FAR CRY 5 All Faith Seed Scenes

FAR CRY 5 All Faith Seed Scenes This video contains All Scenes of Faith Seed in Ubisoft's Far Cry 5.

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  • Muhtasim Mahin

    I like faith not because of she is nice girl or anything..she remind me of vaas.I dont know why??😃😃

  • Chris Morris

    I like her ending, when she slowly begins to realize it's all a lie, and dies at the last moment realizing how wrong she was all those years.

  • Tritide

    I was really hoping I’d clap her cheeks before killing her

  • WAKEUP!!

    I only really enjoyed the game after this witch bitch got killed, the game was like a horror movie.

  • CS_toby67 -

    She's hotBut evil

  • saganist

    Faith was waifu material... well, except for her psychotic side

  • Chazy Swpon

    Faith seed should have been pardoned and saved. As she was actually tortured and played by the father. Nevertheless she's Hot 🔥 😒

  • RpgBlaster Rpg

    8:51 Low Quality Teleporting13:23 Low Quality Teleporting 2 ?16:49 Low Quality Teleporting Buggy Model Swap 3

  • GWFO

    These Hammock masterpieces make all theses scenes so mesmerizing. It deserves to pay them hommage.

  • Cody Nonnemacher

    14:00 when you offer someone fries and they eat all of it.

  • MiroTheGameplayer

    Deputy must be trippin' balls

  • Space Cat Nuggets

    16:08 I did the same thing

  • Li Jiong

    She's just such a sweet girl!!!!!!!

  • Jordan Stauffer

    Did you know Faith seeds real name is "Rachel".

  • Space Cat Nuggets

    She actually a really good singing voice

  • bkl974

    I know she really had to be put down she got Virgil killed, I felt so bad about that that scene I imagine telling Tracey " You can't go with him where he's going😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔😔

  • Kridde Blod

    I think she was the last person i killed. I spared her as long as i possible could and still make progress. Her voice and random popups were beatiful and so eerie and sad. Missed her like crazy afterwards.

  • Bob Lob

    nah she was a crazy bitch no regrets

  • Saith Feed

    also why did everyone abused this fucking spawn of Aphrodite.

  • AkayCat - EmeraldWire

    Her true name is Rachel... The girl in the prison tells you after you killed faith... she was her friend...

  • Elder Jefferson

    Reach out and touch Faith.

  • Linus Jönsson

    I love me some Faith

  • Philip Paul

    Am I the only one who wanted to join them and go full evil? lol

  • nathan cole

    Anybody else overwelmed by the incredible directing, mo cap, voice acting and music?

  • Yulya Smirnova

    What kind of music is playing from 21:48 to 22:16?

  • Smashed Bird

    Tbh her death scene was so awkward

  • lola ben temam

    The Real name of Faith IS Rachel

  • Futurama Pop

    Faith seed is so fucking hot.

  • FBI

    People are like "aww Faith is innocent she does not have to die"Im like "idgaf shoot every cult member!"


    A tear came down my cheek

  • NeonWolf 998

    So wait.... how did you survive the fall and everybody else died???

  • Lucaciu Valentin

    No one seems to talk about the drug that she's using and how fucked up it can actually get you if you try it.True story: people do some fucked up shit while on it, myself included, I walked into random people's houses like it was my house. If you see this plant, I recommend to NOT consume it, plenty of people ended up in hospital and even died from it.

  • Oof

    The music and the Blu-ray green background just makes me tripping

  • IronHetalia0896

    When you put the malice, insanity, and cruelty aside, Joseph actually makes a good point. It's too bad he approached it the wrong way.

  • Lucky Luke

    13:17 what a melody!

  • WatermelonMan

    I feel like Faith was the most innocent out of all of them and didn’t deserve to die at all if I were the deputy I would try talking it out with her

  • Rais Rorke

    Faith is sweet, cute girl. I feld bad when I killed her. Welcome to the sweetnes.

  • Riley Patterson

    After the 1.09 update to the game, I wake up near some Bliss flowers instead of at the bottom of the statue and I ended up being tricked by Faith's phony hostage illusion.

  • Chuzhdiy Muhammad

    I played FAR CRY 5 in Russian lang, and I was curious, about how it sounds in original lang, because I most case original is better, surely not in this case. She is steel wonderful, but Russian lady voice much more blows mind, then English.

  • Aditya Agrawal

    Anyone have a crush on her? I'd let her control me.

  • Disturbed One87

    You don't think thing's through before you act, do you?

  • MiroTheGameplayer

    Did anyone else notice that Faith has the recipe for cocaine on her arm?

  • Bob Vahn

    but i heard that Faith is more than one, in this game Rachel is Faith, she replaced the old Faith, and that old Faith replaced Faith before her. And Faith existed even the Seed brothers born, she and her miracle flowers the one that actually made the Seeds brothers seeing things and decide made the cult. Faith is probably ancient civilization person.

  • WAKEUP!!

    9:59 "The Father" says the truth here!

  • Ragnar Lothbrok

    the story of this game, or more like the way it was told pissed me off, but still, i kinda felt sorry for Faith.

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