Is the AMD RX580 any good? RX580 vs RX480 vs GTX1060

The RX580 is HERE!!... unfortunately it was met with a lackluster welcome since most people are far more interested in VEGA coming out later this year...

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Is the AMD RX580 any good? RX580 vs RX480 vs GTX1060 | JayzTwoCents

  • pro fes

    Nobody should buy a 1200 card....... eat your words now

  • Omega Shenron

    F@ck Nvidia. You must love Sapphire!!;)

  • AZI3623

    This limited edition is still available in 2018, lol

  • CJayin

    that 1060 is pretty damn good

  • Maurice H

    nitro+ vs stock 480? amateur hour

  • Justin Mosimann

    I like my asus rx580 8g. I only play at 1080, and have a old phenom2 955be cpu and it never drops below 60 fps, and using max settings. Except gta 5... but it hates my cpu.

  • r.a

    Thanks for useful informations, i wonder if i3 6100 bottleneck with it ? Thank you

  • Earnist Shick1234

    i guess they never miss huh

  • odinswolf1969

    just ordered this card (under £200 on amazon) bargain!

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