FAR CRY 5 All Faith Seed Scenes

FAR CRY 5 All Faith Seed Scenes This video contains All Scenes of Faith Seed in Ubisoft's Far Cry 5.

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  • Phillip Sculls

    She has the elements of cocaine on her left arm

  • Richie Beck

    I dig Faith, but I still love Amita.

  • Markus Brunner

    Its the Bliss goggles shes really a fat hog guys

  • First Name Last Name

    Im so happy that we got to experience such a dynamic and three dimensional character. Wonderful creation this girl. I have so much pity for her. It made me sick when I saw her face when before she died, the player character stepped back. She died alone and unwanted. It's so sad

  • Angel Medina

    who wishes their was an option to romance and save her

  • Matthew Callan

    When I killed faith I found the bliss soundtrack and every time I listened to it I thought of her. The one villain I cared about had to be put down😢

  • Warfare Seven

    I don't like their goals but I admit that faith's paradise is beautiful

  • Martin Pekrt

    She can not believe that the bad Joshp raised her so much.

  • abc 123

    I wish there was the option to fuck her

  • wisnu aji

    I thought flakka is the most dangerous drug, after i watch this, evrything change

  • Serwis Youtube

    10:00 foreshadowing lol

  • Celestia Ludenburg

    She seriously was the best character 😭

  • Sir Fiber

    "Leap of faith". I see what they did there.

  • kacper Bamburski

    i love Faith Seed!!! she is beautiful!!!


    And in the end she died from what?

  • a guy

    All of her family are hot

  • Dean Don

    We REALLY need a dlc where Faith seed is still alive.

  • Nipun Thilanka

    I can't find missions

  • Richie Brayton aka B-Rich

    You forgot the boat scene with the marshall

  • Js vwh

    Faith seed ending sucks dick i wanted to blow her up

  • monster john streetball legend.

    I seen comment she creepy she isn't creepy farcry 5 is just a huge game.

  • David W

    Anyone else low key thinking there is some Shakespeare symbolism at 22:37 to that famous painting of Ophelia drowning?

  • Draykile Mikedrower

    voice acting is insane good!!

  • GoryGlory0714

    Were can I get some of that bliss stuff. Seems like good shit

  • and so

    how is it that the MC survived a fall like that, unscathed...the writing isn't the greatest.

  • Freckles Baker

    I think Faith is scared of the father. She said don't you understand what he will do to me? Something like that

  • Paladin Danse

    You missed a cutscene. The one with the marshal in the boat. Nice one.

  • Li Jiong

    She's so a bitch!!!!!!!Burn her down.......

  • soyon manlai

    Faith basically is Poison Ivy from the Batman series.

  • laura J

    Faith is a liar she made people insane with the bliss, sent then you'll but people actually got suckered in by her ? I highly doubt she travelling therewith at her end about being plied with drugs.

  • Martin Schreck

    I wish that we don’t have to kill Faith

  • Eden's Gate

    No we didn’t kidnap her.

  • Metal Slug

    She's so freaking cute i felt shame when I killed her even though she was a monster.

  • A GOAT

    I did not ask for this.I was chosen.

  • sistergrimace esquire

    those intimate moments from the cutscenes are incredibly vivid - she has to be the most beautiful woman ever coded

  • Chloe Price

    I really wish there was an option to join faith! I really liked her character. She was the most interesting out of them all personally! When she just appeared out of no where and started singing or humming I just stood there watching her every time, I loved it. She’s a great singer

  • Michael Marceleno

    Excuse me Joseph Seed I want my children to live in a fallout like post apocalypic world. You see I have a vault called vault 111 and it has cyrogenic storage pods.

  • Mark Johnson

    4 months later and every time i go in the game it always makes my jaw drop from the amazing visuals.

  • Dustin Hemmer-Ritchey

    Did anybody else's heart go Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh, Oh Gosh!

  • KeoneArt

    I hope all of you would still sympathize for her even if she wasn’t white....because I’m starting to pick up on a couple patterns in you people.

  • Rio Daffa

    I feel bad after throwing some bombs to her, She so cute,beautiful and adorable

  • Kris Clay

    Faith is like Bliss. She promises you everything, acceptance, happiness, and love. But she will take your mind, body, and soul as payment.

  • Armaan singh

    She was so satisfying to kill

  • David Tanzil

    Ok... Far Cry 2 is still the most realistic FC game...

  • Mr. Matt

    I wouldn’t mind if she poisoned me

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