Black Panther Review (2018) SPOILER FREE смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве hd 720 лицензия

The Marvel movie delivers the goods as an adventure film, a political statement, and a cultural celebration.

Black Panther Trailer #1 (2018)

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  • Aryan

    Over rated movie only cool thing about it was the black cast and the most badass and literally the best antagonist

  • Starscream

    This movie is bad, dont understand the positive reviews

  • tom hen

    Worst Marvel movie yet!

  • Paragon Therion

    Terrible movie in my opinion, wasted hard earned money on that shitty excuse of a film.

  • Karston James

    the point about a slow start pisses me of so much - films have to build and i thought it had a great star !

  • Ollie

    Probably my favorite Marvel movie with the Captain America and crossover type ones.

  • R C

    One of the worst marvel movies, maybe ahead only of the early iron man movies and the hulk movie.

  • Shouryadripta Sircar

    Cartoonish visuals?wtf ?!

  • InfiniteDarkMass

    That one trailer is still better than the movie. I wouldn't give it a 9, but it was definitely above average Marvel quality.

  • yugobepu

    It's also about deference in character in American blacks and African blacks (or anywhere else for that matter) .Seems like anything American soil produces only wants to destroy.

  • zilla2006able

    Black panther is the best MCU movie all time

  • astralblast the meme machine

    in the next movie the US nukes wakanda

  • Johnny _MP

    It was a cliche for me... especially the fighting scenes were really disappointing. The main hero was completely out for me. Good villain though

  • pukhtoon707

    One of the most overrated/overhyped movie of all time. Bad acting, no story, no character development. bad cgi, very predictable........the list can go on, trust me when I'm high I dont lie !!

  • diegom rc

    this movie for me is a 7

  • Nathan X.

    The most overrated movie ever made

  • shivanash bhola

    This got more than Ragnarok?

  • Omar Rahman

    I feel like they underrated thor Ragnarok by giving it a 7.7 when its compared to this. Thor Ragnarok should've at least been an 8.1.

  • Bete Noire

    I really wanted to like this movie.

  • Jake Zipper

    Wakanda is not real.

  • Jack Patterson

    He should’ve mentioned the soundtrack more too

  • johnny best jojo

    Ehh, I thought it was just a 7/10.

  • Andres Delgado

    Average at best. Best thing about the movie is the all the strong female leads.

  • Vignesh Iyer

    So black panther a awesome movie can get 9 but wonder woman who is as good as this movie gets only 7.9??? Go home IGN you are drunk

  • soulerflare7

    I used to be in the Klan until I saw Black Panther . Yo , that movie was the shizzle dizzle. Yo , got rid of my costume and now am a fly white guy.

  • Michael Prada

    The best marvel story black panther

  • Brennan Garth Castillo

    Da king knows da wae


    This movie is not a 9

  • Lawrence Taylor

    This is definitely killing a lot of DC ho's and Dork Knight ball lickers now.

  • Cyril CHARTIER

    5/10 - crap movie as all Marvel flicks. Some good actors, especially Letitia Wright.

  • fightnight14

    I knew that W'Kabi guy is familiar. His face is so iconic on the film GET OUT. LMAO. Also Michonne.

  • Revanth

    Was this reviewed on PS4 or Xbox?

  • Hieu Tran

    so... this guy kno de wey? oops sorry wrong franchise

  • WomboCombo a

    Im sorry but this movie is overrated af. 7/10 ok but this movie is nowhere near as good as Homecoming or any Avengers movie.

  • William Faison

    what's the background music?

  • vito Scarletta

    Watched it today no way is it worth 9/10 the story was good but not enough fighting sequences as it's a superhero film you except alot of i give it a 6/10

  • Wiremu Curtis

    How does this get 9.0 but Thor Ragnarok get a 7.7?

  • djjlc

    I wonder at what stage it’s going to be okay to criticises movie and say after all the hype it was just a superhero movie and not a very good one at that

  • tracemusic777

    Thought the same thing about the visual effects. They were great except for those one on one fight scenes between Black Panther & Killmonger in CGI. You could tell the difference between how Black Panther looked in CGI & non-CGI. Looked less crisp and more cartoony. Does not take away from the movie overall as the story is awesome and characters compelling and that’s the foundation you wanna build off of.If the CGI fight scene visuals were more tight I would probably give it a 10, but here’s my score...Score: 9.3

  • Riveriux Phenom

    I personally hate these (and all) spoiler free reviews . If you are willing to watch a review you should expect something to be spoiled . Furthermore spoiler free usually means the reviewer might find himself unable to express him or herself freely .

  • Mark Whalberg

    This movie is alright. It’s kind of boring, and the villain is way overhyped. The sister was a Dues Ex Machina, and she just seems to have an answer to almost every problem, and it left me wondering, “Why was that nessicary in the first place?” Like, the energy absorbing suit was kind of cool, but it was totally useless, unless the writers went totally out of their way to make Black Panther use it. For instance: (Spoilers)There was this one scene towards the end of the film, where Black Panther is getting beat on by a mob of people. 1. Why doesn’t he just use the suit right away, if he’s so worried about his sister becoming sushi? 2. How are these people even hurting Black Panther? They’re beating on him with clubs and stuff, when he has a suit made out of some of the strongest metal in the world?Another case of, “Why did this need to happen?” Was when Martin Freeman was remotely driving the ship, and he got zapped with some planes that came out of absolute nowhere. The Sister told him to put his arms together like Wonder Woman, and it destroyed the ships. There was no tension built, and it was confusing, because this wasn’t established earlier. If you have a gun in the third act, establish it in the first act. Stuff like this happened A LOT during this movie, and it was pretty damn frustrating. Especially since it would be when I’m just getting into the movie, and the girl goes, “O YEA, I HAVE THIS THING THAT WOULD HAVE BEEN EXTREMELY HELPFUL EARLIER, BUT NOW IM ONLY GONNA USE IT HERE AND NEVER AGAIN!”I also hate The Sister, because on top of being a Dues Ex Machina, she also made references to memes half the time. “WUT R THOOOOOSE!” Was about to genuinely make me walk out of the theatre, but my friend convinced me to stay. I’m glad I did, because then I would have missed what was most likely the best part of the movie,.The villain, Killmonger, has the absolute WORST name I’ve ever heard. But besides that, he was alright. I didn’t really see how he broke any new ground for Marvel villains, because he was just essentially Ironmonger from the first Iron Man movie, Yellowjacket, from Ant-Man, or Hela, from Thor. He comes in, he steals what he thinks is rightfully his, he takes the suit, (which is basically just the same as the protagonists) and then hey have a fight in which the villain dies in a really gruesome way. His so called “motivation” was pretty shallow, and was just along the lines of, “My name is Erik Killmonger, you killed my father, prepare to die.” He seemed kind of shallow to me, and while MBJ performance was actually pretty great, the villain himself wasn’t nearly as established as Loki, as intimidating as Thanos, or as entertaining as Hela. That was my review of this movie. Numbered ratings don’t work well for me, so I’m just gonna say that this movie was pretty good, but not nearly as much fun as Ragnarok or Avengers 1, and while I really like Civil War all that much, it handled politics in a MUCH more interesting way than this movie did. I’ll probably watch this once again on DVD, and forget about the fact that it exists until Infinity War.

  • charronfilms

    Debatable of his character was necessary? He helped shoot down the vibranium cargo at the end!

  • LBboarding b

    The forced social media jokes were the only thing I disliked.

  • maxcady360

    Saw the movie last saturday. I was not impressed. It was good, but nothing that merits it's RT score.

  • Micha Lebowitz


  • Cue Da Ninja

    Good Film, please go see it!

  • Edward Urbano

    Not going to lie this is the best marvel movie or top 3 . And yeah it's good but it really shows that the other marvel movies are not that good. The action is not the greatest but good . But all the other marvel movies require you to irgrone half the movie to be good.

  • Greg Dundee

    Watched it today, found it overrated and underwhelming

  • Sauvage Ascension

    Black Panther is twice as good a 🎥 as Game Night.

  • uh its lily

    who else didn't like this movie?

  • EclipsePhoenix EP

    next the infinity war

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