FAR CRY 5 - Good ENDING [1080P 60FPS]

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  • Satan Himself

    Oh shit I just realized that last song is our characters trigger sound

  • Fahad Al-Riyami

    How is this a "good ending"? He got triggered and killed everyone in the car. Oh and the nukes will still come.

  • Ezekiel Messenger

    I love how Ubisoft shot themselves in the foot with edgy BS endings that no one wants to replay. Their only chance to make money after the initial sale is time spent in game and they severely limited that possibility with the idiotic points system and the shit endings.

  • Mark S

    This isn't a good ending. Everybody dies still

  • Frank Jin

    I'm from socialism China... back there, all religions are bad, used to mind control people for the authorities, so they got all religions under control by the party. cult? must erase ...so I chose the other ending..........fk is that seed's nuke ?!

  • William Poole

    I might be the only person here who feels this way, but I absolutely fucking loved both endings and I don't even know why. They felt so true to the story and feeling of the game. What did you guys want, a goddamn story book ending? Skipping in a field of flowers with singing?

  • spikebaron

    60+ dollars down the fucking drain... Oh wait, I DIDN'T buy this lame-o game with its nihilistic -ass artsy-fartsy endings! So...*Points finger at those that did foolishly bought it*... HA HA!...*mic drop*...

  • Lee Bun

    This is not good you kill everyone in the car

  • Edward Green

    As soon as i heard only you... i was like "oh shit"

  • Acefighter1300

    Jesus... this games story mode is really intense...


    Heres what i would have liked for a "good" ending. More or less how it happened but as your being driven away, you pull out your phone bring up a contact and hit send. Then goes to an exterior view of all these covertly park semi trailers. The semi trailers split down the middle revealing automated missile launchers that carpet bomb joseph seeds church site. Then its revealed your a CIA plant sent to destabilized Edens gate and so on.

  • bowlofarthritus

    I dont think there really is a good ending. The one you can choose in the very beginning is the closest to a happy ending as youre going to get

  • Jarno Datema

    Aw man, the priest has become a zombie too!

  • Demetrius Woods

    The sun exploded 😲😲😲🇬🇧🇷🇺🇯🇵🇩🇪🇨🇳🇺🇸🇫🇷🇪🇸🇮🇹🇰🇷 by the way E=mc square


    There is no Good ending


    SPOILER ALERT: None of the 3 endings are good outcomes at all. Worst end to a FC game ever

  • gris186

    Well Hell, Joseph Seed almost talked me into following his religious bullshit, cu's hey he actually makes sense somehow. Good job on the voice over

  • Cherry Pauper

    There is no "good" ending in this game.

  • blackpredator12

    This ending is One last fuck you from Jacob

  • Soviet Sausage

    I love both these endings tbh. Most ppl are upset that it isn't a happy ending. Either way ur friends die even in this ending. Its inferred that u kill all ur friends bc of the music. But there really is no "good" ending

  • Soviet Sausage

    And the part where he says everything is ur fault it really does make u feel like the bad guy. It really makes u question ur actions earlier in the game

  • 杰少Cccsskit

    this is bad Enging, u dead in mind broken

  • Asteroid Arts

    I wish this game took more cues from Justified. The whole sheriff and location is like Justified I just wish the story was too. Preventing different gangs in moonshine or meth etc. Arresting people and bounties returning them to jail and having the player be a person and not just a camera with a gun. Imagine if this game used the same location is such. But made it more realistic. Where you have to bring crime down across Montana and prevent these huge gangs among other things.... such a missed opportunity in favour of drugged up super humans and a shit villain. SMH.

  • Yee 2222

    The father is a cock faced douchebag with an ego the size of Russia

  • Deathcoldan

    You people complain about this game as if it was not have been made just to fuck with the conservarive americans after the elections. Nothing have any sense cause it was more important to make leftist propaganda than to make a good game for them.

  • Average Joe

    Farcry: where the antagonist is always the winner.

  • Zach Caponegro

    I’m confused so I played the “bad” ending and saw the “good” and there were a bunch of nukes, was that going to happen regardless? Or did he somehow have something to do with that?

  • Corey Bundy

    wow both ending are fucking shit! the rook is a fucking bitch ass pussy.if this game was not so fun i would be pissed

  • LHarding

    How exactly is this a Good ending?

  • Kevin Fikes

    This is the bad ending

  • GreyBeard The Pirate

    there is no good ending in fc5 .

  • Blue Destiny Dragon

    That's the good ending!!!MY ASS!!! That's some Bull Shit!!

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