RX VEGA 64 vs GTX 1080 Test in 7 Games

Radeon RX VEGA 64 vs Geforce GTX 1080 Test in 7 Games (i7 7700k)

The Witcher 3
Deus Ex Mankind Divided - 01:21
Rise of the Tomb Raider - 03:00
Grand Theft Auto V - 04:37
Battlefield 1 - 06:45
Project Cars - 08:14
Far Cry Primal - 09:10

Windows 10
Intel i7 7700k 4.4Ghz
RX VEGA 8Gb 1247/7560Mhz
GTX 1080 8gb 1607/10010Mhz
16Gb RAM 3200Mhz
  • laporan cheatpb

    amd never change.. watts hungger, hotter and poor driver

  • Munawar Shah Afridi

    Has someone noticed that JF-17 Block 4 at the beginning of showing GTA5?

  • Saasti

    I get the same results on witcher with my rx480

  • vj lockett

    1070ti makes both of these cards a bad choice, unless you're mining with the 64. For value I would say the only cards worth buying are the rx580 8gb/ gtx1060 6gb or the 1070ti if your budget is a bit higher.

  • Karen Najarro

    La gráfica que llevará la ps5 amd vega 64 personalizada


    Vega is such a big pile of SHIT. AMD is really disappointing...

  • Hawk Intelligence

    That 1080 gitter on the first game is annoying as shit. (witcher) :D . Then the snow and blow off on Tomb raider, clear difference. The Water differences is just crazy to look at. BF1 has more natural shading. No crazy bright spots and reflections. lol . Vega all the way.

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