8 stupid things you can do in Far Cry 5 - Far Cry 5 PS4 gameplay

Taking down outposts, killing bad guys and looting ammo. These are a selection of sensible things you can do in Far Cry 5 gameplay. Far Cry fan, Ian Higton's not here to talk about the sensible things though, because he's been playing Far Cry 5 PS4 gameplay and he's found 8 stupid things you can do in Far Cry 5 including some interesting Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs.

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  • Alex Mason

    I want to see more blood and guts in this game. More splatter factor. Other than that, I love this game!!!

  • Andrew Upshall

    Top video old gamers kick ass

  • Teknotion

    Weed Bags? It's called oregano in my game (PC)...

  • ITZMODZ 759

    Bullying Grace Armstrong racist much Jk jk

  • Máté Rozgonyi

    Huh, too bad Steven Seagal is just a dumb fuck nowadays. :D

  • Michael Howell

    Who else was checking their speakers at the beginning

  • sneakygamer 30o0

    He sounds like Richard hammond

  • Sebastian Valentin

    for #1 it's even stupider to try and kill a bull with your bare hands... but it's a fucking trophy I got 😂

  • Kenneth Lee

    why not hurk, sharky,or jess 🤔🤔🤔

  • Chris King

    This game is incredible!

  • David Wainio

    In the US version of the game that is "Oregano" you steal and find, not "weed".

  • dreux _21

    i like to stick bomb on boomer the dog..and command it to go to a grouo of enemy and detonate it..boom

  • Fortnite Pro

    Why does this sound so bad

  • Saint Francis

    wait can you still do that in the current game? i don't remember being able to take some poor suckers Mary Jane

  • Granny

    Go to miss Mabel and beat the crap out of her

  • Beast

    2:03 I’m fast as fuck boy

  • I don’t know help

    That was a cow not a bull

  • FatherSon StopMotion

    Now I’ve beaten the game I can now dick around and I have an excuse for being level 54 in arcade.

  • MrJayel27

    Weed huh,...look like they changed that to "Oregano" for the released version lol

  • RandomBestie

    “Charging at your enemies with wood in your hand”

  • rob white

    Your game footage sound is fucked mate!

  • niko _br

    Wtf is wrong with the audio? Did u do it for copyright issues?

  • Shane Preston

    What?! I'm on ps4 and it doesn't say weed it says "oregano" haha, maybe cus I'm in America?

  • Future Priest Patrick

    0:45 not a bull. Its got utters not horns

  • Mr. Anyothr

    Any body have the game it's really fun

  • Timothy Amos

    Seems you don't know what the difference is tween a fucking cow and a bull.

  • Scratch5591

    In the US version is oregano

  • shaayaan sohail

    This video was stupid

  • Lea Stac

    You can hit a bull with a baseball-bat hits a cow

  • Kumaran S

    arresting john seed at the beginning is another stupid thing we can do ..

  • Blaziken 4381

    You are a sick liar. I have Farcry 5 and there is NO weed bag. Honestly the things you say in this video lead me to the conclusion that you don't like Farcry.

  • FatherSon StopMotion

    Dude, you sound cool.

  • xXRedLineXx

    Isn't the weed called Oregano? Unless the items are renamed in America.

  • bacon nugget

    There is talk about the chef in the spread eagle being Madis from Wildlands if stand around near him he starts to talk about Bolivia and the "trip" he took there

  • Fortnite Pro

    Farcry5 is much fun now because gameplay

  • JB

    This presenter is annoying as fuck

  • Ice wallow _come_

    This vedio is stupied

  • Send Nudes

    Audio is really shit

  • pyner0s

    Number 6 good thing that rock was there to brake your fall.Number 7 lmao I gotta go do this right now! Brb

  • David Rogers

    Am now totally stuck in Jacob's killing house for the fourth time. Got thru' the other three times, but not this fourth one. So game is now back in box gathering dust. Way to go Ubisoft.

  • derrick6198

    Fix you’re game sound sounds like shit and it makes me wanna put a bullet in you’re head

  • Luke Abshire

    This is the most pointless, view-hungry video I’ve ever seen. I understand wanting to make a lot of content, but seriously. Killing cows with a baseball bat? Why do we need to know this.

  • Zebrakatze

    Its actually called WEED BAG in the original? In Germany its a Bag of Oregano 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Bill Cosby

    Fix audio because I don’t feel like plugging in headphones

  • joe keigans

    right off the.....bat....that is a cow. not a bull......just saying.

  • TheReal DragonKid

    At number 2 i seen ao many feminists

  • Alec Smith

    Huh. In the PC versions the weed bags are "oregano"

  • Catsindawall _

    How do I get cheeseburger the bear

  • FatherSon StopMotion

    Another thing to do, go to the 8-bit pizza place, and throw a bunch of grenades inside. Boom in not too much longer your guns for hire will die.

  • Han

    This is so sadistic, haha.

  • Brydon Macmillan

    His best attempt to be the guy from outside Xbox.

  • Ben Brooks

    Your really sadistic

  • Jack Harrison

    2:26 That’s exactly what I do in Far Cry 5 XD (shoot your gunner for hire)

  • Tatum Baca

    This guy is just stupid

  • TheLaughinAssassin

    Why chase a cow when you can punch it with one hit via the drugs you have...

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