Dragon Ball FighterZ Easter Egg - Bardock Dramatic Finish on Frieza - Japanese and English

What if Bardock could turn Super Saiyan during his fateful encounter with Frieza? Find out in this dramatic finish!

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  • Johann Ruiz

    The japanase is the winner

  • Eddman368


  • Agustin Gonzales

    Super sayan bardock 500.000 frieza 4 form 4.000.000

  • Roy Kirk3

    This will change everything

  • ぺぺへぺ


  • Perfect Life

    Japanese one was more Badass

  • Anthonyontv

    Why is no one talking about this like its the greatest thing ever?

  • MrRedGreenBlue1

    There should be an alternate ending for if Freeza wins based on what actually happened.

  • Nathan Colombari

    "A slave can kill an emperor."

  • Blizzardshot

    if he did.go super, he could beat first form frieza

  • SupermanGaming Alpha

    At the time Bardock tried to defeat Frieza, his power level was around 10k and with the Super Saiyan 50x multiplier his power level should be around 500k close to First Form Frieza's power.

  • OmegaGamer HD

    The music goes so well

  • TheRwbyKing 2014

    It’s a shame that I will probably never see this in the actual game due to rage quitters.

  • Game Carton

    This should have been in Xenoverse 2 instead of FighterZ

  • Silfer III

    whats cool about this is that Bardock even if a super saiyan is way to weak even for Frieza's second form

  • Felix Patriot

    and so, Raditz would have never went to earth looking for more saiyans (his brother), meaning vegeta and nappa would have never came to earth so trunks was never born to save goku from the heart virus, also meaning yamcha, tien, chautzu and piccolo would'nt have died, meaning they would have never gone to namek, and frieza is dead anyway so goku would have definitely never turned super saiyan, goku would have died to the heart virus and the rest of the z fighters would have been slaughtered by the androids...

  • Lord Xaphan

    I really disliked how they used the Japanese voice of Goku for Bardock. Bardock sounded way better in English because his voice differed from Goku’s - the Japanese one just didn’t sit right with me ;-;

  • SanjiBaratie

    Would have been better without grandma goku voicing another space monkey

  • MegaYoshiX

    Frieza got BODIED XD

  • Yoshicago Kira

    This... Is... MANLY!

  • Spider Wesker

    You know just thought of something frieza is freaking old

  • rubenchoElLocoxD

    Name of OST of battle?

  • RG Mercer

    Bardock should've screamed "Everything" while throwing the Riot Javelin.

  • All For Sasuke

    now that I think about it why didn't he go ssj from been mad about the fact everyone was gonna die?

  • Chaos Raven401

    Skip to :58 so you don't have to watch the shitty Japanese version

  • Julian Gelin

    This is one of the many reason why dbfz is at evo and mvci isn’t.. this is legit hype imagine a comeback at evo on this stage with the dramatic finish

  • Bing Bong Bobby

    Part of normal gameplay=Easter egg

  • CValenton01

    So Goku, Gohan, and Bardock have the same voice actor (actress) in Japanese but different voice actors in English? Why tho?

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