Little Big Town - Better Man

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Music video by Little Big Town performing Better Man. (C) 2016 Little Big Town, LLC under exclusive license to Capitol Records Nashville

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  • Airon Herman

    I pray Her-man, treats her better than he does. Because that girl is the love if my life... the most important person I've ever met in my entire life. And the fact she told me she doesn't love me anymore doesn't matter. U see, emotions aren't on a off or on switch.. And u can't just turn them off. And u can't tell ur heart to feel any other way about such a person. Because it just does, like the spring of unconditional love that springs from the heart towards the significant other, way off in the distance, in person, or not. She's very real, and she still, and will always make me the happiest person to have ever did live. Threw God, she gave me glimpses of my own perfect Heaven. And it was beautiful at such a magnitude it did bring tears of total happiness in my very own eyes~

  • don't blame me

    Nashville surprise song!!

  • Tj Bullock

    God this song just really hits that spot. Not the song to listen to drunk unless you're trying to get a good cry in.

  • SK the Swiftie

    Speak Now vibes!!?? Anyone else. Like a Dear John 2.0!

  • Dee M

    Sometimes friends and family can damage relationships.

  • payton snyder

    I can relate to this song my boyfriend (ex boyfriend) treated me like I was just some other useless girl so I broke up with him and now I'm just wishing he treated me better. 😢

  • madalena coronado

    This song is helping me get through such a tough time. My husband served me divorce papers at work yesterday. I know I'm better off alone. Such a toxic, abusive relationship.

  • Kelsey Parker

    1:19 that boy gave Kimberly a hug? How sweet!!

  • Autumn Gray

    I love this one I feel you girl

  • Meetcha2nite

    Why would Taylor Swift write such an amazing and beautiful song and just give it away ? I'm totally confused WTF is going on here, can someone please explain and make some kinda sense of it all... thank you

  • Kelly Greiser

    Guys suck. Been through much in my life. When is it my turn?

  • vivas4

    to my ex best friend who took advantage of my open-hearted nature.

  • lisacheyenne100

    Who’s here since Taylor sang this as the surprise song in Nashville?

  • Kurt Russel

    I think played this a hundred times when i was going through my last break up. Good times. Lol

  • JavitaSwift

    Pero es que te extraño demasiado... Y te di lo mejor de mi, y sabes que no puedes decir lo mismo... A veces te siento abrazandome, a veces cierro los ojos y miro tus ojos tu sonrisa, no sabes como amo tú sonrisa...

  • Amie Stuart

    "Better Man" is my favorite song off of their "The Breaker" album and it is also track 7 off that album.

  • Angel Mccool

    I listen to this all the time, I gave him the best I could, went through a lot I just miss him but wish he was better man, I might be better off by myself with my daughter Grace ❤ thanks 4 writing and singing so good #1 fan

  • Laila Wright

    I love this song it reminds me of my dad

  • UFC Central

    I only wish I knew the meaning of this song before it was to late.. I’m sorry.. I miss you and I still love you and I always will..

  • Teresa Frank

    Couldn't have said it better myself

  • Jon Wade

    This song is all me. She used to play it when we were together and i was blind to how i had treated her. If only i had another chance to be a better man to the love of my life. Xxx jw

  • Purple Yoda

    this song hits hard! I Always sing it "If I was a better man"

  • Michelle Knight

    ugh my life for the past 7 years

  • Gregg Webb

    I wish you were a better woman..

  • Nicholas Hurd

    Heard this song for the first time while in prison. Fairly soul crushing at the time, I wish I had been a better man, lost two different women who I loved dearly do to my own behavior, couldn't get my shit together for the first one and couldn't let go of the past for the second, since then I've just been a revolving door of fuck buddies and short term flings, I'm fairly sure I'm broken and can't be fixed, I just want to stop trying because I seem to just hurt people by either not having the feelings they want me too or by not being able to be the man they need me too, whatever bone or gland people have that makes them act right I was born without it.

  • Brad D

    I could like them if they weren't queer lovers!

  • Poot

    Wtf this isnt Pearl Jam

  • dbm idsb

    Taylor Swift as the songwriter💞

  • John Boyd

    I want her dress love the song also 4 sure

  • Chase Your Dreams

    This is such a beautiful and powerful song 😊 it proves what an amazing songwriter Taylor is and how she’s able to bring so much emotion to her songs. And giving it to little big town was such a great decision, this song fits them perfectly 😄Ps: I did a cover of it on my channel if you wanna maybe check it out

  • Jordan blank

    aint got shit against Eddie Vedder

  • Diana

    How 1derfull song...♡~♡ ☆!

  • saroj dangal

    Its the secret song ////////////////

  • Diana

    I like it so much,but Taylor sings it better (....the best way)☆! ♡~♡

  • Glen Woodrum

    They should remix this to say "better woman" not every failed relationship is a guys fault.

  • Kevin Randle

    This video makes no sense to meaning of this song .

  • Alice Fleming

    Love This Song. Love Karen's Voice.

  • Stevie Michelle

    These lyrics make sooo much sense to me right now. ❤️ Such a deep song.

  • Tanisa Yahya

    Little Big Town did it better than Taylor could have.

  • Redwan Hossen

    I Miss You Alfaris Roqiya.

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