Top 10 Strongest Characters In World of Warcraft

My top 10 strongest characters in the Warcraft universe. What are yours and why?
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In this video I list the strongest characters in World of Warcraft, from Elemetal Lords, to Titans, Sargeras and the Void Lords. Do keep in mind that these are my own personal opinions and speculations.

All of the footage used in the video is copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment unless stated otherwise.
  • Gabbin

    #1: Blizzard's nerf gun.

  • Atrin Tavakoli

    im sorry to say this but you really need to speak better english it was hard to understand

  • MR Moon

    11:56 Illidan powning Saggy for at least 10k years

  • N1KL0Z

    who would win? an ultra ancient daemon with infinite knowledge and power that has destroyed countless worlds or a io from dota 2? warcraft logic...

  • kawaii hitler

    and here i thought wow lore was ineresting... it is just a moshpit of diferent mythological pantheons, hp lovecrafts deities (even naming them old gods) and then just putting the generic fantasy setting with the whole light vs dark. although i do admit it still has a few interesting characters. none of those were on the list

  • mouglie2

    How is Illidan Stormrage not on here??!! But Death Wing is????? lol!! thats messed up

  • bananeskit

    Seems like no one knows the Arcane Mage Tjock. He lols through this video.

  • Vlada Sundic

    ilidan has beat xera and he is fighting vs sargeras right now... he is strongest character in the world of warcraft

  • DopestDope

    1 is blizzard, they created wow and made people get addicted to play cartoon box characters for 29.99 per month.

  • Stanley Ho

    Funny accent, pretty fun to listen to.

  • Rocket Fire

    What about The Lich King?

  • vojta paukrt

    ur acent makes me cry :D

  • Tyr

    Deathwing should be higher. At least above Archimonde and Kil’Jaeden. Also I think that it would take at least three Titan keepers to defeat him. Also in duel between him and Yog Saron Deathwing wins, so also stronger than old gods. So overall, I think Deathwing should be number 5.

  • Rabidkitty

    Wow, there's a lot to read.

  • Masih Khiri

    the day is coming close, as in BFA we might fight the void ;)

  • Marco Hernández

    2018, Battle for Azeroth. Azeroth was wounded by Sargeras himself, now is bleeding and we mortals gonna save the day once more.

  • Bj Larsen

    Who is the master and creator of Void Lords??? Most be one Baaaad MoFo!

  • Andrew Krause

    Clearly u didn't play Warcraft III illidan has mana burn

  • Iván Venter

    Number 1 should be Hogger

  • Spencer Beard

    Gather round children, it's story time with Zul'Jin.

  • Wombat Nipples

    Raidfinder is probably the strongest

  • Marek Štoss

    You forgot my paladin Yokozuna

  • gForces DETROIT

    Azeroth is the strongest as the years pass u will see that Azeroth will save the world from the destruction of voiflords by reviving every Titan that has died until now and together they will beat voidlords but I am afraid not once and for all

  • Faisal Nasser

    Ok, where the fuck is Elune? I think she should be number 2 on the list. U know, she was pretty much the reason why the legion failed on azeroth when they NEVER failed to conquer a planet before

  • destiny ting

    Wow! You guys know all of this like turning your own palms, while im here still listeNing to maive say "Illidan is out there somewhere"...

  • Lucian Andries

    Wasn't Sargeras who founded/created the Pantheons? And wasn't Aggramar the one who ripped that old god from the surface of Azeroth?I'm confused... Which source should I believe?? :(((

  • William Mekhjian

    rogue before burning crusade wtfpwned all.

  • James Clawson

    Hey guys I'm trying to trade my WoW gold/rare items/mounts/pets /weapons/mog for trading cards to start my own hobby shop. If you play on cenarius server reply to my comment so we can work something out!!!

  • Dio Vidi Putra

    Void lords? You mean Amon?

  • 猫我蜜糖

    Naaru are like obsessed and sadistic babysitters who stuff broccoli into people's noses.

  • Celtic CC Castle Clash

    Deathwing. 12/12 that destroys all minions but discards your hand. can be op or problematic

  • Kaiser von Autismus

    What's the name of the song at 0:03?

  • Don Killuminati

    so the final battle of wow will be azeroth vs void lords

  • Zero

    wait, what about adventurers? you know our playable characters

  • Kain Kage

    Very interesting,made my mind more clear about WOW characters and Illidan choices, he was rly smart and choosed strongest power in order to save the world on his own path....

  • Thành Lê

    did this Void Lord change his name into Enigma and join the forever 3-lanes battle of dota...

  • Gedas Gumuliauskas

    There most allways be a lich king!

  • AspectClip

    The real #1: The Goddess Elune

  • thegreeenbeast

    You forgot about Azshara. She is definitely more powerful than the elemental lords and arguably more powerful than deathwing. Remember she was on the level of Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden BEFORE she was powered up by N'zoth...

  • Turtle_TwisT

    just noticed the Naaru look like sentients from Warframe

  • andy hsu

    wait what? Pronounce Azeroth again

  • iRoyo

    What about Queen Azshara? Her powers are equal to Archimonde's.

  • Artas1984

    All of them are pathetic weaklings!!! If a Starcraft Hydralisk in Warcraft 3 has 700 HP and deals 80 - 120 damage, a Torasque Ultralisk would have 8000 HP and deal 600 DMG while an Infested Terran would do 5000 explosive suicide damage alone. Think about that for a sec!!!

  • Zane The Insane

    What would the Void Lords do if they accomplished their mission...? Since their only purpose is to destroy everything... And once that is done what are they gonna do?Play chess with each other?

  • Rafi Khan

    So Void lords are basically Enigmas?? owkay

  • Topias Isotalo

    Void lords? You mean the Typhon?

  • Goran Vla

    the true number one is the players

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