Far Cry 5 Vespiary Prepper Stash Location Guide

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Prepper Stashes are areas that you can loot in Far Cry 5. These stashes have weapons, cash and eve crafting supplies so you don't want to miss them. Check out this Far Cry 5 Prepper Stash location guide to find them all as you play the game.
  • Paul Mann

    Thanks for the video, big help.

  • Bob Roffey

    Doh! I can't believe I missed that.... Thank you!

  • barnaby ingham

    Any form of explosive or fire kills the bees

  • Steven Shuster

    The hand torch gets rid of the bees, don't even need a flamethrower

  • murtada johhar

    how the FUCK do i use the grenade?!?!?!?

  • hankybjr

    use the repair torch which I found at Vespiary

  • Hans Meier

    .. or bring a flamethrower

  • Michael Traficante

    Use molotov...kills bees instantly

  • Nathan Hansen

    thank you so much. I've been stick here for like 20 minutes

  • slamdunkd12345

    omg this place was fucking my brain for so long

  • Björn Gustavsson

    You can burn the behives with the flamethrower🤪😊

  • Lassine Dembele

    Or you can use the repair torch on the hive !

  • Quab Tower

    It’s Rae Rae at the pumpkin farm, boomers going crazy, o don’t know what to do


    Thanks ive been in here for an hour lol

  • Stale Bread

    they're wasps not bees

  • Crows Wit Gaming

    Pro tip, a Molotov destroys the bee's.

  • maloukey M

    0:56 What ya'll came for ...

  • GoBobbySauced Jr

    Gave you a like and sub thanks homie!

  • John OnTwitch

    Also your repair torch kills the nest no problem

  • Parker Corso

    Use incenirary bullets

  • Jake

    Thank you! I thought my game was glitched, turns out I didn’t find that last spot lol.

  • OakTooth

    Real answer is the Molotov's and they die instantly

  • Kevin Jones

    I used the flamethrower to kill the bees

  • 桜子漣

    I tried parachuting in the top lol thanks 😊🤙

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