Entire Halo Story in 3 Minutes (Halo Animation)

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Entire Halo Story in 3 Minutes (Halo Animation)

We've squeezed all the story of all the Halo games into 3 minutes.

Ricky St Jones (SmashBits)
AJ BC (Dark Light Productions)
Ricky St Jones as Narrator

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  • Oso 11

    no mention of mendicant ?

  • Fortified Mentality

    These are awesome. Can't wait to watch your Mass Effect video.

  • Master Chief117

    This guys wrong. The war started cause master chief blew up a covenant ship that the humans came across thinking it was going to attack. And the covenant fought back and then the war started it's in one of the halo books get you facts right.

  • Rodrigo Zamora

    Has anyone ever noticed that Halo's story is very similar to Star Wars? Like "a long time ago in a galaxy far away..." Star Wars does take place in the distant past, what if the Star Wars universe collieded with the Forerunner universe?

  • Clorox Bleach me baby

    Haahahahahhahahahahahaaha years I have wasted on this game to now be explained in a mere amount of minuets is this what depression feels like?

  • Isaiah George

    Technically this is a failure since they forgot halo 4 which was released three years before this video

  • Isaac Fraser

    Wow the forerunners are assholes lol

  • Franco Riquelme

    I’ve been playing halo since the first one and I just now understood what was really happening the whole time 😂

  • aaasnwbordr

    Boy, that is some confusing stuff... No wonder I coudn''t follow the story to begin with.

  • W.D Chaotic

    So basically the forerunner started it all...

  • Steven Crummett

    What’s the piece of music at 2:00?

  • Jesse Collins

    The moral of halo is definitely Christianity along with Christian Judeo values and all of Western culture is morally right wall islamic cultures and their religion is evil

  • Echo Loco

    The war happened because the humans refused to hand over their Forerunner relics. This is just common knowledge of Halo fans dude.

  • Liam Siskar

    The war of beginnings?

  • Watcher08121 345

    Love that elite doing his math and figuring out that the prophets are liars! xD!!

  • Andrew Carr

    I was hoping for an explanation of the story of the actual games lmao.

  • Ajax Malokimby

    Play halo 2 w me on xbox

  • The Blue Man

    The flood will flood your dams

  • Tyler Singleton

    So in the end the Forerunners did a pretty good job as guardians of life.


    How are the humans directly related to the forerunners?

  • Wabefuhon

    Excluding 343 management of the series.

  • Marlondaydreams

    All that story packed in a convenient 3 minutes...nice

  • Andrew878D

    I just had a GENIUS creative idea for the future story of Halo. What if in the future, the main goal/objective is to light ALL the Halo's because the flood is spreading again. Once all Halo's are activated, it ends with the DNA samples success, thus having new life start again. This is starting to seem like a loop, like the matrix.

  • francis francis

    So Master Chief became Obi Wan Kenobi, went to tatooine and discovered a forerunner Pokémon? Awesome!

  • catdogfishcake

    so much better than destiny's 'story'.....

  • crushers 999

    The full storyThe precursors give the mantel of responsibility to the forerunners but its ends up with the humans , the precursors turn their bodies into dust so they , in the future , come back turn to life but end up becoming the flood. The deidact tries to make the forerunner knights but the librarian stops that from happening , the flood form from the dust the precursors left behind, the forerunners make the halo rings , the forerunners fight the flood but fail, the forerunners are wiped out , humanity flourishes after the battle with the forerunners. The unsc forms. Doctor halsy , a unsc scientist, finds a kid named john , from there she makes the spartan program and turns john and other kids how make it through the program, a spartan mark 1, then the coveant form and the elites are the first to join , then they recruit these speices in this order, the brutes, the jackels, the grunts , they tame the legolo , then finally the drones , then the covenant find humanity, the prophets, realizing that the humans are the precursors, declare war on humaity , the elites wounder why the prophets are declaring war on humanity , the human-coveant war begins , the spirt of fire fights the coveant on a human populated planet and succeed, then the fight for reach began and ends up with reach being glassed, and the lose of noble team. Then the coveant and humans find a halo ring , where they find the flood , the halo ring fires but ends up exploding , and the covenant finds earth, then the second halo ring is found and the fued between the brutes and the elites reachs its high point and the coveant basically dispandes the flood returns on the second halo ring and takea over high charity and humanity and the elites finds out that there is 7 more halo rings, humanity teams up to kill the flood and the rest of the covenant, the treaty between the elites and humanity is broken and a new leader jul madam forms a new covenant , both the covenant and humanity finds requirem where the diedact is awoken, humanity defeats the diedact and the master chief , thought to be dead is found on reqiurem, the war between humanity and the new covenant continues. A a.i known as cortana , also thought to be dead , is found by blue team , a group of spartan 2s including master chief , cortana finds and now controls the gurdians and threatens the galaxy with death if they dont give up they're weapons and exceapt peace and apreantly the grunts already axcept cortanas terms

  • Slime Lich

    Actually the prophets did know only the main three knew the real reason of the rings

  • Turretguy

    thats where we think the timeline ends as well

  • Loris Fourate

    In Germany we got a Song about the Gameplay story. It's called Dame-King of the Hill

  • Norlanth Tiemeth

    Mmmm, halo 5 has been out for some time even when this video was made...

  • Plz don’t leave me Ok

    I would hate to be the Forunner that had to put all the DNA in storage.

  • BlueFireFox

    Entire story...really...

  • Marcus Von Ahn

    I'd just like to point out that this was made a month after halo 5 came out, despite it not including Halo 5, Halo 4, or Halo: Reach which were all pivotal moments in the story.

  • Nitin Raj

    ooohh man I have never seen such a great animation before. Nice animation video 10/10 and explains the story too. Plz make more videos like this 😀👍👍👍

  • Sergeant Johnson

    they discover the humans first

  • AmuletScarletノ🌟💜

    Was good but you jumped Walo Wars, from Halo 2 until Halo 5 D:

  • Casey Yates

    They didn't just detonate a ring. They detonated the remade Halo ring installation 04 that master chief destroyed in Halo CE, but wait there's more. It was coming out of the ark which is outside of the Galaxy completely. And the only way to get the ark is through earth, (hence why prophet of regret came to earth in Halo 2, but was surprised that it was the human home world and didn't have have the right amount of fleet with him so they retreated and you follow him, to arrive at Halo ring installation 05.) Besides that, they were outside of the Galaxy and the flood followed to this place, but Master Chief fires the unfinished remade Halo ring and it destroys the ark and the flood goes down with it. That's the real ending. Thank you bungie for the great story. Wtf 343. Amirite?

  • Paul Giovanni

    wohat about the rest of the halos? with cortana and stuff. This goes up to halo 3. but good job capturing the history behind the foreunners, "precursors", humans, covenant etc. I never understand the full relationship. why are there so many spartans in halo 4 and beyond. I don't understand a lot of thigns still :(

  • Puerto Rican/Texas Ball

    Did you know the San shayuum and humans were once Teaming up against the forerunners but then the San shayuum Betrayed humanity and after humanity lost the war Humanity was forced back to their planet Earth amd all knowledge is erased of fhe humans former glory which is why parts of the game take place BCE

  • stormcloak X

    actually it was 3:07

  • TGW 47

    Wonder how Halo 6 is gonna be

  • GianfrancoGreen

    No one man should hold this much knowledge..

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