Hellblade Xbox One X Patch Is Impressive, Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro Comparison [4K/60fps]

Hellblade on Xbox One X is pretty neat effort by the developers at Ninja Theory. Giving more choice players is always a good thing and it's nice to see the Xbox One X getting the support it deserves.



  • Nedim Tabakovic

    I rly can't notice any significant difference...but I can take your word for it...

  • nice q8t

    gtx 1080 ti is dead x ftw

  • demonpride1975

    i have to say when she looks at the screen, even tho you know she is looking at an object. it really destroys the immersion, all simply to show off the facial animations.

  • sey 30 Spyderco


  • Lawrence Baxton

    Im def checking this game out on my Xbox

  • UncertainRain -MarioMartocchio

    When you have a beast of a console, but next to no games to play on it 😑

  • Erik Jimenez

    Xbutt hurt fanboys just stop embarrassing yourselves already it’s pretty pathetic. Your feeble attempts on justifying your passion for a console with no great games to play at all! You fight for something that truly offers you so little. You do know that Xbox is at it’s end now right?? It also failed with not choosing to give you first party AAA games and exclusive’s. Your Shitbox is all buff with a tiny dick 💪😂👌

  • WhoDarestheMAN gamer

    Native 4k sony bitches!Eat your shitty 1440p

  • Segasonic91

    Is this a MS channel? Seems awfully biased to the X.Before the youtube filth start commenting, I own everything

  • Toasty #4029

    I seen a lot of comments from the past from people that like the ps4 saying we have the better graphics and all, but some of them changed their argument to we have exclusives and graphics don't matter. It's weird seeing the change of heart. I play on PC and the only downside of having one atm is the expensive gpu's. Plus I'm Canadian prices are higher here.

  • Jerry Singh

    Will always prefer playstation because of its exclusives.😉

  • Robert

    You can't go into comments section anymore without xbot fanboys.

  • Game Time

    Why only show ps4 pro 60 FPS mode?

  • XVeXv God

    👑❌1️⃣❌👑 is king console ‼️💪🏾‼️💪🏾

  • Erik Jimenez

    Time to go buy a $500 Xbox! Just need to keep my fingers crossed and hope a good game actually comes out.

  • Game Time

    Why only show pro 60 FPS mode? And the only difference is the ps4 pro 60 FPS mode and the Xbox one x resolution mode, which I would hope to God there would be a difference. And I’d rather play on the 60 FPS mode anyway. Lmfao This channel and it’s fans wank the fuck out of one x. And I’m going to buy one, I just hate the faggots who say pro sucks... it doesn’t... if you could afford both you would have both... God of War looks better anyway...

  • Jose Morales

    Keep in mind I own all systems including PC so I have to say that ....YOU ARE ALL FUCKING IDIOTS!!!!! SHEEPLE infact, I can’t believe in this day and age you people are still arguing over which system is better instead of realizing that a good game is a good game no matter where it comes from, and if your personal preference is an Xbox, PC, PlayStation or Nintendo..... why the fuck would I care what you spend your money on? Why the fuck would you care what the next guy spends his money on? And why the fuck would you want to watch someone play a video game instead of playing it for yourself? There are pros and cons to each system, be it resolution, graphics, aesthetics, portability/convenience and any other comparison you want to throw in there. This is our hobby, passion, life even, so again wtf do you care? If the debate was healthy then I am all for it, but you have grown men acting like children saying “nuh uh mine is better” ....... way to have a mind of your own, you fucking Sheeple!

  • MrNinjaGaming

    I thought hellblade was a ps4 exclusive

  • Mr Glass

    Everything looks and runs best on the X

  • gakay79

    Shhh, they are coming. Ps4 fanboys.

  • NPC#4332123

    I already played this game. Im not going to play it again because its a little better now on the xbox one x

  • saba1978

    differences are so small that I don't even care about it. Do u really notice that much or is it you tube that can't show me difference

  • Zakura Blade

    They can add all this updates to the pro as well. Monster hunter does it and so do a lot of other games but i guess you need to offer some sort of gimmick to get ppl to buy it on xbox and this being it hhhrrrrdrrrrr it looks a, bit better buy our game so you can brag that it looks, better on a newer console that's 100$ more drrrrurree

  • alphaj9

    Looks the same to me. Is frame rate mode running 1080 or 1440?

  • NPC#4332123

    Good looking walking simulator with extremely repetitive combat.

  • Geoffrey Lopin

    Le comparatif de la photo de Hellblade et pour moi Pareil !....

  • ICZERZERO 3000


  • Leonard Rey Barba

    God of war will definitely be better on the Xbox one x. Rip ps4.

  • ranat22

    this looks better than god of war 4

  • DeAndre Haynes

    Bought it on the X over my Pro. Game runs and looks damn good

  • Ronin Siegel

    idgaf about exclusives I can play games that support both consoles and i'd choose xbox one x

  • Gamram

    why do people even bother getting ps4's it looks like shit

  • James Shawn

    anyones thought on this game when I get my x back im thinking of getting this with red dead redemption 2

  • micah Kiker

    I will get it and play it on both the pro and X and see the difference but I collect games I never own only one system I like them all.

  • Kratos

    Man, I feel sorry for the XBone fanboys trying to validate their emotion for lack of exclusives with these late port games that has nothing but tiny difference in visual. Sure, The XBone is powerful, but why does it matter if you have no good exclusives to sell?

  • Grant Barbour

    Not trying to hate or anything but honestly... Xbox is stronger and if xbox had all the games ps4 had then there would be no reason to buy a ps4. But that's not the case I haven't been keeping up with the cinsole war or whatever but I bought played and loved a lot of games over the past couple years and didn't even notice, or sometimes forgot they were exclusive. My friend that loves dark souls can't play nioh or bloodborne. I completely forgot that nioh and persona were exclusive. Looking back on my library so many of my favorite games can only be played on ps4's inferior hardware. That is why I play ps4. A game looking better is not gonna change that games playtime and will affect the experience so minimally that it's negligable. I was thinking about buying an xbox until I heard sea of thieves flopped hard

  • António Monteiro

    so, basically xbox x destroys ps4 pro. RIP

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