Top 10 Strongest Characters In World of Warcraft

My top 10 strongest characters in the Warcraft universe. What are yours and why?
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In this video I list the strongest characters in World of Warcraft, from Elemetal Lords, to Titans, Sargeras and the Void Lords. Do keep in mind that these are my own personal opinions and speculations.

All of the footage used in the video is copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment unless stated otherwise.
  • Varus Elajowon

    Why is the lich king not here?

  • Some Guy

    BS list, forgot about Leroy Jenkins, he easily one shots Void lords.

  • zamiryi

    hoary sheet - tha voice...thaaaa vooooooiiiiiicccce. Bro, get a vocal cord surgery

  • zixin zix

    murlock tiny fin is the best one

  • 猫我蜜糖

    Naaru are like obsessed and sadistic babysitters who stuff broccoli into people's noses.

  • Harald Selliseth

    Creatures of "immeasurable power" on a top 10 list. Congratulations, you played yourself.

  • uranfaggit

    Lol I always said Illidan is the strongest and now he defeated Sargerase xd!

  • GentlemanRogue Felz

    Very well made, however Sargeras was never defeated physically during his invasion of Azeroth during the War of the Ancients. He was hit once by Broxigar but he himself is far too powerful to be simply "defeated". No need for reincarnation for that big lad.

  • DrTheKay

    Discounting retcons, Malfurion was regarded as the strongest mortal in Warcraft at launch. That said, he was MIA in Classic.

  • Spaghetti & MeatBalls

    the strongest character in the game is a whelp

  • Jason Kirby

    "Number 1" Soy _ Boys

  • Levelord

    Yeah just wait for the another expansion where void lords will be "NOT THE REAL TREAT, AND THERE ARE EVEN MORE DARKER AND STRONGER EVIL CREATURES IN THE UNIVERSE"

  • maldark10123

    13:22 and that’s why he stabbed it...

  • Ken Reyes

    And at zero zone, Blizzard. Blizzard is an unknown entity that created the world of warcraft universe. It is said that blizzard if a jerk, creating void lords for fun :D.(joke 100%)

  • Stormshade

    Deathwing shouldve been 2 or 3

  • Jahaziel Reyes

    you sound like you're about to die

  • makenzie rosequist

    Given how WoW works, the strongest characters in the WoW universe would be US.  They player characters who have beaten everyone on this list.

  • Spencer Beard

    Gather round children, it's story time with Zul'Jin.

  • DeadNelo

    Okay here's a thought, void lords vs lovecraft universe.

  • Zerebrat Eightyseven

    the strongest character in warcraft ?the player of course , even death cant stop us ... when we "die" we simply run in ghostform back to our corpse and reappear

  • Rein Daddy

    Void lords are weak all it takes is a pyroblast

  • NueLo

    Nomi from legion kitchen should be on the list!

  • Aidan Dontworryaboutit

    Void lords in hearthstone are only 3/9 not world destroying, largest nerf in history

  • golsonkp

    Who came first. Nauru/voidlord or pantheon titans

  • Marco Hernández

    2018, Battle for Azeroth. Azeroth was wounded by Sargeras himself, now is bleeding and we mortals gonna save the day once more.

  • A_At

    so Void lord is Enigma?? XD

  • ღ 。Nightcore&AMVs 。ღ

    0 - players-1 - game masters-2 - developers -3 - blizzard entertainment

  • redblueredblue100

    Illidan Stormrage deserves a mention, he single handedly defeated a Naaru, and Naaru is on your list.

  • Alpha Blashyrkh

    blizz might just bring up panda gods and screw u all up. man warcraft passed fantasy a long fucking time ago, this is trash sci-fi at its finest. enjoyable but trashy af

  • solaaa

    Can you imagine if sargeras has a sharingan? He'll attain the eternal mangekyo and summon a final form susanoo and plus the power that he has? He'll fuck up anyone.. but thats just my imagination oh well keep scrolling. bye

  • crazytrain639

    WoW.. Jesus Christ not even mentioned.

  • Joseph Pruneda

    Wheres the Lich king??? This guy a poop bag

  • Kel’Thuzad

    What about the one and only Admin

  • Khameleon269

    I thought Sargeras would be first.

  • Dayland Yay

    I miss when blood elf paladins got their power from enslaving a naruu

  • thegreeenbeast

    You forgot about Azshara. She is definitely more powerful than the elemental lords and arguably more powerful than deathwing. Remember she was on the level of Archimonde and Kil'Jaeden BEFORE she was powered up by N'zoth...

  • DocNeedHelp

    yea so what you are saying is that the more you are black the more you are dangerous..

  • Tagada

    The lich king should be in the top 10?

  • SC Anvil

    reading all these "number one should be the player"i don't play wow. do you solo the bosses? thought it's all group events

  • DopestDope

    1 is blizzard, they created wow and made people get addicted to play cartoon box characters for 29.99 per month.

  • Niantica

    The fuck? Where's the Lich King? There must always be one Lich King...

  • Chu Feng

    I ahev heard of a certain dessert called Al'Akir, but never a person...oh...could it be?Copyright? Hope someone brings down Blizzard, the copyright policeman.

  • TheKingHyral

    The Tauren weren't created by the Titans or the Light but yet you continue to fucking show them as examples.

  • Faisal Nasser

    Ok, where the fuck is Elune? I think she should be number 2 on the list. U know, she was pretty much the reason why the legion failed on azeroth when they NEVER failed to conquer a planet before

  • Mihail

    No Voidlord can stop Rexxar. Taunt? Me smorc anyway.

  • Kobie Filipino

    Shouldn’t Azshara. Be part of this list, since it was mentioned she is on par with Archimonde or Kil’Jaden?

  • Luter Leko

    the old god where create by lovecraft

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