Wolfenstein II - RX Vega 64 - 3840x2160 - Uber Settings Mission 1

Max Settings (Uber Shadows + Image Streaming)

Gameplay starts at 0:50

Wolfenstein II - Vulkan
3840x2160 Uber Settings
Ryzen 1800X @4.075Ghz SMT Enabled
RX Vega 64 AIO @1762/1100Mhz
Asus Crosshair VI Hero 1701 Bios
4x8GB GSkill DDR4 3200Mhz 14-14-14-34-1-48 GD
Crimson 17.11.1
HBCC Enabled 11.7GB
Elagto HD 60 S @40Mbps
  • Anima a

    AHAAHA gogogo AMD fucked the 1080ti Hard on this one :D i vote team red ! competition is good. Btw have any of you noticed that AMD actually renders better looking colors ? i dare u to test it

  • Abiola o

    If only every game ran like this

  • dylan .dog

    you have about 10-15 frame over 1080ti at this resolution

  • Mark Davenport Jr

    Nice! Vega 64 is looking better every day! Just wish the aib partners would gives us a eta on their cards to launch on sites like amazon newegg etc. I would love to get a custom vega 64. :)

  • freak777power

    Vega 64 is actually better video card than Nvidia 1080 ti

  • Arcade Party

    Game play seems a little smoother on the 1080ti, looks too perfect with vega64.

  • Shido8

    pls also test ac origins, I wonder on how will it perform since amd cards struggle on ubisoft games

  • Minh Tuan Vu

    Would you pls make a new one in Manhattan?

  • Matt B

    Comparison to GTX 1080TI https://youtu.be/SYWzO2mDP5k?t=16m13s

  • giantmonkey101

    Well they updated Wolfenstein II and its even faster on Vega 64 now.....

  • iBoolGuy

    remember my problems with my two Vega 64's, Matt? well, recently as you may have noticed, AMD released 17.11.1, with the first two release notices addressing my issue of crazy crashes. Clean uninstalled my drivers, tried the new driver, same issues.So I decided to try a 1060 3GB which I got for a friend, and everything worked ABSOLUTELY FLAWLESSLY first try, like, everything went absolutely perfect... :/ I just don't get it.. to think the cards are defective just doesn't make any sense, I have bought TWO cards, and trying them both separately gives me the exact same results. Plus, the RX 480 I had like 6 months ago, was giving me those exact problems I'm having right now, and I ended up returning it thinking it was defective.I'm just at this point thinking, how long is gonna take AMD to get their shit together? 😔

  • HarDc0_0rE

    BTW, can u tell which in game monitoring App are u using??

  • BuGGzLoVeR's Tech

    That's some epic performance Matt B, 4K 100 FPS AVG.VEGA really does shine when using the Vulkan API.

  • DØZE12K

    bro go to bios and enable XMP for use 3200mhz !!! great video bro

  • paalo sordoni

    Wolfenstein II really loves Vega, just a shame in some games its not so good such as Rise of the tomb raider and gta 5, nice video,what do you think of Vega 64 in crossfire? worth it or not?

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