Little Big Town - Better Man

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Music video by Little Big Town performing Better Man. (C) 2016 Little Big Town, LLC under exclusive license to Capitol Records Nashville

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  • The Vick

    Love him...but he is a better man just not good enough

  • Time Strikes

    i just miss you and i just wish you heeyyyy a better girl :'(

  • June Hinman

    better whats that??

  • brigitte marie

    Man they take a long time to mature before they realize how to treat a woman

  • Kelly Greiser

    I finally kicked my drug addict boyfriend out after 2 and a half years. He has such potential. Now it's time to heal.

  • Brigitte Walton

    i love their music!!!!!!!!

  • Tania Graham

    Perfect song. I really do wish he were a better man. You could have been the one.

  • Michael Hatfield

    Matt Baby, we made it, and just in time!!! I love you Sweetman, Always and Forever, your Boo

  • Amanda Davis

    What loving a narcissist/ alcoholic feels like... So glad I got away from that abuse..7 years..

  • liz

    In life what we want isnt necessarily what we need. God removes from our lives what doesnt belong to take us to something greater.

  • Jeffry Jernigan

    Give me a chance if you are looking, I would love to be your better man. Hit me up....

  • Kevin Riley

    Yelling across the lake she just needs a better man lol

  • Sherry Carroll

    And I still miss you

  • Jodie Folds

    This song is literally about me and my ex. After 2 years together and being engaged for 1 year, he walked out on me and my 15 year old son after promising me the sun Moon and stars. During the last year, I suffered so much mental, emotional and verbal abuse. He would build me up by buying me things I'd love and then knocking me down by his actions and words. My son suffered from him verbal abuse as well and then would turn around and buy him things or play Xbox with him for hours like best friends. I was so brain washed. He used me for everything I could possibly give him. When i met him he literally had a few bags of clothes and nothing else.. he left with a trailer full of things and a vehicle that I helped get fixed and the tag legal.3 days after getting his truck, he was gone.. done... He has no idea how much I loved much this whole thing has hurt me...and even if he does, he doesn't care. My life and my son's life has been flipped upside down.. my heart is broken and It hurts so much...:( Back to the single life ...

  • Amos Ikner

    Why does it always have to be the man?

  • Molly Weigandt

    This song makes me cry so much

  • Lori s

    Narrasist lays here

  • Wallace Moore

    What if you were a better woman? Has anyone ever done that song???

  • Indigo Glow

    I’d never heard this song nor seen this video before and it made me cry. I’ve been there before a few times.😢

  • susan frye

    Hanging out dry clothes to stay busy sigh

  • Tracy Wilson

    Don't want to live without him... Only can wish he was a better man!!!

  • Dave Steele

    This song reminds me of my mum, when I was younger she made me promise her I would not be my father's son. I hope I'm a better man.

  • Sarah Carson

    The bravest thing I ever did was run 🏃🏾‍♀️💕🙋🏽‍♀️

  • Zachary Adkins

    i think we all could be better men and women! strive for good things

  • Amy Himmel

    I need to gain strength from this song!!

  • Willy Diesel


  • Texanleon

    Who's listening now in 2019?

  • Asha

    Hands down one of the best songs I’ve ever heard😍

  • Milissa Mackenzie

    I know my Mom just wished my dad would have been a better man.

  • Eric Schaefer

    Just heard this song for the first time a month ago...WOW! Beautiful and powerful. Be strong..

  • carl tucker jr

    Thank you my friends i feel better now = bless you with hugs

  • Timothy Nelson Jr

    .I'm not sure what the purpose of this song is.....but never use it to better yourself our for a reason to speak it to make it real....Meaning u can pray the wrong way

  • Kiri Ando

    How can I find that dark blue dress Karen is wearing?

  • Diana Chromey

    I love this site there are songs that touch the heart in a way you feel the word touch your heart ,,, just like the one a better man buy little big town that one really does touch my heart ,,, it help me when I wa as going true a bad brack up he would not live me alone and I found this site and that song and I sent it to him I felt good doing it,,, and he stopped ,,, I never ne was a song would get him to stop .

  • Airon Herman

    To follow her heart... or follow the easy path for security provided for her offspring? And due to the never-ending totally devoted, and unconditional love i still do have for her, even after choosing him.. I cudnt ever even bring it to my heart to hate.. in my heart it wud surely B wrong. But I can tell u this, this Lonesome dove may truly nvr fly again for his wings were truly broken from flight. But he can assure u, he looks back at the finest time in his entire life, and he knows he's nvr bin that happy in his life. And for the happiness in only heart woe filled memories. He still wishes he cud fly with her up high, far into the Heavens, maybe one day, is still yet to come~

  • Susan Moore

    When you let the wrong man have you totally and completely

  • justme Broken

    I wish I could just forget when it was magic, GOD Jerry why couldn't you have been a better man?

  • Tara Nepinak

    Reminds me of my sons father I miss him but he needs to be a better man......

  • Kenzie Ruehlen

    I can't hear anything how do u. Unmute it.

  • in search of stage.

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