Far Cry 5 - THE ONLY WEAPON YOU NEED (Far Cry 5 Free Roam) #23

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In this Far Cry 5 Free Roam Gameplay video have a go with the best sniper in the world (in my opinion" the SA-50). This weapon when paired with a good set of weapon customization will be unstoppable! It destroys animals, cult members and helicopters so no matter if you are hunting, liberating an outpost or shooting down helicopters that are chasing you, you'll be okay with the SA-50 sniper rifle!

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Welcome to my Far Cry 5 Free Roam series where we will be taking a look at everything this game has to offer without diving into the main missions. We look at outposts, hunting, missions and everything else that Far Cry 5 has to offer! Also taking a look at all the weapons, vehicles and shops that provide a level of customization that has not been available in Far Cry before including character, cars and wepaon customization. I currently play Far Cry 5 on PS4 Pro.

Far Cry 5 is an action-adventure first-person shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Montreal and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It is the eleventh installment and the fifth main title in the Far Cry series.

The game is set in the fictional Hope County, Montana, where a preacher named Joseph Seed has risen to prominence. Seed believes that he has been chosen to protect the people of Hope County from an "inevitable collapse" and has established a congregation called Eden's Gate. Ostensibly, this is to fulfill his mission of leading the people to salvation; in reality, Seed is a radical preacher and Eden's Gate is a militaristic doomsday cult. Under his rule, Eden's Gate has used both coercion and violence to forcibly convert the residents of Hope County, and intimidation to keep them from contacting the outside world for help. When an attempt to arrest Seed ends with the deaths of several lawmen, the player is swept into the armed conflict between Eden's Gate and the remaining Hope County residents, who are organizing themselves into a resistance movement.
Video created, uploaded & owned by WillyB. (Family Friendly)
  • James Deeds

    I agree. Awesome weapons!!!Brst Rate of fire for snipers.

  • wykedinsanity

    ive had bison despawn right after i shot then on pc its funny

  • ShadowKick32

    Only explosive weapons, quite fun and a bit tricky. Hard to get an outpost undetected so it's funnier.

  • Dragawolf games

    The SA50 is so overpowered I’m looking to Someone to play with thats on YouTube because I wanna do a livestream

  • jay

    Good gun but you never get much ammo with it. U should b able to carry more

  • Ryan Faulkner

    50 cal is a anti vehicle weapon. Shoot the motor on cars and trucks.

  • peanuts and waffles

    You didn't get the moose when you got the first black bear

  • polyygonn tv

    nice gameplay gg!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • what

    You know what'd be a cool Far Cry game concept? Nazi Europe. Imagine liberating outposts and freeing people. Man. It'd be sick. And then you'd have, like, the Vass equivalent Eichmann and then Hoyt equivalent, Hitler.. And then you have concentration camps like those huge outposts in Far Cry 4

  • 1misanthropist

    I still like the bow as a silenced choice a little more even if they don't have the range of the rifle.


    First turn off alarms!!!

  • Benjamin Gade Langsted-Aggressive inline skating

    If you want to get a lot of cash, go to the top left corner of the map. There's a shit load of animals spawning

  • Vince Serna

    as for the armor question: there are different grades of armor, some is rated for pistols like the armor police officers wear on body, others are rated for rifles like ARs and any armor worn on body is not going to be able to stop a .50 cal due to the size and weight constraints of the body. even if they had body armor rated for a .50 cal the bullet would break their ribs and knock the air out of them and their face and other unprotected areas would have shrapnel damage from the bullet basically exploding upon impact. I seriously doubt anyone could live through that. but anyway, you would need AP ammo for armor rated for .50 cals.as for the bullet spinning question: most all modern firearms except for shotguns have what's known as rifled barrels, rifled barrels are barrels with spiraling grooves down the length of the barrel. what this rifling does is it puts a spin on a bullet so it travels in a straight path. back in the day, they had smooth bore rifles and pistols. they were pretty shitty at long range because they wouldn't fly straight where you aim. as to whether or not a .50 cal tares off your arm because it spins: I think it has more to do with the mass of the bullet and the velocity at which it travels, that's why it tares off limbs. because most modern rifles and pistols have rifling, but they don't all tare off limbs. the .50 cal is a huge bullet traveling at astronomical speeds, it only makes sense that's why it would rip your arm off if you get shot by one.

  • EnlightenMMC

    This game got boring quick :-( I'll take any reason to play it again

  • riteasrain

    I'm going to have to ditch my AR-CL and get this. Today :D Edit: Dead bodies disappear if there's even a small cutscene. I've had this happen umpteen times.

  • Ghost Rider

    u need armor piercing

  • Mody Farroukh

    i love this gun so much

  • Sergio Ruiz

    Can You Please Use The AR-CL Please

  • Rhyle Clark

    no scope a full out post

  • VirusOfCyrus


  • Mr Grim

    You don’t need armor piercing 50 cals are anti material they can go through armor but armor piercing is good for planes and cars and helicopters

  • Michael Cusak

    Tip take the alarms out first

  • verseoners

    lrs is like the ak of snipers I used it in t. Clancy's summit strike though it was green at that time and the optics seem way better my govt district map o ghost recon summit strike is the place I loved that thing for loll

  • CarpRunner

    There is so much money in this game. I have always had enough money to buy anything and customize it the way I want. I think the only reason money exists in this game is to make the stash missions more rewarding. You really can go anywhere and do anything right from the start.

  • Steve W

    I love the 50ty, I use it and the bow the most. I use armor piercing a lot. Seems to do a better job on the tank NPCs

  • Justin R Varga

    I love the sniper rifle

  • DC1450

    Hey Willy B I like your vids they're awesome and fun to watch👍👍😀

  • Drew Baledge

    In real life those guys would hear a suppressed weapon especially a .50 cal

  • TimMer1981

    12:30: just shoot the alarms first; first thing I always did before attacking an outpost.

  • Will Ganness

    Voted down for misleading title.

  • HeavyHitter2X2

    Hey how can I play with friends on farcry5 I can play with 1 friend but like to play with 3 or more is this possible can someone get back to me

  • Toxic Wolf

    I’ve said this before, you spend WAY to much money on gun skins

  • Rifleatk1396

    Wi say the MBP .50 is better because of the extra point of accuracy. Who gives shit about rate of fire on a sniper anyways?

  • Chris Coffee

    The sa-50 is stronger than Jacobs rifle I added up the ratings and the sa-50 got 32 and Jacobs rifle got 31 that's what you get jacob

  • Organ Smasher

    "we can go out and obliterate peopuhhhhhhh" willy has mental orgasm

  • ProjectFlashlight612

    Oh, you did not get caught because of the game mechanics, what an obvious lie. You fucked up, you got seen. :)

  • Samuel Cossais

    Well that's the SA50 weakness there, the ammo. M60 + SA50 is the best combo possible if you have 2 slots.

  • Louis Caputo

    Hunting definitely needs to be harder with scent, wind and better hearing mechanics

  • Jon K.

    SA-50 “Free State” is my favorite sniper rifle!! To me it’s even better than the MBP .50, mainly because bolt vs. semi-auto.

  • Nolan Cromer

    Do one outpost with a pistol any pistol

  • Fantaman900

    If i could only take one i would take the m60. Silencer. reflex sight. One bullit headshots. Long range burst shot. Quickly kill many guys or bear. No problem. easy my fav weapen in the game. The sa 50 is a close second.

  • Kalijyah Mcjunkin

    Depends on the type of armor

  • Glenn Robertson

    The spinning of the bullet isn't what takes their arm off. It's the fact that the bullet is as long as your finger and big around as your thumb and is travelling at about 3,000 feet per second that does it. The "normal" .50 bullet will flatten out when it hits hardened armor. Armor piercing bullets do just that because they are hardened, themselves.

  • Reggie Hammond

    .50 cal AP rounds are mainly used for neutralizing vehicles and mounted weapons

  • Heijmdal

    i find the .308 carbine a better sniper rifle because it has a longer range. Only problem is that i would like to have a better scope for it.

  • Justice Graham

    yegh it depends on the armor really.. anything before 1960 like apc and tanks no worries but around 1970 they started making modular and ceramic armor. the US deployed troops with the 50 in the middle east because most of the combatants over there use old tanks and stuff. really awesome vid but!!!

  • Jose Luis

    It was fun until you started making excuses for sucking to kill moving targets. Should practice more or stop making excuses.

  • ItsJohnWiggle _

    I prefer jacobs gun over Sa50

  • Cosmoslogic

    Very good 50 i used through out on animals in far cry it kicks ass, its the best . should be called one shot and done.

  • wykedinsanity

    gree state and all the whitetail stuff i like the best

  • sotiris1976g4

    Nice shooting man....ΤΙΝΑΦΤΟΡΕ 💥🔫💥🔫💥🔫

  • Jason Rosa

    What will happen if i start a new game? I really want to start a new game but not reset my main. Hes op...

  • Gamer BoyX

    The SA 50 "free slate" is a lot more better. Shot is delivered at a longer distance and more accurate than the normal SA 50.


    the bmg was made to go threw tanks so yeah

  • Ben Murphy

    Your a little whiney mate.But overall your content is up to par

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