Maroon 5 - She Will Be Loved

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Music video by Maroon 5 performing She Will Be Loved. (C) 2004 OctoScope Music, LLC
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  • neil parry

    MKULTRA Victim hit up line

  • Sonia G

    What a flashback omg

  • Eduardo Vázquez

    Escuche está canción cuando tenía 8 años y decía que yo me hubiera quedado con la suegra haha

  • Ashleh Spurling

    Actually, the whole point is:It is better to love the mom who was equally beautiful(just older *duh), but starving for love(due to her pos husband), than the pretty young daughter(who was "18, and had some trouble with herself...and always wanted someone else..". Obviously, the daughter did not appreciate his love(she probably was cheating, if she "always wanted someone else"), whereas, the mom did, because she knew the difference between an abusive man and one who could truly love.

  • N.S.M Texas

    Wait brought me here now back to wait

  • Mia Subia

    The voice reminds me of adele 0:45

  • The Kop ToOon

    Old song but is still dreaming song

  • Mauricio Marquez

    Mis 45years loves best women's

  • Barbie Ann Sevilla

    Ask her if she wants to stay awhile ❤ 2018 💕

  • Malinda Hewlett

    😎🇨🇦☮✌Dangit no more edit options to correct spelling mistakes on comments! Sorry

  • L. Ack

    Me encanta esta madre xD ❤️

  • Logan Holmes

    Who else can't wait until Super Bowl 53?

  • Eggs Eggs Eggs Tentacion

    I was 9 when this came out.. its become one of my favorite songs to hate myself toLol love hurtsAnd its hard being an unattractive guy

  • Alma Iris Mora E

    Mi canción favorita por siempre ❤️

  • Malinda Hewlett

    Yes and I hope She all obthe She's will and at not much more un due cost to their own natural states in their lives than they were just as worthy as living as any body else. Hear them, love them, respect them as if they were an element of your own source cause they are!

  • Arrieta 187

    I still love this song.

  • Andreas Casablancas

    Such memories, true maroon 5 fans would appreciate this more than their new music. These songs were lit back there and still today they have something mesmerizing that their new music doesn't have. Personally I drew the line at "Makes me wonder" after that, their music is no longer of my personal taste.

  • Thang Tran Viet

    Can anybody please explain the video and its cast?

  • Balluel Kalilla

    Esa cancion recuerda una etapa de muy importante en mi vida una amistad qie fue muy fuerte y hoy en dia se desborono en el aire pero tanto mi amigo o hermano le dimos la importancia a nuestras novias era esa vivencia para tomar importancia a esa etapa

  • BHS Bass

    Adam Levine has always been fantastic and still is, but the band has gotten too EDM for me. It’s too techno for my taste. Maroon 5 as a band just is not what they used to be. But Adam is singing as pure and as great as ever. Hope he doesn’t change that

  • jaddi fisika14

    This song just make me remember that's September is the month of the rain and some of memories that I have

  • Sexy Mama


  • Heilon Iris

    What does the song actually mean?like was he cheating on his gf?I have been wondering what this was about ever since it was out

  • anonymous another

    look for the girl with the broken smile 👀

  • harry singh

    The last song brought me here ❤️

  • Bethel Girma

    So who did he chose at the end 🤔

  • Jazmin Tabuena

    Kelly Preston!!! <3

  • united westand

    I rescued my wife from a broken home and gave her the best I could but after 16 years she went back to what she loved. I guess just her "roots".

  • قناة الصداقة

    Enrique Iglesias Greatest Hits 2018, Top 30 Best Of Enrique Iglesias📣🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥☢️☢️☯️🔺☣️💡😘😍☺📣😊🔥🔻📣

  • Mia Mendoza

    dude this is so old but its so good!

  • The Royal Memes

    Adam Levine without autotune. Wow

  • Francis Albert

    What a joy it must’ve been to kiss Kelly Preston

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