GPU Prices HAVE To Go Down now!

GPU prices should truly begin going down in the coming months thanks to new ASICs! Stay tuned...



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  • Combed Autumn

    Well analysts are all suggesting the new gpus around the corner from Nvidia are going to be more expensive than were used to so I wouldn't jump the gun just yet... I can see prices of currently available cards dropping but only because there's new ones around the corner and people are gonna hold out for them... When they release demand will likely be huge and prices will reflect that.. and that's on top of a higher RRP everyone's predicting

  • Luis Cuba

    The prices are starting to come down . We just have to be patient . I really want a 1080ti but I'm not paying $1000 for it. I'll keep on rocking my 1050ti and saving my money until I find the right deal.

  • YDS Gaming

    I hope that those prices drop within the next 2 months, July is the only time I can build a pc until next summer :(

  • damny0utoobe

    It's pronounced a-sicks

  • Rian P

    GPU prices goes down as the monster hunter is released on PC

  • Richard Green

    Screw amd and nvidia they are both guilty of keeping stock low to retailers for which we paid the price

  • Diamond xDragons

    Sad to see that a pre-built can now be cheaper than actually building your PC.

  • Sexual Lobster

    They won't that's just a fact sorry but not gonna happen even if mining stops happening once people realize how inflation works and how unstable Bitcoin is and magically stop mining the prices won't drop and even if they do they're gonna go back up now that another group of people are buying them again it's a self fulfilling prophecy an endless cycle.

  • Niels Hood

    I can only say, Jaaaaa!


    Prices won't ever go down. Everything the industry has done for the last 5 years has been to groom us to expect and accept the new pricing.

  • Bob Jones

    Are you ducking serious. Litteraly like 2 weeks ago I caved and bought a 1050ti for 360 aud. No the prices will come down ffs

  • Chris White

    So many people jumped on the Crypto Mining wagon spending a grand on a rig and then made like a dollar a day. Good ROI.

  • Heerrow Heerrow

    I hope bitcoin stock goes to zero.

  • Bob Bobson

    They're being hit from all sides? No. The demand is still there, and will be until everyone who has been waiting on an upgrade gets their card(s). Also, that's not how innovation works. How did Nvidia deal with AMD bringing their Vega cards to market? They just tinkered with what was already out to match their price point. That's it. There's no innovation there. If you think Nvidia doesn't already have their 1180 (or 2080 or whatever they decide to call it) already finalized, you're an idiot. We're in a period of refinement. They've already laid out plans for years to come, and it would take a LOT more than crypto tanking for them to give a single fuck about changing it. Remember, Nvidia, AMD, and AIBs aren't jacking the prices up. It's the resellers. Nvidia and AMD are making the same amount per card regardless of what crypto does. There's no reason to change what they've been doing, especially for Nvidia. How well were they doing before the crypto bubble? Exactly. Just fucking peachy. AMD wasn't doing too terrible considering they have the Apple and console markets. If every country in the world outlawed crypto today it'd make zero difference to Nvidia and AMD.

  • aleon1018 ?????????????????

  • Yow Mama

    When i checked out some online shops , i saw products from china/taiwan the gpu prices are back to normal, at least some of them.

  • Crimson Dawn

    I just want to ask a random question : if i order my pc parts from amazon how many days will it take for them to be delivered?

  • Ulquara

    Prices of gpu's won't go down at all until new line of gpu's is out.... Nvidia or AMD is not manufacturing current generation's of gpu's so until there is new line up the price's are going to be same.

  • dr fox _64k

    It will increase once more after it drops dew to every body getting 1 but if you jump on it will be cheper

  • Vaggelis Basoukas

    I HOPE THEY GET OUT OFF STOCK INSTANTLY !. Cause if they do it will be impossible for the majority of the miners to mine. The market will flud with used GPUs AND the regular consumers ARE NOT SUCKERS ANY MORE !!. They can negotiate very low prices for the used GPU's. GET READY TO F@@K the miners.

  • Blade

    Please hope that they stay up

  • Seneca

    ok, what the fuck are people mining here? magic air money? im confused cause this shit is so stupid

  • Eric Green Lav

    These retailers should be killed

  • TehJumpingJawa

    Definitely a lot more x-mining GPUs on eBay this week, though they're still dwarfed by the ridiculous numbers of fake GPUs from fraudulent Chinese sellers.

  • MacKillicutty

    While Im fine with my old 970 in my new build. I really want a 1080ti this is good news!

  • The Headshot Seeker

    I want my pc by june, can anyone give me an estimate of if you think thay will have gone down by that time?

  • Marco Silvestre

    hope the prices start droping before june

  • gamepilation

    congrats for 50k subs :)

  • MooseTracks

    I like how half of the views r miners seeing the price and waiting to piss us off again

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