New Far Cry 5 co-op gameplay! Aoife and Ian recently took a trip to the Whitetail Mountains, Hope County, Montana, and brought back some lovely home footage of their travels. They pay a scenic visit to a lumber mill, go on a short helicopter ride, and assist some locals in a couple of minor errands. Plus, they attempt some cunning stunts involving a wingsuit and the side of a mountain, with varied results. Stay tuned for more Far Cry 5 gameplay coming soon!

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  • SRR inc.

    Montana is a lot less cults and a lot more dead memes.

  • Nikolay Pulaski

    Maybe we should play together sometime 😂 Ian your a really funny guy mate. I'm on PlayStation 4 too if you want to rock and roll together then just ask me and I'll give you my name for ps. What a cool video 😎

  • yam levent fishing videos

    Take the extanded 1911Lmg with markshman scope and suppressor and decurve bow with the goodest scope!Love your vids❤❤

  • Harry Cass

    Can I be your friend

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