11 Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed - Skyrim, Tremors, Ghostbusters and MORE!

Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs are plentiful in the open world of Hope County, so join Ian Higton as he takes us on a tour of 11 more awesome Far Cry 5 references! There's 11 of the little beauties in this update video! Including shout outs to Skyrim, Tremors, Ghostbusters and cult leader Jim Jones, there's a load of Far Cry 5 secrets and mysteries to discover.

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  • iidkkii

    the ringing rocks park isn't just a thing in pensylvania (sorry idk how to spell) but there's one near butte, mt! ^-^

  • PUBG for life

    Number 7s 4th rotere phone is a nod to the calling for help scene in cujo

  • Risudentti

    You forgot the red gloves that have abstergo logo from outfit menu

  • Alex Pearce

    There is a man by the name of francis Sinclair in red dead redemption 2 who has time traveled into that century... Maybe related to Frankie sinclair

  • Simon Broberg

    It is faith crying on the fone there is also a note from faith in an abandoned Church in her region Were she Says that she is scared of Joseph

  • Michael Knotts

    The hotel one has a sign outside the hotel that says the people died in an earthquake.

  • Riley Burdick

    now I guess there's a new DLC coming out

  • Michael Wolf

    Could 7 be from The 5th Element?

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