Far Cry 5 - 15 Things You Absolutely NEED TO KNOW Before You BUY

Far Cry took the year off in 2017, just as Assassin's Creed had the year before that, but Ubisoft's massive open world first person shooter franchise is coming back. Far Cry 5 is almost upon us, and if the developers' claims are to be believed, then it's going to be a little different from its immediate predecessors.

There's quite a lot of interesting stuff to talk about in Far Cry 5, and in this feature, we've picked out fifteen such things. Without further ado, let's get right into it.



  • John Quinn

    Why does this game come off as 1st person shooter ( Which I Hate ) on the youtube gameplays, but advertised online as a regular video game????

  • Savannah Rollins

    The church is actually real and it’s really cool to see it in a video game

  • Richard's World Traveler

    The ability to tame some cougars has my interest!

  • Ken Boi

    Far Cry-5 does have a radio tower. Also, too bad they didn't make the mini-map a user selectable option.

  • Loxki

    This game looks sick!!!

  • Anonymous Weirdo

    No mini map but there’s a map and plus it give you direction to the place you want

  • Manny V

    How do people have facial hair but i cant

  • Jack Frost


  • Joseph Eberhardt

    Also a need to know, you can't get attached to anyone without disappointment, like actually no one

  • LacyBeee


  • moonStruck gamers

    Top Ten Scariest Games Of All Time https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YZ6TTTsG5o&lc=z230th2afpvtefpxi04t1aokghovjr3dpmmwprvqgxw1rk0h00410thanx for watching peace

  • Domzdream

    I enjoyed climbing the towers. I enjoyed the puzzles within the game.

  • Spell Rush

    No criticism? Yeah sounds like someone's a sellout. Looks like the same last 3 games. Disliked, not buying.

  • Mystery Man

    MGSV TPP... success? Yeah, no.

  • JerricaVintageVixen

    I don't understand WHY your loot gets full SO FAST!?!🙄🙄🤔. I'd much rather hunt animals to make it larger so it CAN carry more stuff that's needed. I love the game so far (Long time Far Cry fan)...but I'm noticing things that are kinda aggravating.

  • Tobby

    This game is a product containing dirty propaganda and slander. This product teaches: "To be white is bad. To have a weapon and the right to self-defense is bad. To be a Christian is bad." This product (this game) - created by the enemies of European civilization. _ Эта игра - продукт , содержащий в себе грязную пропаганду и клевету. Этот продукт учит: "Быть белым - плохо. Иметь оружие и право на самозащиту - плохо. Быть христианином - плохо.". Этот продукт (эта игра) - создана врагами европейской цивилизации.

  • Liam Moran

    If you are trying to cop the new Far Cry tho, you can get it here for a much lower price than steam and other places https://www.kinguin.net/far-cry-5/?r=31638

  • duke thegamer

    I need this god damn game!!!!!!

  • Casey Shelton

    You was so wrong about mini map you know nothing about far cry 5 why anyone listens to you I don’t know. But I won’t

  • Dag Sabot

    One thing to know is that its nowhere as good as farcry 4

  • Free to collector

    "Maylay" attack

  • Dragutin Todosijevic

    The game is fine to look but the characters the bad guys and the most stupid ending I ever saw in a game make it a hard PASS .You will want to play it but only to get disappointed and annoyed did i mention the bugs there is a loot of those to.

  • Lunatic

    Is this game like GTA V?

  • moist faucet

    first, there is no rain and season. second, there is no Alex jones or Info wars radio.

  • Tj Howell

    Is all these features available in offline mode for us with out internet

  • Cowboycomando54

    Far Cry 5 has a joke about radio towers

  • 00Mass00

    Leaving out the minimap, but putting a stupid red triangle above all enemies......

  • Dick Dastardly

    Couple of questions about FC5, I really liked FC3 but FC4 was a P.I.T.A and I bored with it rather quick, is FC5 more along the lines of FC3 or FC4? I haven't played Primal so know nothing about it. Is there any differences between FC5 on a regular PS4 vs PS PRO other than video quality? Also is it worth the extra $$ to buy the deluxe edition ?

  • Dean Perkowski

    Don’t go 5 feet from your host in multiplayer... or it will tell you are too far away... and respawn you. Sick feature. Idiots

  • Marvelous Marsh

    Bought gold edition today downloaded season pass though no farcry 3.. Am I missing something?

  • Dolphin Boy

    The game was actually more exciting then all Far cry's. Mechanics were very good, except for the stupid forced captures; there had to be a better way to move the story. Buuuut, the endings make this game almost not worth playing. And don't tell me 3 and 4 were just as bad. 3 had a shit ending and a "meh"-we made it out alive type of ending (we got what we set out to do, which is survive and escape). 4 had a fantastic secret ending, a "meh" but still kinda win ending (kill Ming), and then an awesome ending, where you win a freaking country... what does 5 offer... "You are a bunch of pussies" secret ending, so you feel like you lost; a shiiiit ending, bordering on a promise of eternal butt rape next to a corpse in a fallout bunker, and an equally shit ending were it is implied you are under full control of the cult, and you feel like a loser. ZERO closure from any ending. At least, I thought the self-baptism in front of the veteran's centre was a secret way of ridding yourself of the control, but no. You don't escape it, you CAN"T KILL Joseph Seed. If they wanted a game where the bad guy takes a shit on the good guy, then they should have made us play as Joseph Seed, or one of this officers or something. Setting up the cult. Then the game would have actually made more sense... the endings would be the same, let the deputy go (at the end)... (good ending since they still all die), the nuclear ending - a weird but still inline with your cult goals, and the secret ending, would be to let the let the deputies go without conflict, more of a Meh ending.

  • Filip Hajduček

    Its basically mafia...

  • Ken Klemens

    I liked the radio towers they gave you a sense of accomplishment

  • Louise Kazzam

    Is this similar to gta5?

  • Chris Bishop

    It's pretty damn great. Lol

  • Type O

    I still like Original Far Cry games more than newer.

  • Irru27

    it was for the multi player but they just lifted it and applied it to the single player (this also allowed them to make the protagonist silent and boring. . . . no one seems to have realized this yet but your character doesn't even have a name)

  • Lyrick

    It’s looks kinda fun but I’m not buying it

  • klay magyar

    This is a game you should rent... beat the campaign if you like the rinse and repeat play styles. Coop is cool, not a reason to buy though. You don’t save progression with your friend but you can stock up weapons and mats. Pvp online is full of cancer, people pick your maps for you and the maps are all garbage. There are some good maps, but its like hitting the lottery for them to even be available for selection in the lobby, then you must pray that the other players vote for the “good” map. I guess thats what happens when single mode players get a chance to PVP, they fuck it up. Il be returning this game To Family video on Sunday. Not worth it. But if you like it, then by all means. But i wont be saying “YES” to this one.

  • paulspydar

    rubbish boring game, such disappointment,

  • Dt Snizzley

    Nah. Picking this faggot up on a sale after they patch the fuckery.

  • Liam Vic

    I'm... disappointed. I was so excited for this game, but I love story. This has nothing. Not even a political statement or some shit. And a silent protagonist? Ugh... guess I'll just play far cry 4 again...

  • Marko Zec

    I am pretty surprised with this game (in positive sense) because it is much more fun then I thought it would be and main bad guy is really creepy especially because he is really such plausible character (just look some cult leaders from recent history)

  • Lord Demious

    I love far cry 5. Have so much fun playing it

  • Adventure Warehouse

    This game is so fun I’ve already liberated two regions

  • Alex Mason

    There are indeed radio towers to climb...

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