FAR CRY 5 - Good ENDING [1080P 60FPS]

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  • SantoDominus

    This game is utter garbage. I don't know what the writers of this crap were smoking. I think they got Rian Johnson to write this. How can you have a peaceful ending when the cult is guilty of almost every crime in the US penal code. After all that crap you have to walk away or destroy the world? At least Farcry 4 has a story.


    It would've been cool if he attacked those guys

  • Diaboli virtus

    this not good ending.

  • sooktoo k77

    story was great and it's idea is amazing. but putting in a far cry fame wuth ubisoft ruined it.it would have been so much better and more fit if it was a linear game and like bioshock.

  • Gaming TurnOns

    Take the thumbnail, edit it so Joseph is triggered and write underneath: When a leaders cult lets u live but u still keep killing everyone

  • C Vasquez

    What the heck is Eden's Gate smoking?

  • Alcibiades

    No such thing as a good ending for this game, Both endings are bad... I was disappointed either way


    When you pass your exam. Judge not.

  • Aniket Dandge

    Its remind me the prince of persia 4 pointless ending

  • Gage Drew

    Can’t wait for the sequel, Far Cry 76

  • Scarce Hyperion

    I just wanted to shoot him in the face. I'm a simple man XD

  • Tyrell Jonez

    Correction: The only good ending is if at the very beginning you walk away from this backwater fuckery lol. You don't win otherwise. I LOVE that that is the real ending. They even said it! "You can't solve all your problems with a bullet."I think this is epic foreshadowing for real life america. If we continue down this war mongering path we're on, some religious nut is finally going to be right. lol

  • Stiggy The Stygimoloch

    Neither of the choices are good!The resist fucking sends nukes down!And the other was that song playing and most likely killing everyone in the car.

  • Deadly Gamer

    Joseph seed is bad jesus

  • zerocool gonna hack u

    Im getting a sick fallout 4 vibe here man No nukes in this end tho but I still like this on insteed of that sad ending With me trapped With a psyko and The world go into war hehe ima do this end right now if i Can :)

  • Yannick Dreier

    There is no good, bad or secret ending.. The apocalypse happen anyway.. Something is coming. You can feel it, can’t you?

  • C Vasquez

    I mean the barrels left and right of Joesep Seed.


    Wouldn’t the most logical thing to do after leaving is return with the FUCKING NATIONAL GUARD?It just got to the end and he said the same thing, lol this comment is pointless.

  • Dusk278

    So he turns and kills his friends

  • Clashplayz 101

    Guys every far cry has a new protagonist So the next who Knows maybe the father will return in far cry 6

  • Bittah Bandit

    in either of the endings, your friends die either way. Either you kill them or the tree does

  • cjpeeton

    The ending is a bit socking to me . Both endings are loosing . This will lead You to kill your mates , the other is atom bomb . So that is a bit shocking .

  • -The_Illusionist-

    Resist is better you don’t kill your friends you become bros with father and you live all other endings the nukes still drop it’s better to live with your bro eh?

  • Isaiah Gutierrez

    Im not mad at the bad guy winning I’m mad that they made the ending so unsatisfactory like you’ve done so much badass shit and it didn’t matter because of the nuke

  • B-Y Bryce

    The good ending is the Canon ending for Far Cry 5. If the bad ending was canon then there wouldn't be Far Cry 6

  • Md Kader

    The graphics is amazing

  • killa beeez

    The ending I was hoping for: Joseph seed was actually a deranged asshole who was power hungry and you got to put him to justice... or kill him.

  • Rupteon

    Technically this ending isnt even good. Joseph is alive,your friends are cultists and the song triggers you to kill your remaining friends...

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