Far Cry 5 | LAND OF THE FREE - HOME OF THE BRAVE! (First Look)

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  • Doomguy

    Immediately I no longer trust Cartoonz. If you don’t pick doggo than you’re crazy

  • Nick Dantzlerward

    The fishing is REALLY amazing looking.

  • Swirl

    where is the hitmakers

  • george kane

    Why did you pick the the dog delirious would be angry

  • potato

    Are you playing on ps4?

  • Oat Nobble

    I saw the other wolf in the water

  • Xxgrim_reaperxX

    I feel stupid 4 asking this but is farcry 5 a xbox exslusive

  • AnkouBRONN 89

    It has my name in it hint named after bread

  • MultiZhgaming

    I want Vanoss to play this game

  • Golden Tower

    why far cry 5 didnt have takedowns skills

  • GhostBlaster 234

    The Dog just wanted some fish

  • Salty Boi 99

    13:26 I like that they are not inverted cuz inverted sometimes makes me confused so good job Ubisoft!!!

  • Nick Poirier


  • Dwayne Thurman

    I wish the dog can get in the car

  • Toby Walsh

    can you make a birthday present like a far cry because it comes on 3.27

  • The Serpent Seedline

    Jews are turning the non-white "cattle" against the white "cattle". There is a good reason why Jews have been through out of more than 100 different countries and multiple time from some countries.

  • Corpral Megamage

    Can’t wait for this game but I also can’t fight the urge not to watch vids on it

  • Randy H

    Less commentary more game play..... LOL

  • razorman1977

    great video, I still remember when you and Delirious played Far Cry 4 on Co-op, that was some funny shit. Hopefully you'll team up for this one. Cheers.

  • SuperToaster Official

    Land of the home, brave of the free

  • The King

    Guys if you not resist Tell me what’s in far cry 5Because I pre older for ps4 now I have to wait 12 days Like u have to to eat so u liveAnd if u die u have to restart but I don’t think u have to restart if u dieBut if u have to eat so u be live I t

  • louie B

    Is cartoonz missing an eye in real life, and thats why sometimes he misses obvious things?

  • SuperHeavyXD

    I Think what happen at the end was he lost to much speed and the plane stalled xD

  • Braxton Jade

    I loved how he over killed the dog than used the meat as fish bait xD

  • the human potato

    :never pick anybody unless they have an airplane:CaRtOoNz 2017#great advice

  • Galaxy Man

    I feel like he is really not playing the game

  • Shi HiroTa

    this is why idont play on console, its hard to aim.

  • Defense Mechinsm

    What console are you on

  • Ajay Nickaboine

    Lol he want with grace and Nick but not bomer

  • William Grand

    I don’t like how you play as your own character and he doesn’t talk in the other games the guy you play as talks

  • Devyn Romine

    I’m sorry but he’s such a bad shot

  • Alexis Artal

    Hol on ur posing like negan from Twd with lucille like b ball bat

  • Austin Thorning

    Buddy ,Grace is a sniper, and sniper teams usually consists of two people, the sniper, that's Grace, and the spotter,that is you, basically what this means is you find the targets, then Grace shoots the targets on your command. I hope this helps you. P.S. I have not gotten the game yet. Drop a like if this helps anyone else that is out there watching this video, and reading this comment.

  • Silver The Mighty

    I can’t hear the caracter’s talking

  • Nathan Tremblay

    wildcat did it faster

  • Jonny Cash

    I'm watching caRtOoNz up in my room

  • Ryan Volk

    this looks so badass. cant wait to play

  • Frank Anderson

    Love the commentary. Great video.

  • I have no idea

    Pick the dog u no pick dog i unsub

  • Ty 4746

    That was a wolf 9:17😂😂

  • Ethan Vergara

    Who else was disappointed that he didn't boomerLike if I made you go back and see what the dogs name was

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