you surely get a replacement product sample from silicon valley shoved up your hairy bottom in no time!!

  • TeflonPimp

    Is 2tb internal HDD enough to store videos for light editing youtube videos. I make videos in HD. I'm not that great with PCs. Would i need a HDD with more than 64mb cache?

  • T-Prime

    what the hell ? by the looks of the chart, if i upgrade to 1800x it would still be downgrade for gaming. intel still the king.

  • Ben Seddon

    I5 8400 or Ryzen 2600

  • coilgunsand lasers

    I’m still using an old intel quad core q6600 forever. Lol

  • Fender Mustango

    Intel is a sponsor of Linus so he is going to be biased. However for the money Ryzen is a better option. I mean I could have waited and saved to upgrade to a an I7 but I would have had to go to a GTX 1050TI Since I am getting HTC vive soon that was not an option.MSI 350B Gaming Plus Ryzen 5 1600XGTX 1060 6GBBallistix 16GB RamPlus the money I saved went on buying my better 4k gaming monitor.

  • Ariff Firdaus

    Hey guys, I've got my Ryzen 5 1600 yesterday and the corners of the CPU is a little bit bent is this normal -.-

  • MaPorcaTrotaATutti

    I had 300 bucks to spend on a cpu and honestly I had to go with the ryzen 7 2700x...Like for 300 dollars 8c/16t is so good.Even if i game a lot I also do design and video editing so it was a no brainer.Also I don't know why ppl aren't ocing their ram modules on AMD:You can really close the gap with the 7700k in games with good memory oc.

  • Stormwebb19

    I would only go Ryzen if I was to build a gaming rig on a VERY TIGHT budget.

  • Komrade BigTex sucks

    Idk, I just built an LGA775 build and I don't feel like upgrading.

  • Daniel Carter

    So i want to make a cylindrical glass pc, but I'm worried about bottlenecks

  • Sledstorm

    «Or you could just click the..» * intro plays* haha

  • isaac chiu

    what! u dont have my 1st gen i7 that can play fortnite along with its sapphire HD 5700?!?!?!

  • Bmaj01

    Hey Linus, I just wanted to say I stumbled on your channel a few days ago I absolutely loved your videos. I subscribed to you and have been watching and trying to get a better understanding of all things PC related. I have been a console gamer my entire life. Though I've always enjoyed playing consoles, I'm at an age now where I dont get as much enjoyment as I use too. However, I had my first experience playing Overwatch on PC at a buddy's house. Playing at a great resolution at a high fps with a mouse and keyboard blew my mind. I felt so immersed in the game and found a love for gaming again. I hope to build a gaming PC once I've saved up some money. I look forward to joining the PC community and reigniting my love for gaming again!

  • AnthonyNicGaming !

    Lol I have a seven yr old phenom and it beats the i7 on my school brand new pc s

  • Cyroos Branstole

    What about the other apus Linus... AMD has A life too

  • CUP Gaming-Boxsterholics

    My FX is still fairly good then, it can keep up with the 1300X mostly.

  • Goe Bann

    Eddy Wally! Really? LOL

  • deadman neal

    I got me one I had a old pc It was a 2.4 GHz quad core

  • David ds

    LOL Eddy Wally appears at 3:45

  • Seigneur Freezer

    Sooooo... INTEL better for games and AMD for heavy work...Thanks linus

  • Follow Originals

    Finally.... Which should I buy... I5 or ryzen 5...i dont play games much... I need performance and quality

  • Rodrigo Pinto

    which one would be better with 1050Ti 4Gb OC?? -AMD Ryzen 3 1300X Quad-Core 3.5GHz c/ Turbo 3.7GHz 8MB SktAM4-AMD Ryzen 5 1600 Hexa-Core 3.2GHz c/ Turbo 3.6GHz 16MB SktAM4- AMD Ryzen 5 1600X Hexa-Core 3.6GHz c/ Turbo 4.0GHz 16MB SktAM4-AMD Ryzen 5 2600 Hexa-Core 3.4GHz c/ Turbo 3.9GHz 19MB -------------------------------------------------well i wanna do my own pc, and i dont wanna waste much of money... the last one is a bit expensive for me... i want to buy something not to much expensive , that gives me quality and performance. and have a good life timei know the prices are to much different , but i dont play much stuff. i only play csgo, fortnite, i also would like to buy PubG or something.... sorry about my english it aint my main languagefor those who can help me, thanks

  • im gay and,

    guys should i go with a ryzen 1700xryzen 1800xryzen 2600xryzen 2700xor a threadripper 1900x

  • Albert Montesa

  • DeadSynth z

    i upgraded from phenom x6 1055t and im loving it!! ryzen 1600x hames run way smoother and lower cpu usage/wattage

  • Reece Frost

    I really was going to upgrade to Ryzen but their support for hackintosh is just such a damn pain.

  • Sergio Rivera

    I just upgraded to Ryzen 7 2700 from my Intel i7-4640 ... more cores is what I need ... so far so good...

  • Storm Heflin

    I was previously on an i5-2500K (never overclocked since my mobo didn't support it). I have upgraded to a Ryzen 5 1600 and can surely say it's a far better CPU, and so much cheaper than Intel. AMD is crushing the CPU game right now. I never thought I'd be a user of an AMD CPU, but I've never been able to resist telling people it's an awesome piece of hardware.

  • Dirk Diggler

    Where's the 1800X?

  • Nicolas Rodriguez

    I think you should upgrade to ryzen only if you are building a gaming pc with 600$ (Ryzen 3 2200G is only 94$. For 4 cores, 3.7 ghz and 8mb cache?, not bad at all!)

  • dejan kuzmanovic

    It's really nice having no difference in framerate while gaming and streaming in 1080p 60fps and only gaming... ryzen 1700x is really great

  • Mitch McCann

    I'd be coming from an i5 2400 from 2010, but the most intense thing i play is h1z1 and gta. So should I get ryzen or zen 2 if I'm looking to move to mini itx

  • Giveaway

    Pc giveaway on my channel

  • Ray Zhang

    I would never use AMD

  • stemiplays

    so,at 5:20 and 5:26 if i understood right i am fine with my old trusty i7 3770.

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