Zac Brown Band - Colder Weather (Official Music Video)

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  • Alix Bennett

    this song reminds me of an old friend i dont know why and she was a good friend and she wont talk to me no more cuz i was a stupid idiot

  • Chris Baltimore

    So my belief about the song is it is a guy that stays on the road entirely too much as a truck driver. And they both want to be together but work prevents that. So they both decide to commit suicide so there ghosts can be together. I don't know if that is correct or not.

  • Jessica Love

    Win I sea underneath swimming is always an option.

  • gilo

    Colorado looks too cold. Bless.

  • Jesse Aaron

    Who's listening in 2018?

  • thisaccountdoesntexistorwuteva

    I cry overtime a listen to this damn song

  • Rhonda Boncutter

    Love all of Zac's songs!

  • David Miller

    Thank you for this song. It brings the last time I saw my mom alive and I had to leave due to a terrible snowstorm

  • Jessica Love

    Even though tomorrow I will always help you and your new heart

  • Allison Miller

    Is that Liam Hemsworth?

  • Felesha Flaming

    This was my moms ringtone for my dad and whenever he called I heard it and I used to hate this song bc my parents went to jail and it’s the only thing I had left to remember about them but now listening o this everyday helps me get past it!

  • Kris Mack

    Oh Honey, let him go. he shagged Miley Cyrus. He's ruined. Move on.

  • Alejandro Lozano

    Who's listing in 2018... I am loving this song

  • Joshua Green

    I can relate BC I work out of town ever week on home ever weekend or gone 2 weeks at a time and I have to leave my wife and my 2 kids behind it brakes my heart ever time I have to leave but I have to so I can make money for my family

  • Jarod Shelley

    Me and my girl just broke up tonight and I just don't know what to do

  • raasco1

    Why are all these comments from 1 year+ ago? This is timeless?

  • Jessica Love

    My Indian ways my with a beautiful son

  • RaisingKayn

    im sorry but if zac brown band isnt your favorite band you can nicely fuck off

  • Anaís Ugalde Rawson

    Beautiful song the piano makes it more nostalgic. Great job

  • Michael Birkett

    In the waitress eyes, He sees the same old light is shining, he thinks of Colorado and the girl he left behind him.- beautiful

  • Alma Naylor

    this song is what drew me to The Zac Brown Band, have all the CD's that I could find. I love this group.

  • Teresa Stromatt

    My husband is dieing of heart failure.i can't handle it so colder weather makes me know I will see him again ...I love you Jason you forever no matter what your wife

  • Joseph Flippo

    This song reminds me of the love of my life that is lost in time.

  • Jose Benedict

    I fell in love with Zac Brown Band 5 years ago through this song, ever since I heard it for the first time I have never stop listening to it

  • Jeremy Wallace

    This song is for my Long lost love Been thinking about her every day and night i know she waiting for me come back to her

  • brooklyn lembcke

    country is my life this song has been in my life forever

  • scott wallace

    Random song I had just the tune stuck in my head... Thank God for Google forgot how much I liked this song...

  • julie hannon

    Is an one watching this in 2018and thinking what happens to good music. This is the best song ever

  • Tracy Smirh

    love you sister sweet annette Smith Bradshaw tedder Franklin keepers a coming sweet sweet sweetheart home home HOME

  • Braydon Mullins

    This song will forever have a special place in my heart.

  • Brandon Davis

    Man I miss Zac I remember when he first bursted on the seen with chicken fried I believe. I dont here his music at all anymore unless i specifically search for it. Man country has changed so much, hell is it even country anymore nowadays.

  • Chuck Duffy

    Noo! Please! Don't sing this. Don't live it! I wouldn't if I didn't. Colorado? Yeah I've driven through there. My heart belongs to that girl in Texas. A man isn't whole without his heart.

  • Dan Gibbons

    This song has great meaning for me, It was played constantly during the time my younger brother passed away. The last line is a killer

  • jccat1974

    Zac I love your voice and the harmony you and the rest of the band have.

  • Brad Coleman

    I've heard it, but I haven't had the pleasure of listening. Yet....

  • Rick Painter

    I'm always leaving the ones I love most. Sorry ladies.

  • John Peraro

    this is a true love story

  • Cecilia Sanchez

    Love this song it hit my heart hard💔🌹

  • Phil Cash

    Its 2018. Who's listening? I never get tired of Zac Brown Band. Get it goin boys.

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