Far Cry 5 Soundtrack: Trailer Song Music Theme Song [Boom Boom - Big Head Todd and The Monsters]

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  • Major Breaker

    this feels like I'm in America

  • Adriano Martello

    More american that GTA.Never knew a game could get more savage that this.Edit:That guitar part at the start makes you know that some real sh*t is about to go down :)

  • Alessandro Vastano

    Boom! Boom! Boom! Booooooooooooooooom!

  • Arrief Media

    i hope this is used in final boss like you bullet me love in far cry 4

  • JuniorGamer101

    really the enemies in far cry 4 are red so are the enemies in far cry 5

  • Butter Butt

    Oh yeah, i remember hearing a cover of this in some wolfenstein trailers.

  • naba hrhhr

    we need a farcry about isis you know a survivor who got his family killed and he alone makes a resistance the story will based at the beginings of isis but i hope he wont be a foreigner because we need some diversity


    Bom bom bom, bang bang bang.

  • Cyrus Williams

    This made me shit my pants XD

  • thrash metal

    The biggest reason why I'm so hyped for this game is the music

  • Norman Dück

    Whats the Name of the Song ?:)

  • JardaTV

    this is parody to mafia 2 trailer in demo

  • Mediawatcher

    I love the far cry games, can’t wait for this

  • JardaTV

    this is not official song

  • Verdant

    I hope johnny cash's Gods gonna cut you down will be in this game

  • Mateo Sergio

    I'm the only one who wants a dog like that?

  • MetroLast

    I'm waiting Akroma.

  • dragonNINJAdx

    I can't wait to get this game...it comes out near my birthday.

  • gamer 4life

    So bad I can't get this game until my birthday

  • V4G1F

    Wolfenstein : The New Order ?

  • Tamás Balog

    Good old times... i love far cry soo much,another high quality game..far cry for ever!!

  • LC Styles

    NCIS: New Orleans xD <3

  • England Of Empire

    Farcry 5 Coming İ Buy Farcry 4 Now :(

  • mason walker


  • kubel83

    This is fuckin music😎👍

  • Patrizio Pedotti

    listen my version of "when the world's on fire" ;)

  • Daniel Mártines

    no me gusto por que muchos bom bom

  • Refik Alper Tuncer

    boom boom motherf*ckers.

  • Skywalker_ 175

    The wolfenstein trailer was better.

  • Ricardo Guimaraes Neto

    1:15 and 2:13 Vaas :)

  • Antimanele104

    I am so gonna enjoy slaughter religious nuttcases in this one. And I am a spiritual guy.

  • gamer4ever

    Please press that "BELL ICON" when you subscribe to support us. Also if you like the video please like, comment & subscribe and we will bring more awesome content like this before anyone else.

  • michael friend

    And the A.B.B go to with the kkk and BLM for mason Dixon town |||VLook

  • Maximiliano Maldonado

    Sounds like zztop la grange

  • Twinks '

    This song is by John Lee Hooker by the way

  • EllaAce

    do i have to of played far cry 4 first to understand this?

  • michael friend

    This could happen if BLM trys to take over a old Town that's for trump and NRA and maga and the town name is mason Dixon town the town has North and South people and the town was Built For Peace Betewn north and south so the usa flag fly's with the Dixie flag for peace and BLM and the kkk wants to destroy the town for no more peace for the next Civil War that's about race and the town people aint gonna take it so this group is form a group that is called the American blue Bunny and they well go

  • DennyWolfie Happy

    remember this song from the longest yard, damn

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