FAR CRY 5 BEST PLANE IN THE GAME LOCATION! Far Cry 5 Funny Moments & Fails!

Far Cry 5 best plane in the game, rare fighter plane location! Far Cry 5 new gameplay where we explore New County Montana! Far Cry 5 Funny Moments & Fails gameplay!


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  • Shelley McRae

    Best pilot in Montana best pilot in montana that titel belongs to me good sir ill have you now k beat jason seed on the first go

  • josh conner

    i just cant wait to get this game myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Make better VideosPlz

    The HIAL you doing rick

  • Jc Hunsbarger

    You will never ever. Run out of bowllits in the plane

  • parody account F.B.I

    I prefer the dog fighter

  • Venus Boy593

    I got this game free in my xbox one S package so glad i dont have to pay £50 for this game 😃😃😃


    I had this game for my birthday this year 22.08.18

  • C4

    all the fucken planes are the same they have the same weaponry it’s all just reskinned

  • DDRtheDOC

    Yep did this prepper mission and got the plane myself cept i did it in a downed enemy helicopter with alarms blaring it was just up the hill and still flew bearly lift of scrapping trees . So lucky me i knew about this plane and when i saw it in the hanger i was like SWEET! Im so glad they fixed hanger door bug.

  • Dillon Mason

    It's the red Baron

  • lXl Havoc lXl

    Everyone knows that "wildfire" is the best plane in the game

  • Troll Master

    you have a punchable face

  • Austin Abergido

    i think the developer of FARCRY really hates outposts😂😂LMAO

  • webefor jesus

    gosh i hate these GD's but this was only video i saw with all the planes

  • Ronald Metzelaars

    The game is amazing, but the guy sucks

  • Dann Snejbjerg Bartels

    god where you speak a lot

  • Mike Herpich

    There are better planes but the helicopters are the best for total devastation

  • Tyrannosaurus Potato

    It’s not the best tho. It’s literally a normal plane but red. I shouldn’t be surprised, this is a video by vadact, after all

  • Charlie Theroux

    Sooo satisfying to take down planes far far away with the ordinary grenade launcher (not the bazooka kind). Btw, that dude in the other plane is a chainsmoker called Cancerman.

  • Shaun none of your business

    When vadact see's a planeVadact: look at this beautiful creatureMe: laughing Okay then let me rub my pet planeThe disturbing noise of rubbing a red toy plane

  • Derrek Wilson

    This muthafka is really annoying!

  • Greg

    Why do all streamers have that incredibly annoying attitude. Commenting is great. Talking about nothing just to fill the silence is terrible. Try to separate yourself from the 99% of streamers

  • Doyle Saunders

    i think the plane is based off f an american p-51 mustang

  • Alkain Highwind

    You look like the father

  • Ville Blomqvist

    I think the pack hunter is a stuka

  • Albin Bergstrand

    i really like that they put in the engine starving of fuel while elevating those old planes. that was a known design fault with the american war planes durning ww2

  • Jack Layton

    I’ve already found the plane

  • X3R0 125

    Im better pilot ;) I even have Tom Cruise's jacket ;)

  • Wing Commander Buggles

    Looks like the Bolton Paul Defiant but with added forward armament.

  • unit 003

    good game, fun killing religious nutters!

  • Banzai

    Can I just say this game has some of the shittiest plane physics of any game I’ve ever played

  • Ville Blomqvist

    Some of the planes reminds me of the german stuka that was utsed in ww2 and maybe ww1

  • New chanter

    I have seen you somewhere else.

  • BlackKnight101

    I nailed that first time, so much so that I fricking well went straight through the skylight on my parachute. lol

  • Ditty Tron

    I was the first to play Far Cry 5And I got this lousy T-Shirt

  • Memed Abram

    Ur saying that’s the best plane but that’s also ur opinion

  • Dark Ultron

    how do you have you only got 277k when you would think this guy who try s his best. i would say you should have way more than that.

  • Chicken Strip McGee

    The Dogfighter is better though

  • גיא קינן

    8:00 thats what she said

  • Cobra Shark

    This game is so goooooooooooood

  • kane00777

    How does that help me that's not a space jet

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