FAR CRY 5 Mars, Zombies And Vietnam Gameplay Trailer DLC (2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC

FAR CRY 5 Mars, Zombies And Vietnam Gameplay Trailer DLC (2018) PS4/Xbox One/PC.

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  • Wolfram22

    I'm gonna nut playing far cry 3 on the ps4

  • Dragon of Dojima

    Lost on Mars kind of looks like the first mission on DOOM (2016) when you get out of the base

  • Lulz For the win

    Ok...I have a theory like GTA 5 but I’ll just keep this simpleFarcry 5 campaign: real but could be fake and just a movieFarcry ZAMBIES mode: might be real but may be just movieFarcry Lost on mars: Movie big time.Farcry Hours Of darkness: Real

  • Chud

    Welp, the Vietnam one was shitty. The zombie one will undoubtedly be bad... Let's hope the space one is good; it looks interesting.

  • godofgaming 77

    Now I have to buy the game god damnit

  • Aidan McFarlane

    I got Gold Edition for Far Cry 5 so that's cool


    God thier doing all this and far cry 3 too ? I havent even heard of classic edition!!

  • Dakoz min22

    How do I access the content? I bought he DLC. I just don't know how to play it. Can someone help me out? Plz

  • HaltomCityRecords

    Wheres the damn DLC... 7 am and still no hours of darkness.... Should have dropped at midnight.

  • Daniel MP

    Lol Far Cry Vietnam would make more sense if you were vietnamese and the americans kidnapped your family or something like that.

  • Bing Bong

    Wtf is this no sense DLC ??

  • Commycruza

    Lost on mars reminds me of the movie starship troopers

  • Vendetta162X

    First time in a long time dlc actually expanded a game for its worth.

  • TrippyLoki

    Joseph Seed will die at the end.

  • chad maxwell

    If they made a full on Vietnam farcry title. I’d be complete.

  • Kassafrass Sassafrass

    Pretty excited for Lost on Mars dlc because I'm interested to know how the hell Nick Rye got himself into that situation

  • Meta Chameleon

    Been a while since i shot a zombie. So the zombies for sure.

  • 902

    Can I buy them without the need of buying far cry 5 ?? I remember buying blood dragon separately.

  • MKIceAndFire

    Which one are you most excited for? Dead Living Zombies, Hours Of Darkness or Lost On Mars?

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