Julia Michaels - Heaven

Heaven (From Fifty Shades Freed (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) / Official Video)
Song available on the Fifty Shades Freed Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Fifty Shades Freed, in theaters February 9.
Watch the trailer, and book tickets now: http://unvrs.al/FSFTix

Keep up with Julia

Directed by Sophie Muller
Produced by Grant Jue
For Wondros

Music video by Julia Michaels performing Heaven. © 2018 Universal Studios

  • AashiquiDevi

    This could be the sexiest ad for ice cream🍦🍦 😂😂😂😍😍😍

  • AiLoveBeauty

    Wow.. Do i have to listen to this 1000000 times a day.. God its so addicting 😍😍😍

  • Roxanne Barber

    Shes a mix between Drew Barrymore and Ke$ha looks wise

  • Isabel Tilao 071258

    It feels like a song from a Sex Dungeon haha anyway its a great song.

  • Annabeth Chase

    Forget the male supermodels, I'm more interested in how hot Julia looks in that suit

  • My Love Of Toys- Ja'net Grant

    I Love Her Gap In Her Teeth It's So Pretty And Just So Cute! 💖💖💖

  • Rehaan Aamir

    Im a Bad boy, and I get so much more girls than my Goodie Good Friends....I mean my League is Like very high! HAIL BAD BOYS!!!!

  • Mia

    The first guy is f*****g Hot !!!!I want him so bad

  • Aimee •

    Why do they need all that ice cream? They'll be fineee!! I need that ice cream so I can eat it while crying/complaining about being single.

  • astrid septyanna

    Bad boys bring heaven to ya.. 😍✨

  • Brittany Perry

    I dont know about yall, but the way that last guy jumps on the table and then throws them flowers on the table made me feel some type of way...

  • ahmad hala

    This song sounds like heaven

  • j j

    Omfg i wonder if she wrote this one specifically for the film. Lyrics are spot on as fuck

  • Mz_BongBai

    Ooooh she got Mariah's and Naya's man up in there

  • Arriella Aylin A.A. Rucker

    This fucking music video is heaven

  • Moon Claw

    99%over her voice 2% ice cream 1% the song reminds them of another song by the beat

  • Yakuza Boss

    We have singers like Julia Michaels and Dua Lipa now, music is in good hands again. Now we can be saved from Rihanna and Nicki Minaj

  • Marisah Stafford

    But I saw her performe this song before Maroon 5 performed

  • sammyjmuzik


  • Inima Djanna Farkas Istvan

    I hate 50 shades, but I like the song. Makes me think about this particular guy who was a paradise fuck but an infernal boyfriend. God bless your amazing cock

  • Infinity Ruler

    A guy listening to it and absolutely loving Is he turning gay 😂

  • I love LPS and and more Lps

    Bad boys bring heaven to you no need to imagine but that's what they do it's just what they do oooooooooooooo I still remember the recent we ment it's on a Natick but that's what they ya I love itttt!!!!!

  • astrid septyanna

    Dis song very hawttt and sexy!!! makes you feel good about yourself!!!!

  • Destanee B. Pets

    listen to this at least 40 times a day

  • Kakashai Sensai

    Just got my heart broken after 7 years when I had my first kiss I went back to my home town and connected with him he said he missed me and wanted to be a cute couple the next day he dating this girl so I’ve been heartbroken he was a bad boy to but his brother is so weird he asked me out so I might give him a chance 👌🏻😤😫

  • Kiah Bullen

    I love this song!😍💓💞💖👍

  • Fruita

    This took me months finding this song... i heard this on my radio and i loved it i searched some sor of medic instead of heaven XD

  • starxx18 wolf

    Whos here bc of tdc?

  • Natália Nazario

    Socorro nessa música, dá um tesaum 😂😂😂😂

  • yuki poch

    They all good voices go to heaven but her song bring heaven to you

  • Law Trafalgar

    This song is also suited for our love to Loki like wha---

  • BeaAndChelli Plays

    They say all good boys go to heaven but bad boys bring heaven to you Thats the most addicting part for me

  • Marisah Stafford

    No one realising the lyrics of the song I get it you’re voice is good but the lyrics for bad boys don’t bring haven to you girl .

  • Roy Flatter

    Ist das eine Süsse Powerfrau <3<3<3<3<3<3

  • A. Caroline T. S.

    This is such a bop and deserves more

  • gabri 9

    È la canzone di Lyon

  • yes im Asian ian no im not Chinese

    Does anybody know all of the male models names?

  • destiny emme

    I haven't heard this on the radio yet, what the he'll

  • Victoria Pawlaczek

    Ok, someone has been in a lot of sadness, WHERE IS THAT ICE CREAM COMING FROM?! EARTH TO ICE CREAM MAKER x-D

  • Shreyas Sinha

    Any Indian out here?Doesn't she look like Anushka Sharma?

  • Al Liyah

    This song is indescribable 😥😥😭😭😭. It's sexy and addictive in one

  • Honey Joyce

    my top 3 favorite from the fsf soundtrack 💞

  • amruta ghosalkar

    Keep it up Julia mam luv your voce

  • Sebastian Perez

    She's so Hot 🔥 🔥 🔥😍😍😍

  • Karen Sheppard

    Loved the movies andlove the song for many reasons!Thank You

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