Warcraft Movie CLIP - Attacked by Orcs (2016) - Travis Fimmel Movie HD

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Warcraft Movie CLIP - Attacked By Orcs (2016) - Travis Fimmel Movie HD

The peaceful realm of Azeroth stands on the brink of war as its civilization faces a fearsome race of invaders: orc warriors fleeing their dying home to colonize another. As a portal opens to connect the two worlds, one army faces destruction and the other faces extinction. From opposing sides, two heroes are set on a collision course that will decide the fate of their family, their people, and their home.

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  • Stefani Gumiho

    Warcraft (2016) MOVIE AVAILABLEsee a movie here I have a link Stream Now ( https://plus.google.com/u/0/+JoMartinJR/posts/1wgDzo8bXHV )

  • Lord Thazriel

    Smash those alliance dogs!! For the Horde!!!!

  • lemony1004

    why did he have to throw the poor horse :'(

  • Red Carnage

    In game the humans slaughter all the orcs...

  • Paul Staker

    Shouldn't brought some healers, man.

  • Adam Daly


  • agradina

    my friend is playing the second orc the one who jump from the tree, i was at the studio.

  • fulanito mengano

    why orcs didn't bleed ?

  • BL LoveSonG

    What is the name of blackhand clan ??not frostwolve ??#thank

  • VistaXD

    Press 4 on your keyboard over and over.

  • Malefizia

    "They re stronger! Be smarter!" ** gets tossed like a sack of potatoesYup.....Alliance as usual.....PvP on your side SUCKS! ^^

  • Goliath

    I watched the movie yesterday, as a former WoW player and I know the lore pretty well. I actually enjoyed the shit out of it, they respected the lore, they changed some things around a bit but the solutions were actually good, the CGI was amazing and the overall story outcome is the same. I applaud it.

  • lesmoor kelly

    if you dont like CGI STAY AT HOME LOL

  • 929shooter

    Did anyone else laugh at the beginning when the guy got hit

  • kyrilidis7

    this scene its very similar to warhammer

  • Date Masamune

    Get your sword and fight the horde!

  • Oversized Hatin'

    fuck you all go watch the movie

  • mister umm I forgot

    I aready seen the movie since it came out at china or something so I seen the hole thing it was awesome

  • stellvia hoenheim

    For the horde! Orcs rule!

  • Cosmo Media

    THEY Better show off the druid in the movies. Including their shapeshifting and etc. >:(

  • TheMMObro

    oh CMON the female orc laughing after the horse throw was the best part and it's not in the clip lol....

  • Daniel Jefferson C137

    wish they would do a movie with warhammer orcs in there well harder and better than bamby warcraft orcs

  • EquestriaKnight234

    "PREPARE TO DIE YOU BEAST!" And the guy gets knocked out!😂

  • panzlithium

    When your raid has no heals. Bring at least priest ffs.

  • Choogie Low

    And people are looking forward to seeing this shit?

  • james lebau

    Que chimba de escena!

  • Walgen 1920

    I wish the skill "Throw weapon" Allowed you to throw mounts as well.

  • Benzo McHenzo

    "Lok'tar Ogar, HOOOOOOOORDE!" Fucking chills

  • Dope Gangsta

    Knights look weaker than the elves at Helms Deep from LOTR?

  • roktopus

    And as per usual in fantasy, the heavily armored human soldiers are fucking useless.

  • Raging Kiwi TV

    What is it me lord, something need doing? off I go then work, work.

  • Josué Jardim

    00:06 LOK'TAR OGAAAR!!!

  • stone cold lance

    No horse was hurt during the filming of this movie

  • darth valkr

    0.43 Is he king varian wyrnn?

  • dtruck52_Joe

    The effects look better

  • Leonardo brun

    ragnar lothbrok mito

  • Sorcerer Holmes

    I dont know why people dislike this film

  • Serapis Bey

    Any news on the director's cut?

  • LazorHD

    Damn Blackhand's Loktar Ogar is BADASS!

  • Reinis Aizsilnieks

    in 2 or 3 weeks , most people will hate tis move, same as attack of the clones and phantom menace, because people like it now, but then youtube shits like angry blah blah blah mornonic asshole will say how bad it is, and mos people will be brainwashed

  • Joseph Cooper

    0:01 Threw some respeck at him!

  • PkmnTrainerCam

    They really shouldn't yell so much if they're trying to sneak up on each other...

  • Popology20

    Anybody know what the humans yell during the fight racking my brain trying to figure it out is it Azeroth tongue or something

  • Daniel Jefferson C137

    You is not orc green is best i is dead eyed and ready for stompin

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