Top 10 Strongest Characters In World of Warcraft

My top 10 strongest characters in the Warcraft universe. What are yours and why?
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In this video I list the strongest characters in World of Warcraft, from Elemetal Lords, to Titans, Sargeras and the Void Lords. Do keep in mind that these are my own personal opinions and speculations.

All of the footage used in the video is copyrighted by Blizzard Entertainment unless stated otherwise.
  • Joshua Hines

    I kinda doubt doubt void lord being strongest cause if the footage of them in the video are ones we ve fought and killed were extremely weak

  • Mokhtar Nasser

    How did you put the old gods above the titan keepers even tho the titan keepers defeated them??

  • Phil Maddick

    wait wait wait sooo is sargeras basically tbc illidan 2.0? making demon army to fight the true evil void lords and we all misunderstanding him?

  • TimerErTim

    You forgot the GMs. There are the strongest Characters in the entire World of Warcraft - Universe. They can to everything and whatever they want... and I REALLY MEAN everything.

  • Hochan Seo

    #1 is Leeroy Jenkins

  • Γλαύκος Φωλας

    Where is lich king noob is the king of death he can kill archimonde and kjaden like fire the sticks. Second where is illidan?

  • Wolfeschlegelsteinhausen bergerdorff

    U Scottish, love the accent

  • Guga Kuprashvili

    fuck aliance fucking die you fucking emo cocksuckers

  • Maître shifu

    Face the void lords or die hmm ? So if i understood the fact that voidlords are the most powerful creatures, the choice is more or less "do you want to die, or to die ?"

  • Brian

    So if the Void Lords eventually end up destroying all life, what will they do then? Aren't the Void Lords a form of life? They exist so they live.

  • Sebastian Leiva

    Nice video, very well explained. I understand the naruu are as powerfull as the void lords, they are opposite forces

  • Paul Ryan Tito

    The strongest character a peasant with a whosyourdaddy cheat

  • cwojtek

    10:32 can i have link to this picture?

  • Speedracerson

    can't handle your accent had to dislike sorry bro

  • Hey Ho

    It's so cool and interesting hearing/reading and these WoW entities, it's too bad the game is just pure shit when it comes to showing the true power of for example Sargeras, Archimonde, Deathwing, etc etc.We will probably face void lords in like 3 expansions from now and completely demolish the lord on day 1 when its released.

  • Tonylowkey

    Now I know why Cubelock is so strong! It all makes sense O.O

  • yad LL

    Holy shit so almost all of the powerful beings are evil, the world of warcraft is so fucked up

  • Kira-Sama Anims

    i was hoping lich king is one of the strongest

  • Γλαύκος Φωλας

    Wtf noob were is lich king stupid human being the lichen king is much stronger than kjaden

  • Shia Eliminator

    The mother of medivh beated sargeras in his very first Arrival to Azeroth ALONE


    ААА ТHE OLD GODS.... I SEE LOVECRAFTIAN inspiration going on !!!And hhaha Deathwing manipulated by em,,..hmm so much LEGACY OF KAIN here !!!

  • white sand

    kids stuffi dont know why this on youtube very supid

  • DigitalThe //MoeGamer


  • Raven Mataba

    Archimonde suppose to be the top 100 because he is defeat just by wisp bah fuck him

  • Oguzhan Kaygisiz

    If void lords are the strongest so is Light Lords. Since they are exactly the same thing

  • One Eyed

    Old gods are stronger than Titans

  • Justin Kelly

    You didn't list characters. You listed NPC groups.

  • Mama's Vlogs

    Perhaps this is your most viewd video

  • Leetbeast

    illidan is not on the list?? he is for sure stronger than some here

  • KI Jamy

    Void lords are powerless unless they corrupt a titan. Even the most powerful can manifest for a very short time.We are talking single most powerful entity and we have no reason, yet, to believe they are individually stronger then Sargeras.

  • Matthew Fears

    mine are10.Naaru9.Naga8.Arthus7.Sylvanas6.Vol'jin5.Thrall4.Jaina proudmore3.Gul'dan2.Sargares1.Freaking ILLIDAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Its A Bot

    why do the titan keepers look so bored

  • Alien -S

    Man i know now where is the void lord in DOTA 2 one if the Void lord is in DOTA 2 it is enigma ;)

  • Γλαύκος Φωλας

    You should know that because some is goods it not means;;;

  • Mr. Clorox

    You forgot how strong Illidan Stormrage is.....

  • Cosmin

    If Mannoroth is almost as powerfull as Archimonde, he shouldnt be stronger than elemental lords?

  • Malachi Norman

    Murmur from the Shadow Labyrinth deserves a mention, imo

  • Gustavo Ignacio Ruiz Cárcamo

    Talk faster you autistic asswipe

  • Aris Sp

    warcraft has such an awesome lore and it is a shame that wow quests are so boring and chore. wish it was like swtor

  • John Klayd Villanueva

    Cenarius The Nigth Elf Demigod or The Nigth Elves Druids????Elune or Ysera and Alexstrasza????

  • Mono

    So on turn 5 when my opponent plays possessed lackey and coins dark pact. I'm getting my ass fisted by a dark god that can toss cthunes around like they're basketballs? And they say cube-lock is balanced

  • Porsche 911

    I I can not speak English, but you have a strong accent

  • Alien -S

    Lel joke but..Is there any VoidGod??? :)

  • Fug Babylon

    You didn't just refer the big bang theory @2:00 LMBO Well sci-fi and sci-lies are the same thing haha...

  • Healer Philantrophe

    Before I watch #2 Sargaras #1 Azeroth

  • Twist

    Of courseThe guys that alwats gets in this kinds of videosIs archimondeKil jaeden

  • Filippo Giovannini

    i came from the future. now Voidlords have created Possessed Lackey and Dark Pact to help them coming out of the deck

  • Jáchym Hrdý

    Where is peon or AFK ? :D

  • JokaTHePatriot

    Warlocks are the top dogs :), i summon those lords at will and they obey without even asking a question, because they know a good warlock will banish them if they do not listen. But i could agree that void lords would come a close second haha.

  • VolJin

    I warn you! If im not in here, I'll use my power……To walk away……

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