Julia Michaels - Heaven

Heaven (From Fifty Shades Freed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) / Official Video)
Song available on the Fifty Shades Freed Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Fifty Shades Freed, in theaters February 9.
Watch the trailer, and book tickets now: http://unvrs.al/FSFTix

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Directed by Sophie Muller
Produced by Grant Jue
For Wondros

Music video by Julia Michaels performing Heaven. © 2018 Universal Studios

  • Sweetcakes 24

    Remember this was on the ice cream scene off of Fifty Shades Freed

  • emo girl

    The first guy looks like a full course meal GOT DAMN 😍

  • Carmen Quintana

    I love this songdudes come in the vidMe:damn nice ice cream

  • Vanessa Wanjiku

    Goood damn this video is too good

  • Mackenzie Rampley

    The one guy looked like mark the gamer aka markaplayer idk how to spell his name but oof

  • Johanna B

    All good boys go to heaven ...But bad boys bring heaven to u... omgg😭😭

  • The Doctor Of The Universe

    She looks great in black😍😍😍

  • Andrei Dragomir

    So in conclusion you mean that bad boys are better? Yeah i think you are totally right... I mean why not?! Its better to get beat and abandoned that to live with a good guy who just wants the best for both of you... I hate this kind of thinkink... And most of the girls think like this...

  • Mikey Smith

    I love his song so much

  • Aditi Lohakare

    Its End of 2018 and who's here?

  • Gezzele Titania

    those playful notes gives me LSS

  • M Carranco

    I dont know why this song gets to my feelz, i start to cry, and get so emotional GAH! Maybe bc I am lonley

  • lori wise

    Blonde guy with curly hair with cap on. my God ...Thats Heaven lol Im not dead yet..

  • Aestxetxxic

    All Good boys go back homeBut bad boys go to doctor phill..

  • Anoushka Ray

    The chorus line is beautiful ❤❤

  • Jimmie Jackson

    DHS and then 5482Rba

  • Sayori chan

    This whole video is so aesthetically pleasing.

  • Reschelle Cornell

    I really love this songgg!

  • Rosey Bunny

    i wish i was the ice cream ;)

  • Mohammed Siddique

    Automatic watches lief

  • ohlawd ohhlawwd

    Why did he do that bowl of fruit like that damn lol

  • shea teague

    That's just what they do

  • Galaxy

    Why do I love this song so much

  • cringe show

    Is it just me but does Julia's clothes remind me of the clothes they wear in houseki no kuni (land of the lustrous) (Yes i am a otaku)

  • Susan Sanchez

    My favorite part 1:04 😍😍

  • Penn Sharon

    Effortlessly classy

  • Precious Nicole

    " All good boys go to heaven but bad boys bring heaven to you " meansIts like the the bad boys give the good feeling to you they make you feel good and that good is heaven bad boys (christian) make ana feel good ;-; this is awkward xD yeah i think thats it i think :/

  • Serena Bi

    0:30 - 1:00 0:45 - 1:15

  • Leonard Fegard

    This song is so seducing😍🔥

  • Karan Arya

    Damn! This Jockey commercial was quite long.

  • MsQueenofallqueens1

    She should’ve put some chocolate dudes in this video with ice cream dripping down their abs ugh! 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  • Rucitaa PT Pamungkas

    Bad boys bring heaven to you. I think the heaven is a pleasure of uh hum idk lol

  • Vaeh 23

    My name is nevaeh and I go by vaeh this song spelled backwards is my name 🖤😱

  • Breah Potter

    the ice creams a turn on

  • Lingon Berryschnorrer

    2:53 when she doesn't make sandwich.

  • V Kost

    this song is about Hardin Scott

  • Meera Krishna

    this song has got me hooked 🤩

  • lori wise

    Playing this at my Funeral...

  • Mandy Davis

    ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤julia micheals no words killed it as. Usual such a beautiful song u r sp talented loveee u !!!!!!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤😍😍😍😍❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  • Mytop5 ways

    Johnny sins or Mr grey who is better?

  • Argie Cooler

    Goodboys like me like this video upsidedown.

  • Kavita Kumari

    Looks like alexa vega

  • Mohammed Siddique

    1 sahi 99 JHOOTHADEES

  • Anoushka Ray

    The chorus line is beautiful ❤❤

  • x.x løvelyx.x

    This is one of those videos you have to watch twice ( or about 24943853925829 times in my case ), a couple times for her voice, the rest for the guys ;)

  • Agustina Palacios

    Que alguien me deje el nombre de todos los hombres que aparecen

  • shea teague

    I would do it again too :)

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