Entire Halo Story in 3 Minutes (Halo Animation)

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Entire Halo Story in 3 Minutes (Halo Animation)

We've squeezed all the story of all the Halo games into 3 minutes.

Ricky St Jones (SmashBits)
AJ BC (Dark Light Productions)
Ricky St Jones as Narrator

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  • Zacimus the master Shooter

    This was a good one😎

  • somethingawful100

    All this old human civilization bullshit is so dumb.

  • Death Panda

    where does 5 fit in this?

  • Hyper goner

    That's only halo 1

  • Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    Well, that cleared up a lot actually.

  • Nihaal Sandim

    This really does not makes sense ....first forerunners defeat literal god's and go to war with human .....humans fight flood as well as forerunners and can actually defeat flood but the forerunners defeat the humans but cannot defeat the flood

  • Wabefuhon

    Excluding 343 management of the series.

  • Jesse Collins

    The moral of halo is definitely Christianity along with Christian Judeo values and all of Western culture is morally right wall islamic cultures and their religion is evil

  • stormcloak X

    actually it was 3:07

  • Isaiah George

    Technically this is a failure since they forgot halo 4 which was released three years before this video

  • Evendur13

    So basically in Halo... never trust aliens


    How are the humans directly related to the forerunners?

  • Echo Loco

    The war happened because the humans refused to hand over their Forerunner relics. This is just common knowledge of Halo fans dude.

  • Sp1ce Gurl

    Haahahahahhahahahahahaaha years I have wasted on this game to now be explained in a mere amount of minuets is this what depression feels like?

  • LifeSaber

    Sanghelios Civil War

  • Andrew878D

    I just had a GENIUS creative idea for the future story of Halo. What if in the future, the main goal/objective is to light ALL the Halo's because the flood is spreading again. Once all Halo's are activated, it ends with the DNA samples success, thus having new life start again. This is starting to seem like a loop, like the matrix.

  • Chase Pavlik

    I got an add for battlefield 5.

  • Pom

    I'd just like to point out that this was made a month after halo 5 came out, despite it not including Halo 5, Halo 4, or Halo: Reach which were all pivotal moments in the story.

  • Tyler Singleton

    So in the end the Forerunners did a pretty good job as guardians of life.

  • Jake Drought

    Even though I'm been a huge Halo fan since the beginning, I learned some new things from your video! Thanks

  • Master Chef

    Wow you didn’t even say the words “Master Chief” once, as a matter of fact you didn’t say a single characters name once. And somehow you left everything that happens actually in the games either out of order or completely left out.

  • Rapture98

    this is not the original story

  • Cloud10

    So this is what was going on in those games! lol I really had no idea besids the main points of the rings being an ancient alien races technology. That they were to wipe out all life to stop feeding the flood, and that the flood were some zombie like species that just wanted to kill every life form. Other than that I had no idea what was going on in these games besides kill these aliens and find this part of the thing to activate the other thing to stop bad things from going down XD. I also knew the elites teamed up with the humans after figuring out the prophets lied, but couldn't really figure out what they lied about, I originally thought it was just about the halo rings and how the prophets knew what the halo rings did and stil wanted to go ahead and wipe out all life. So what is going on in the new games? Halo 4 and halo 5? I haven't played 5 yet, but in 4 weren't you fighting forerunners again? So flood is dead, covenant dismantled, and now forerunners are coming back to fight once more? Is that what's going on? I must not be paying attention in these games, or have spent too many years inbetween to remember, either that or most of this information is not coming from the games but from other sources like books and stuff. Anyways still a cool game series and some great online memories, especially with Halo 2! Really miss the endings of the games when you had to rush out of the exploding place on a warthog though! I know it may have been repetitive, but it always felt so epic and cool to outrun the explosion and dodge parts of the falling planet before you fell in and died

  • spikedpsycho

    Scientology in a nut shell, without the volcanos and hydrogren bombs

  • Rodrigo Zamora

    Has anyone ever noticed that Halo's story is very similar to Star Wars? Like "a long time ago in a galaxy far away..." Star Wars does take place in the distant past, what if the Star Wars universe collieded with the Forerunner universe?

  • Loris Fourate

    In Germany we got a Song about the Gameplay story. It's called Dame-King of the Hill

  • Zac Dragon

    so basically the forerunners are the cause of EVERYTHING!!!

  • Marlondaydreams

    All that story packed in a convenient 3 minutes...nice

  • Zenpai mN

    Plot twist Nightmare awakened

  • boogabuga

    How come the halo at the end of Halo 3 didn't kill everything?

  • Slime Lich

    Actually the prophets did know only the main three knew the real reason of the rings

  • GianfrancoGreen

    No one man should hold this much knowledge..

  • Oso 11

    no mention of mendicant ?

  • Simple-Commentator-not-really

    You made it sound like this series would do fine without Master Chief or Cortana

  • Chewy Suarez

    People freaking about what’s canon or not... it’s a game. I don’t care what’s canon or not, it’s a game where you shoot aliens. It’s really that simple.

  • DarthBen6076

    Also the humans attacked the Forerunners because there world's had been infected and they didn't even realize it

  • Drift

    Why is chief good at everythingTo answer your questionhe is the legend27...

  • Task force 141

    Arcade cloud:Recruit other species Me: enslave other species

  • litprism

    Then the flood engulfs everything and the rings are activated again.

  • Alienheadhunter

    Most of this was kinda inacurate

  • Ice Flame

    Plot Twist: Everyone that was killed from Thanos’ ginger snap comes back in Avengers 4 but as Flood infection forms.

  • musiclover

    Anyone else got terrified and still is when playing the part you fight the flood?

  • Paul Giovanni

    wohat about the rest of the halos? with cortana and stuff. This goes up to halo 3. but good job capturing the history behind the foreunners, "precursors", humans, covenant etc. I never understand the full relationship. why are there so many spartans in halo 4 and beyond. I don't understand a lot of thigns still :(

  • Liborio Villalobos

    K, I like it but some things were wrong like how the mantle was past to the humans, it was still the forerunner's, it's just that the precursors died, and turned the dust into the flood as a final test of mantle dominance obviously they failed by eradicating all life, and the reason why the Covenant attached the humans was because in ancient ruins they read about how much the forerunners hated humans and wanted them gone so the Covenant wanted them gone as well.

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