FAR CRY 5 BEST PLANE IN THE GAME LOCATION! Far Cry 5 Funny Moments & Fails!

Far Cry 5 best plane in the game, rare fighter plane location! Far Cry 5 new gameplay where we explore New County Montana! Far Cry 5 Funny Moments & Fails gameplay!


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  • Wout Horsman

    Is it me or does the plane look like an il 2 sturmovik

  • Hajo Major

    Your voice is so annoying, please shut the fuck up

  • Jc Hunsbarger

    You will never ever. Run out of bowllits in the plane

  • Dann Snejbjerg Bartels

    god where you speak a lot


    Everyone knows that "wildfire" is the best plane in the game

  • Ville Blomqvist

    I think the pack hunter is a stuka

  • Derrek Wilson

    This muthafka is really annoying!

  • WheezinGeezerTV

    I've had too much trouble trying to figure out the wing suit, I always crash. So,... what I did was land a helicopter on the roof and drop down.

  • Troll Master

    you have a punchable face

  • NHWPK Canadian

    No wing suit yet... Much harder to perfect the landing lol

  • Mike Herpich

    There are better planes but the helicopters are the best for total devastation

  • parody account F.B.I

    I prefer the dog fighter

  • Ronald Metzelaars

    The game is amazing, but the guy sucks

  • Ville Blomqvist

    Some of the planes reminds me of the german stuka that was utsed in ww2 and maybe ww1

  • Venus Boy593

    I got this game free in my xbox one S package so glad i dont have to pay £50 for this game 😃😃😃

  • Gregory Kanniard

    Why do all streamers have that incredibly annoying attitude. Commenting is great. Talking about nothing just to fill the silence is terrible. Try to separate yourself from the 99% of streamers

  • Shaun none of your business

    When vadact see's a planeVadact: look at this beautiful creatureMe: laughing Okay then let me rub my pet planeThe disturbing noise of rubbing a red toy plane

  • Jude Burton

    It’s pronounced lands-down. Just for future but I don’t care, you were close

  • Albin Bergstrand

    i really like that they put in the engine starving of fuel while elevating those old planes. that was a known design fault with the american war planes durning ww2


    This game is so goooooooooooood

  • Dark Ultron

    how do you have you only got 277k when you would think this guy who try s his best. i would say you should have way more than that.

  • Make better VideosPlz

    The HIAL you doing rick

  • DDRtheDOC

    Yep did this prepper mission and got the plane myself cept i did it in a downed enemy helicopter with alarms blaring it was just up the hill and still flew bearly lift of scrapping trees . So lucky me i knew about this plane and when i saw it in the hanger i was like SWEET! Im so glad they fixed hanger door bug.

  • C4

    all the fucken planes are the same they have the same weaponry it’s all just reskinned

  • Chicken Strip McGee

    The Dogfighter is better though

  • Tyrannosaurus Potato

    It’s not the best tho. It’s literally a normal plane but red. I shouldn’t be surprised, this is a video by vadact, after all

  • Wing Commander Buggles

    Looks like the Bolton Paul Defiant but with added forward armament.

  • josh conner

    i just cant wait to get this game myself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Shark Abram subzero

    Ur saying that’s the best plane but that’s also ur opinion

  • King Burrito3

    Why do you look like Joseph Seed?

  • webefor jesus

    gosh i hate these GD's but this was only video i saw with all the planes

  • Carsen Negele

    I got that it,s amzing

  • Lucas Harris

    Smoak some dunk wedd

  • Charlie Theroux

    Sooo satisfying to take down planes far far away with the ordinary grenade launcher (not the bazooka kind). Btw, that dude in the other plane is a chainsmoker called Cancerman.

  • Banzai

    Can I just say this game has some of the shittiest plane physics of any game I’ve ever played

  • The YouTube Phantom Official

    I just parked a semi behind Jacob's hangar and climbed it. The exhaust stack was at the perfect height for me to balance on and reach the point where I could climb.

  • X3R0 125

    Im better pilot ;) I even have Tom Cruise's jacket ;)

  • Actual_ Alex

    Nick DID wave at you, by tipping his wings up and down slightly (Cool little detail, I must admit)

  • Shelley McRae

    Best pilot in Montana best pilot in montana that titel belongs to me good sir ill have you now k beat jason seed on the first go

  • BlackKnight101

    I nailed that first time, so much so that I fricking well went straight through the skylight on my parachute. lol

  • unit 003

    good game, fun killing religious nutters!

  • Jack Layton

    I’ve already found the plane

  • Alkain Highwind

    You look like the father

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