Xbox One X vs PS4 Pro - Graphics Comparison NEW

Hey Guys!
This is not a typical graphics comparison, i wont just play a video and let you decide on your own without my two cents lol. Of course my opinion may be different from yours but nonetheless enjoy!

In this quick video I dive in to the main differences between the One X and Pro. Both consoles produce fantastic looking visuals for their price points and offer superb value. Take a look at the details covered in the video for more information.

Interested in purchasing any of these consoles or the capture card? Links below!

Xbox One X -
PS4 Pro -
Elgato 4K 60 Pro -

Canon EOS 70D -
Lighting Kit -
Rode Video Mic Go -

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*Disclaimer* In this video I talk about products that I have links for and get a small commission for if you purchase through those links. I am not in any way sponsored by any of the manufacturers shown in the video.
  • DotQB1

    Real question is, is it worth the $500 price tag?

  • Tyree McNealy

    I have both consoles and enjoy the gaming experience more on the Xbox over the pro. Yes everyone argument for the Pro is exclusive but when you are like me and don't care for console exclusive then the Xbox wins everytime for me. The only title I play on the pro is Last of Us other than that I am a shooter guy. The Xbox is perfect for what I need it for. Plus the Xbox controller in my opinion is far more superior than the PS4 controller. That's the icing on top for me as a gamer. Lastly, not a fan boy but I own all console but the switch and I prefer hardcore game on my PC but casual gaming with Friends on the box. 😊

  • el compa soy yo Sanjuan

    Play station is the best

  • Vonshell Morgan Handicap Reacts

    I saw your Xbox one x review so I had to subscribe because you come across as a logical person and you don’t pick sides and you give your opinion without being rude towards any company keep it up. I’m Playstation person forever but I do love my Xbox I mentioned that just to let you know I’m not just saying all this just because you’re saying great things about Xbox.

  • Bd Raidian

    Like your videos. You rock PC, xbox and playstation without any hate or biased reviews. Keep up the great non-toxic videos like "other" youtubers. Subscribed.

  • Claudio Castro

    Love my xbox Scorpio js..

  • Miguel Rodriguez

    Don't see a huge difference between the two and in my opinion a little bit better shading and a lil bit shinier game doesn't warrant spending 500 dollars for the Xbox one X that doesn't have as good a game library as the PS4 Especially when it comes to exclusives couple that with the fact that xbox one X has no VR support (and has no plans to do so in the near future thanks to Phil Spencer) thanks but I'll take the less expensive (more popular) according to sales PS4 pro 👍

  • negroantunez

    You didn't see a difference in Fortnite? Xbox One X is 4k and PS4 Pro is 1080p

  • alphadog708

    ps4 and the X are dropping price announcing at E3 but im still happy with my Pro!

  • Minecraft 4 life

    Hi please make a vid about how you edit your vids and what app you use I am subscribed to you and please tell us how to get more subscribe my favorite game is fortnite

  • oren flotech

    The PS4 interface+environment is more friendly and inviting.I don't see and don't care about the small details when i am in the middle of the action.

  • Jason Marshall

    Is it just me the ps4 pro looks like the color is brighter

  • camkillen

    Thats unfair you cant add a 4k thing to the ps4 it doesnt come with the ps4

  • Thuned

    Btw you have gained about 250 subs in 3 days? Whoa, i was right when i said you will get big on YouTube!!!

  • trigolis

    The exclusive game library of the PS4 Pro and the huge playerbase on PSN makes it a winner.Want to know if spending a $500 XBone X is worth it? Sit 7 feet back from your TV and you won't tell the difference between the two consoles.

  • camkillen

    4k card thing you had in your hand

  • Gilles Pittet

    They both look great. Getting a PS4 Pro. ... With faster load times

  • Baljit Singh Waraich

    did'nt care gaming library, just love my xbox x ✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻✌🏻

  • Ricky Haryadi

    Hey, I am a fan of your work at Boyce Avenue! Didn't know you do tech reviews too.

  • Renato Rojas

    Well, a very small difference in performance, will not make me drop extra $100.00 dollars! Ps4 pro here we go :)

  • Thuned

    First when i saw this video thumbnail and title i was like "Nahhh not too intersted on that", but when i saw it was from you... Damn i clicked fast.

  • Duff Jams Radio

    Came across your channel I like what you do keep it up. Left a like and a sub

  • S E

    But 30fps pc, should not be expensive

  • Jason Marshall

    Ya but the xbox one x games that are older are vary bad same older games look better on the pro

  • Luke

    The difference is so small that it is not worth jumping to a different console. Sorry shitbox.PS4 has better servers, bigger player base and better exclusive games. You can play xbox games on PC anyways, what is the point of a xbox....

  • Youssless

    i been watching your videos for a while now, keep it up dude. I promise that this channel will have tens of thousands of subscribers in no time. you got some of the best quality content that a lot of channels aren't focusing on.

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