►GTA 5 Ultra-Realistic Graphics! 4k 60FPS NaturalVision Remastered GTA 5 PC Mod!

If you want the mod: https://youtu.be/oNXwId0dQ5o

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  • Fidel Crispin

    Imagine if RDR 2 released on pc

  • Chris Vuori

    Damn almost as good as red dead2

  • C_Mcl 02

    if gta vi doesnt look like this

  • Baru3110

    Which graphics card do u have?

  • Angelo Mendoza

    Wow is very realistic

  • TrippleX TrippleX

    lmao this is rly just reflection adjustments, color filter 2.0 and car graphic upgrades.. looks good tho, but those over bright colors would make me sick over time

  • iFilipe Gabriel Studios

    O jogo deve rodar em 5 FPS No MEU.


    Omg if this would be GTA6 😍😍😍😍

  • Abdul 572

    So. Like. How many organs am I gonna have to sell to buy a PC that can handle this?

  • joão vitor

    Teve um alagamento nessa poha é ?

  • DubStepZz

    Come join my GTA Discord server if you want updates, info or have any questions on this GTA mod! everybody is welcome (: https://discord.gg/vj8qHG5

  • Brink

    I think this went a tad over the top bc of the road reflections at the beginning. Noice job tho!

  • Tecstreme

    My PC never runs in 4k

  • meenu kapoor

    I hate to see game developers develop game that is way below their talent, the game developers of today could develop games of ultra realistic graphics but it's just the console side which could not support those games, if it wasn't for console, we would have got gta 7 till now. No offence to console players but I am blaming the makers of it. They just put stuff into the console which has came in the market a year ago and show it as they have created a console or a gaming system that is 10 years ahead of its time. While on the other side, PC side is not at all like that, it gives you the freedom to upgrade it anyway you want, while console developers just want money and do not even care about the time, means they are 5-6 years behind . PC is much more valuable than console . Hate Console's developers , they're the only reason we don't have games with such ultra realistic graphics.

  • Lord 37

    Wait. Isnt this the video they made a clickbait. Named "gta 6 pre release"? I dont remember.

  • Hunter 1 two 1

    u just recorded a video, Haven't u ? right guys ? I m right yea?

  • matias Blanquer

    me inmagino el gta 6 asi en el futuro

  • Kenth Gregorio

    Is it me or is it just really better than real life textures lol.. edit:why can phones handle ultra graphics by watching but when you play the game u can only handle low lol

  • FDrewz

    0:35 thats some TJ hunt fitment

  • Skull Slayers

    Where is the mini map tell

  • Whoodie Woah

    0:22 best part by far

  • leon lion

    I used natural vision but had some problems with lighting bugs and tried everything to solve them but I wasn't successful,then I removed it and installed redux,it's more stable for me,anyway both look great.

  • Enrique ramirez

    What the name of the song in the beginning?????

  • Teurastaja

    Watch this video with 0.75x and 144p

  • Zoitr3x x

    Make this type of vid for witcher 3

  • JadenTM

    Rain in a remake of LA

  • MadMan X

    What song is playing at the beginning of the video?

  • Nigel Bhebhe

    These graphics be realer than real life itself

  • Maksim Boyko

    Это вообще игра, или реальная жизнь, я перепутал

  • V3Nomic

    Damn what pc do you have

  • Ozzi 17

    a GTX 1060 3GB can run this mod? thanks for answer

  • Kismat Sapkota

    Look at that damn graphics

  • Nxmb


  • Matthew Irvine

    NASA want their computer back

  • srihari sridhar

    Textures are better, but cranking up the reflections and saturation levels won't make it realistic

  • We're gonna have a problem here

    Cars look smart but everything else just looks shit

  • ItsLiam 21

    Sernando: is this GTA 6?

  • DustyOrchid057

    Main thing I want to know is can I use this mod in online cause if I can’t then what’s the point.

  • Sneaky Dab Emoji

    Adding water makes it unrealisitic dipshit

  • Infinite Skygamer

    When you go play on Xbox 360 to play with your old friend I’m like this looks like trash

  • tommy-lee pearson

    looks more like watch dogs 1 to me

  • jorsen joao

    Who left the tap running ?

  • NachoYT

    Y pummmm un comentario en ESPAÑOL

  • Adam PRO01

    This isn't GTA 5 !

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