Far Cry 5 - Refusing to say YES to John Seed

Far Cry 5 Review // Brilliantly Crafted Yet Disappointing

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  • SportsMan 95

    John seed really got on my nerves

  • TheCyberPunkDud01

    Makes Rook more badass.

  • Zack The Snack

    Lmao I never said yes during my initial playthrough. I felt really bad for Father Jerome😂

  • Human Being

    OL Ryan Reynolds lookin ass 😂

  • Major_lazer 1

    What's our sin exactly??

  • Video Game Sophistry

    So folks, we've all played the game - who said Yes? Who remained silent? Who isn't playing the game yet and decided to watch every scene online and save 90 dollars?

  • PlayerStation

    Rook probably thinking to himself/herself: sorry, I can't I'm a mute character

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