RX Vega 64 CrossFire - Threadripper 1950x - Rise Of The Tomb Raider- 3840x2160 Maximum Quality

Rise Of The Tomb Raider - DX12
3840x2160P @60Hz
Very High Quality + SMAA
Threadripper 1950x @4.025Ghz
RX Vega 64 AIO @1752/1075Mhz
4x8GB GSkill DDR4 3200Mhz 14-14-14-34-1 GD
Crimson 17.9.2
Relive @ 40Mbps
  • Malcolm Reynolds

    My eyes can't process this beauty !! AMD Rules !!

  • Zar Kaztick

    I played Tomb Rider a long time ago. Didn't like that I didn't know where to go, the machine always ended up telling me.Now, with this graphics... I think I may try again and enjoy the ride.

  • sparkle sprite

    5:00 WTF they used christopher dorner as one of their characters in this game. If you dont know who that is, he was a LA sheriff that went on a cop killing rampage about 2 years ago.

  • angelo lopez

    hey did you find out if you max out all the settings , the screen looks blurry , maxing out depth of field does that (to me) or is that how the game suppose to look

  • Max Blade

    wow.. sad...they do AWFUL in this game

  • Arcade Party

    Holy hamburgers crossfire is back, and it's freaking beautiful!

  • Akira Sendoh

    RX Vega 64 : uses 295W TDP power.Crossfire : 590W : 100$ power cost on every monthNot worth it imo.

  • GreenLanternSalem

    So, what you are saying is that.... Crossfire AMD Vega64 and All those cores on Threadripper 1950x .... are not really being used... and all that power is going to waste....I am waiting to see games finally max out 8 cores and 16 threads. I have an 1700x @3.6ghz and 290x8gb in Crossfire. I can't get maxed out yet. That's sad. =/ i can waste Max Settings and play 144hz gaming with many games. When GDDR6 comes out, or when HBM2 gets cheaper, I will update my graphics cards, but until then, there isn't anything we can do until developers quit being lazy about their hardware usage.... With 1024 bus and 16gb available vram and high clock speeds and multiple cores, you would expect SOMEONE to want to use all that goddamn power.

  • other tomperson

    Shame your Threadripper is bottlenecking so hard that your GPUs are only sitting around 50% usage. Essentially one of the cards is going to waste. My experiences of multi-GPU with this game have been stellar.Also fyi the canned benchmark for this game has a section that absolutely hammers vram bandwidth at the very high texture quality at 4K. Might be an interesting look at how Vega's High Bandwidth Cache handles that, the GTX 1080's GDDR5X struggles.

  • gigi gigiotto

    Hey, try oc the memory clock to 1170 MHz with 1180mv. With my vega fe liquid I have no problem

  • Hamza EP

    Relive is actually really good I always was a shadow play fanboy but this is nice

  • Marian Gaming

    hello Matt i have also 1950x but the framerates are so bad man can you help me with some answers :)

  • Himea Shiori

    i love lara, its very beautifull

  • Unsacred Gamer

    Damn. I never played this game. Watching this gameplay feels intense!

  • selohcin

    I like this game a lot, but I've always hated the way Lara jumps. It's just ridiculous.

  • Blank Blank

    +4k recording software running in background ;-)

  • Scott Calder

    Graphics look superb.

  • YYpang

    hi... i'm wondering about mgpu. top card is overclock and bottom is running stock, is it okey?

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