RX580 VS Vega56| Ryzen 1600X| Far Cry 5| 1080p Vs 1440p

Motherboard: Asus B350-F.
CPU: Ryzen 1600X@4.0Ghz.
GPU: Vega 56 OC/RX580 8GB OC / Radeon Software version 18.3.4
RAM: 16GB 3200Mhz Vengeance LPX @3000Mhz/CL16
SSD: 240 Kingston./HDD:1TB Seagate.
CPU Cooler: AIO H60 Corsair.
Recorded using OBS + AMD Relive.
Power supply: 750w Corsair.
  • MzNToS

    Nice! I hope for more RX580 vs Vega56 comparisons in the future :)subbed

  • D4RK5KY

    With a stock 1600X paired with an 8GB Sapphire RX 580 Nitro+ I get 60 fps avg on Normal preset at 1440P. This makes me want a Vega 56 so bad.

  • Michel Victor

    This framerate at 1440p ultra? Seems like a well optimized game while displaying gorgeous graphics!

  • D T

    i am trying to run this game currently on a amd rx 580 with a intl i-5 7400, and farcry is only reading my vram as 124mb. any help with troubleshooting this?

  • D4RK5KY

    Thanks for doing this. Subbed.

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