Queen Naija- Medicine (Lyrics)

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Lyrics: Queen Naija-Medicine
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  • Avoylous & Dona Nover

    she is fine as hell bro you mess up bad,real bad

  • Aryanah Pavia

    I love. This. Song 😍

  • Cookies r good RAD


  • Tamia Williams

    I heard queen is a colorist

  • Latreice Washington

    I'm sorry I didn't see any of these rooms and suites in the morning to you soon to

  • Steven Mai

    Reminicent of Ciara - Like A Boy

  • Breanda Pearson

    2018 and still listen

  • Rishina Blount

    Ok then I'll be there in about a year ago I was wondering

  • Candace Beamer

    Queen. 😍😍😍is. My. Sister

  • Robbin Daniel

    I'minThanks, loo

  • Petty Hub

    follow me on instagram @_pettyhub❤https://www.instagram.com/_pettyhub/

  • shapegood 32

    Sounds similar to Ann marie - Handle It

  • Julia Simmons

    I love your music I listen too it ever day

  • Heidi McDonald

    I wish I was that thicc 😭

  • Devan Colson

    Queen I love this song you killed it

  • ApolloBeatz

    does anyone know were does the sample come from??

  • Zyana Nation

    Chris cheated .....okay there us more than 1 guy that cheats why hate... There is over 1 millon dudes who cheats including Chris

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