Far Cry 5 - THE ONLY WEAPON YOU NEED (Far Cry 5 Free Roam) #23

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Video created by WillyB!
  • Barry Monroy

    Your suppose to be stealthy

  • Video Boss

    Regular 50 cal ammo can go through some armor but not all armor piercing rounds help go through armor and walls

  • Barry Monroy

    Disarming the alarm would been a smarter way to do this

  • Nathan Anderson

    Getting the sniper rifle in this game has made things a shit load easier so far

  • Eric Carrington

    I haven't seen any snakes yet

  • De Kronik Snowsill

    WillyB you are the best bro. Love watching your videos. Enjoyed every second of this one. Ciao!

  • Robert Moore

    You sound like wade barrett.please say.im afraid ive got some bad news

  • Nathaniel

    I only use machine guns

  • Braxton Mclean

    For any one who plays COD this is the lynx from AW

  • James Metcalfe

    you should dome some moar free roam with the .308 carbine

  • Razana Mafaz

    I want to see a nother sniper gun vedio

  • Grant The bow hunter

    Well I’m no expert by any means but I do know that there are different levels of armor and each level has a different amount of bulletproof if so yes and no 50.cal will penetrate armor unless it is 50. Cal rated there are Also different types of 50.cal so most people who make 50.cal armor rate it too 50bmg which is the most powerful type of fifty cal in rifle formation that I know of again I’m no expert but hope this helps

  • Estevan Martinez

    You suck since you need a sniper

  • Just Jordan

    I want to see you flying place with only mouse and keyboard

  • Dino Nucci

    LOL ... You're playing on a console

  • 020arnore

    10:33 he was so gonna say for fuck sake

  • rztrzt

    I played the whole game with that rifle. Not my fav FC game, preferred 3 & 4

  • Aditya Jain

    How is he aiming so precisely with the controller??

  • Phenom GR

    What is the name of the weapon

  • The game Potato

    with the 50cal. you dont have to get headshots on normal people for one shot kills

  • hangout Reddy

    How to installl this game send me link plzzz

  • Hamwamaangezockt

    Far Cry 5 is the only Far Cry you don't need :)

  • Skylandork 12

    You liked my comment on mars weopon showcase thnx

  • Steels TV

    ye in the real u can miss the head and hi/she will die becus the power from the bullet is very hard when its pass somthing

  • Pikachuwariar Tv

    It depends on what lv the armor

  • James Franklin

    do upload about stealth kills

  • Jon Schuck

    farcry 4 storyline was ass

  • Jaku Lest

    Good video keep it up

  • The YouTube Phantom Official

    tbh I like using Jacob's rifle for hunting because of the sweet ass bolt action reload.

  • bush26454

    Where is he hunting at

  • Hellsbell456

    Willy : SA:50Me: remembering the times of me playing far cry 4

  • Brian King

    50 cal can go through armor no problem with normal ammo

  • Alex Pellerin

    I only wish there was still a good amount of cult activity after a herald is defeated so that I could get this kind of gameplay without needing to restart the game :/

  • Schalk Pienaar

    Hey they got hickoc45's shooting range !

  • Mark Allen

    Never laughed so much watching someone else shoot people.. your a legend my friend ahaha 😂

  • Jack Cordial

    For most purposes, a stock .50 calibre round is fine or overdoing it TBH, but usually, the only time that armour piercing rounds really come into play is when you're trying to take out things like vehicles where you need to punch through multiple layers of metal or other hard surfaces, and hit something like an engine block to disable the vehicle in question in short order. There are body armours in production now that can withstand close range shots from a .50 cal rifle, but to be fair, while they'll keep you from being ventilated by the round, the percussive shock is going to likely cave your chest in.

  • Marko Culjak

    Great aiming with controller -- NOT !!

  • Fessy Cross

    Imo it's not the "only" weapon u need u need a close/medium range weapon as well imo

  • Jay Schofield

    Yes .50 BMG will go through personal carry body armour. The AP rounds are more for armoured vehicles than people with plate carriers. The sheer speed of a .50 BMG is enough to blast a hole in ANY body armour plate. And yes a .50 BMG can separate your limbs from the rest of your body with a square hit but ignore the rumour that a near miss could don the same because it just can’t.

  • Dustin Burnett

    The sniper bullets are so damn slow. Shit’s frustrating.

  • Dallas Ludlum

    A .50 Caliber round from a long barrel rifle like the SA-50 can easily kill a human even if it hits them in an extremity. The reason this is true is because of the mass of the projectile + it's high velocity causes a shock wave that will rip the limb off, causing massive blood loss. As for armor piercing rounds. If you were to fire a standard lead core .50 cal round into a truck or car engine it would easily pass far enough to disable the vehicle. Same with helicopters or even planes if you could actually make the shot. Where you need tungsten or depleted uranium projectiles (aka armor piercing) is for highly armored tanks or Armored Personnel Carriers (APC's). There are also what are called White Phosphorus rounds that can burn through metal and then cause horrible heat damage to anyone inside one of those vehicles. Hope that answered your questions.

  • LiamRogers10111

    Armour piercing .50 cal and normal full metal jacket .50 cal can both go through armour of a certain level the full metal jacket can go through most armours but not tank and aircraft by the ap round can go through aircraft armour

  • kilroy987

    I find myself enjoying free roam mode more than doing the story. I feel like I learn more about the game that way.

  • Brian King

    All bullets twirl when you shoot cause If It don't then the bullet drops way before your target

  • Gopi M.N

    I want to see the gun bull signature weapon

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