11 Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs You Might Have Missed - Skyrim, Tremors, Ghostbusters and MORE!

Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs are plentiful in the open world of Hope County, so join Ian Higton as he takes us on a tour of 11 more awesome Far Cry 5 references! There's 11 of the little beauties in this update video! Including shout outs to Skyrim, Tremors, Ghostbusters and cult leader Jim Jones, there's a load of Far Cry 5 secrets and mysteries to discover.

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  • Tanner Schwalenberg

    It was a type of Fingis that grew on there head

  • Zac Elbourn

    there was a point in the game where i saw jackalopes running around not in the bliss

  • dalek305 izgamez

    Funny, I actually found ohara's stash as I was watching this video

  • BlaseOrpheus 685

    Pagan technically isn't the bad guy in far cry 4

  • Automatically Bested You

    Forreal now I'm not JUST saying thisYou're not funny Quit it

  • Michael scalia

    Be funny if the screaming cowboy meme was an Easter egg in this game

  • James DuBeck

    Number 8 is a stergeon, found in fresh water

  • Milkmanplays

    I dont think it's an Easter egg, per se, but my favorite reference in the game is when you meet Hurk Jr. and he mentions one of his favorite shows, "entoridge."

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