FAR CRY 5 - All Bosses / Boss Fights + Ending

FAR CRY 5 All Bosses, Final Boss & Ending.

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  • AAC Stuffed

    Wow you play on easy sure does suck for you

  • Phantom Falcon

    Jacob looks like Olgired Von Everec

  • fastplay25 25

    Im so FAR to CRY 5 times

  • fastplay25 25

    The death of faith got me so sad because she just wanted to be deputy's friend but... Is farcry

  • The Musicmaster107

    I’ve done John and almost killed Jacob with The Father skin on. So Joseph is killing as his followers and heralds.

  • Võ Đức Dũng

    What did john seed told nick rye???

  • Oh yeah yeah

    I was about to cry when faith dead

  • Noscoper_ Gamer54

    Hey guysDo you call these weird people angels or zombies?

  • MISTA Unkoqn

    nooo not rye or whatever his name was.

  • V1tru4ll

    38:20 at this point I would have just punched Faith.

  • Flooferss AJ

    32:27 it looked like she was going into the bliss because she didnt defeat faith yet but it was just the bosses switching XD

  • Receding Hairline

    Does that mean Faiths Mexican trying to destroy the Deputy’s Wall

  • Voli Boi

    john had the best final mission

  • M yolol Lol

    Did u have to just teabag him u could of but a load of c4 on him

  • Kanna Retguna

    has any plan Can prevent him from being killed in 8.24?

  • Rip Rylen

    24:56 Jacob tells you to off yourself which mean kys

  • Someguy1237

    Faith had the only good fight.John was just trying to use the awkward plane controls hitting him occasionally while Nick did most of the work.Jacob's fight is annoying but easy, the hardest part is killing the judge wolves while trying not to be 2 shotted by Jacob.Faith's was really interesting, pretty easy but also pretty fun.

  • iMballZ 280

    Why is this even posted, it’s too cringy you suck at this game

  • Joshua Worley

    Omg when the gun was in the book lol

  • strigon012

    What did John say to Nick? 'I won't let you release death stranding'

  • Netraraj Pun

    Best way to kill the 1st boss is to eject out of the plain and use vehicle detection rocket and kill it. Superb easy and will be done in 2 shots

  • Vicar of Avarice

    “Live by the sword and you will die by the sword”Lol get rocketed discount Psycho Mantis

  • Damian Sobieski

    You are playing bad pls play better

  • Max Williams

    I love playing fc5 but there is only one thing that does not make sense why do you hear enemy radio space ik you hear it in jc3 but why

  • Voli Boi

    CULL THE HERD, jacob best villan

  • Sandwich Snadwicc

    Is faith resigning and accepting her death, or is she still trying to fool rook?

  • Craig Bowtne

    Faith was easy to beat

  • CommanderDell

    So Far Cry 5 all about religion? Sorry I'm not interesting in religion especially there Amazing Grace song . It pretty offended to me BTW as a Christian .

  • Did you know There’s a country called niger?

    Oh dear the comment are 666 L E T M E F I X T H A T F O R Y O U

  • vaultboyfan 1

    John seed looks like cartoonz the you tuber

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