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Far Cry 5 - Best Cars - Fastest Cars - showcase

Far Cry 5 - Top Cars
Fastest Cars - showcase

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All Far Cry 5 Easter Eggs & Secrets

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Far Cry 5 - Best Easter Eggs, Secrets

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Fun Time - Dj Quads //soundcloud.com/aka-dj-quads
Control - High Rule //soundcloud.com/highrule

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  • Bowski aws

    anyone here miss the Arena from Far Cry 4? It was awsome, hope Ubisoft create a Far Cry in the Roman Empire or Ancient Egypt so they can put that great fighting arena they had, the Colosseum... Would it be good? Far Cry Primal was great, I think it would work.

  • Comander Mcgarrett

    My favorite vehicle is the pickup truck with the bull horns on the hood.

  • Grzly Gaming

    Pygmalion sir del 73 and also there is a glitch that occurs where it is sometimes all silver

  • TheFastOpening Gamer

    Can u make watch dogs 2 best cars?

  • TEN10K

    I really like your editing

  • Avante Lowe

    PYGMALION SSR DEL 73 was my favorite

  • ThvtRvndomGuy

    the challenger truck conversion with the guns up top is my fav

  • Ben

    What about the devil?

  • Fan Fiction

    Is the recommended car the fastest or just the one you recommend cause I want to know the fastest car!

  • TomekXDD PL

    Hands down Widowmaker

  • Itz Dredz - Cod Zombies and more

    How do I get the car you recommended? I seen someone say that it's a prepper stash but which one?

  • Ryan King

    The offroad suv is way underrated

  • Eetu Airikainen

    I think that "kaumbat ott ravage..." is best.

  • JONY H.R

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  • parody account F.B.I

    The bootlegger just screams fast and furious

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