Sara Evans - Slow Me Down

Music video by Sara Evans performing Slow Me Down. (C) 2013 Sony Music Entertainment
  • Jeremiah Haubenreiser

    #TEAM SARA all day er'y day!!!!!!!!

  • Mike Jarrett

    Is that Carl Edwards (NASCAR) retired driver in the video with Sara ?

  • Greg Sansom

    everybody is in a hurry to tex. a message or play on computer , life is to short ,knowledge is were it is at,the more you learn the smarter you are at figuring things out ,but you have to do these things with your hands to be the best at the different you start young at llearning and watching and try to do the best job you can and keep going forward do stop till the job is done

  • Skitzofreenic

    been listening to alot of country music... and i think im understanding why my wife left me....

  • Greg Sansom

    beautiful song great beat

  • Marilee Denr

    When you coming to Jax.?

  • Cheyanne Weber

    I thought she was different I thought she loved me I miss her so much she left me 2 days ago and my heart shattered

  • Greg Sansom

    great song love hurts hard to find soul mate

  • Greg Sansom

    oil and gas keeps doing stuip stuff

  • Nawfsiide Princess

    You got that right. If you have any thing I can put on my YouTube channel let me know

  • Addison McElrath

    My boyfriend always stay in his phone and I found out that he was txing another girl

  • Kat Huston

    it th best song ever

  • Austin Dietiker

    I'm half her age but I'd marry her today

  • strictlynineties

    I love this Sara Evans. Maybe I'm not the biggest fan ever, so what! Man I like her music so much. This is coming from a huge Mindy fan so I know Sara's music well. Remember the CMT special Girl's Night Out from 1999? Yeah those girls were the shit! The real deal. Lorrie, Sara, Mindy, Martina

  • Tyler Berns

    edwards is probably busy looking for more nascar sponsors! :)

  • Greg Sansom

    WATCH TV A SET UP GAME              THEN MAKE A SHOW ABOUT    U           DRAMA

  • Josh Stahl

    She's so annoying

  • Greg Sansom

    apple was going to build a place in china for there new shop to so thay would  not have to pay taxes remember,now its in California. a round building makes a magnetic field to hold you in ,look at apples new building now.

  • Dan Garcia


  • T H

    I found video after hearing song on car radio, curious on the visual. Even without seeing them you know the pain...she knows she has to leave, he isn't there.

  • Mary Wilson

    I love you even more every day too

  • Mark Nelson

    OMG! Sara Evans in that wedding dress!!!

  • Greg Sansom

    I like more of a rock and roll sound to county sounds better

  • Caitlin Burner

    So me and my boyfriend stopped talking, because we wanted to take a break for two months for my work and college related stuff. I am so scared that he’s gonna find another woman that’s a hell of a lot better than me. 😰

  • Sander Van Hove

    This song deserved a far and I mean a far better video than this second rate miserable amateur vid.

  • dynodon100

    When I saw her in Las Vegas she sang this at The Golden Nugget to a sold out show. Yes she does sound just like this ! AND she does LOOK just like this, she is beautiful ! If I dream just right I will have some one like this ....some day ...

  • Jeremiah Haubenreiser

    Its about True Love......Gorgeous ..Sara Evans good music make.......

  • José Fernando Frigieri

    sara vc e uma luz de deus com tuas muzicas. que deus abençoe vc ?

  • David Wilt

    Damn I'd love to Tate that

  • Greg Sansom

    loose lips sink ships

  • Greg Sansom

    we have think about beneth the ocence like subs we need to think about ,are they safe to leave down there ?????????   k-19

  • Greg Sansom

    everybodys in a hurry to do things with out thinking about what could happen   take your time in a answer or question

  • dynodon100

    He has been going around in a circle WAY to long! THAT is Sara Evans , the mast beautiful woman in the world ,leave your phone at home !

  • Greg Sansom

    im not the smartest person but try the think of safety in a emergency

  • Jeff Hollon

    Rod Stewart said blondes have more fun! This beautiful brunette stops time

  • lil wolf015

    Funny how he all of a sudden cared about her when she started walking away

  • Cherokee James

    How my boyfriend old me make me fleeing!

  • robert valderaz

    Women are the strongest force in the world.

  • Cordelia Phoenix

    Wow can't believe it's already been almost 5 years since I first saw this video! Time has passed so quickly and Sara still amazes me!

  • Dan Garcia

    FFFFFING B*E*A*U*T*I*F*U*LLL Sara+++

  • Lee Jones

    My wife is that beautiful,and when she is near me the phone is the last thing on my mine.

  • Stephen Grigsby

    Im so in love........

  • Chuck Fuller

    Fabulous Hair in this one, great color! on her

  • Greg Sansom

    these dum ass computer wizereds  keep messing with my stuff

  • Greg Sansom

    beautiful song life is to short to rush into things               keep up the great work go girl

  • Brianna Perry

    she's so beautiful

  • Susan Jordan

    Carl is my driver now, since Jeff retired.

  • Tilly Mullis

    He was warned countless times and I even sang this song to him, but he was to ignorant to notice! Too worried about the other females he was talking to! Nearly 3 years after I left him he is still trying to get to me.. It's too late to try to say it now! I'm happily married and we have a beautiful 2 month old baby girl ❤ 12 years of hurt and misery hoping and praying that there was a good man still in there somewhere.. I wasted 12 years of my life on him! Time I'll never get back. But it was a valuable lesson! And because of that lesson I almost passed up on taking a chance with the man I'm with now. So I deserve this love and happiness because I put up with everything I didn't deserve! He wanted trash so I gave him all the time and opportunity he wanted to have that trash! Now that he had his fill he wants to stalk and harass me smh. Nah I'm good!

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