Far Cry 5: $100,000+ Per Hour (Easy Money Guide)

This video will teach you how to earn over $100,000 per hour in Far Cry 5. With this quick method you can afford all the prestige items in the game!

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Far Cry 5 is an upcoming first-person shooter action-adventure video game developed and published by Ubisoft for Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It is the eleventh installment and the fifth main title in the Far Cry series.
  • Prateek Jadon

    am i the only one who feels sad whenever i go out hunting and killing these wonderful Animals?

  • Sh_ean404_Gaming

    I prefer Raptor Peak + Fast and Furious medicines = $$$$

  • Shawn Michael Kirkbride

    Jess Black wont attack though. So even with the most powerful bow layout I can get, (Recurve 9,7,8,6,4), It takes 3-6 shots on Grizzlies and Black Bears, and you have to chase them done, even with head-shots. So I end up spending 2-3 minutes per large animal dropping and looting them. All the while, Jess just stands there talking. I have tried dismissing her and replacing her, then bringing her back. Just talks. Won't shoot. WTF??

  • Tomer abitbul eizen

    or just gp tp Taft look out tower hunt animals there and get 15,000 every 5 minuts animals spawn right after you kill then so its easy money

  • Bryce Dunn

    Haha, "Get the four skins." or "Get the foreskins."?

  • Thysuccis Mine

    Is this cheating? Because I really wanna do this but like I don't wanna cheat,can someone tell me?

  • Heijmdal

    i made over 900k from all my foreskins. :)

  • Ivan Hernandez

    This Is A Great Video! I Will Use It When I Go For The Trophies That Require To Spend Money

  • AsianTrix

    Haha, he said 4 skins.

  • Arrov _

    I know how to get 225.000 + per hour

  • PrestigeIsKey

    Heyo! Got an in depth money guide for you all in Far Cry 5! Forget about spending real money in game for silver, just use the money you earn in game for everything! Been having a ton of fun with this game hope you enjoyed the video ❤️🔑PS Get the foreskins lmao... oh geeze

  • Tyler Hamilton

    Or you could stop fast traveling everywhere and just stay at that high lake in the upper left corner of the map where pretty much all these animals are just hanging out. Also theres a perm shop up there.

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