Far Cry 4 PC Gameplay - Ultra Max Settings GTX 970 HD 1080P 60 FPS

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Far Cry 4 on Ultra - Nvidia settings. Except HBAO+ everything is on max/nvidia settings including 2x TXAA, PCSS Shadows, Nvidia Godrays and Nvidia Hairworks. Minimum & Average fps 50-65. ►

● PC Specifications:
CPU: Intel Core i5 2500K 4.5 Ghz
GPU: Asus Strix GTX 970 OC
Ram: Kingston HyperX Genesis 2x 8 GB 1600 Mhz DDR3
MB: Gigabyte P67A-UD3P-B3
HDD: 2 x Seagate Barracuda 1 TB (32 MB/7200 RPM SATA III) Raid 0
PSU: FSP Aurum S 500W Gold
OS: Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit

For full system specifications visit my channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/GameKill...
  • Dan Tha Man 47

    I hated this mission. I just use the bolt gun , warrior signature , m7000 with a silencer, and a signature pistol side arm with an elephant as my vehicle.

  • Hassam Kaif

    Can i Run I on Ultra setting?My specs!Core i5 3.4 ghz8gb ddr3Gtx 780 3gb

  • OG Rap music

    Can I run this at 800x600 lowest settings I gave 4 over clocked Titan x's and a 5960x at 5.5ghz

  • PizzaLv

    Only 60 fps i can have 120 fps

  • nanquan491

    Taglog... Taglog... glog glog glog

  • Jacob

    i wish console played at 60fps

  • The Penguin Gamer™

    What. My CPU is almost 2x better than yours and my GPU is too, i cannot achieve constant 60 FPS using Ultra settings. I'm confused.

  • Silent Hero

    Why does this video looks like shit? xKyleNxCod's video showing off the graphics on Max settings for far cry 4 looks way better.

  • Adam Holt

    Does FC4 save your state in the world or must I still hit checkpoints to save my progress?

  • Ben Dammers

    what button do you use to scope?

  • Karim Bousbaine

    the difference of quality is not perceptible

  • Huqiao Shan

    I have 970 and I'm using low still have low fps

  • Mskoce scofield

    i can play on GTX 960 4GB AMD FX 8320 4 GHZ 16GB RAM and play on high setings 60 + Fps ?

  • Jeetendra Gurung

    what is the refresh rate of the monitor?

  • sgutz2002悲しい

    will it run? i3 2100 hd 7700 and ddr3 6gb ram.

  • Aryan Minz

    which company laptop or computer

  • Nafay Awan

    Can i run it?Intel core i7-6700k 4.0 ghz Dual Nvidia gefore gtx 8gb Ram 32gb 2400 mhz

  • Im0rtalT3chniqe

    1:27 the two elephants lmao "wtfs going on!!" "IDK!!"

  • Michal Busta

    I do to have ultra settings, but the colors arent just that beautiful as yours... :(

  • Anju Verma

    it is Hindi national language of India

  • Jesus

    I have a gtx 970 and a fx-4300, can I run this game? And if so what settings?

  • Punished Venom Snake

    Looks bootifull with a 1060 6gb and a i7 7700HQ

  • Amith Sujith

    Can i play it oni3intel hd40008gb ram

  • THE 6th GEAR

    i have an issue with megot far cry 4 original dvd.. while installation it asked me to update uplay got it updated after installation it asked me to download patch of 3.67GB got that downloaded too got logged in and everything but after that as i click on play i get a pop up notification saying " Have you moved your game or do you still have the original game files? if so select the folder where the game is located" then it asks me to locate the game folder i locate it and it locates it correctly and shows a right tick mark but then again i get the same pop up notification to locate the game. i have seen all forums checked all far cry 4 pc issue non of them had is issue.. if any one know plz help.!!

  • M. Vonel


  • Miss Meggiecat

    Would I be able to run this game at 60fps? At the moment I'm stuck on 30fps..- AMD FX Quad Core processor- NVIDIA GeForce GT 730 (2gb memory)- 12gb system memory

  • Ramos Sangma


  • Piotr K

    Strong! I've subscribed.

  • NINedStark

    Why HBAO+ is disabled?

  • Bharat Kumar

    I have this game and it's really awesome ✌ but now I am facing problems the fps becomes low even at the start of the game even at medium settings my PC is i-5 quad core graphic card 1 GBram 4gbpls help 🙏

  • SuperHan

    I am playing on low settings with 25fps.

  • Ktrain Productions

    Casually hops on elephant and rides away

  • faxis eliyev

    sende benimgileri izle

  • Bendik Hjaltason

    You had me at crazy-elephant-ridey shootemup frenzy, Far Cry 4 ;D

  • LightBulb Productions

    4:23 sounds like 'Bhencho*'

  • ajddavid452

    This look WAY better than my ps3

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