Far Cry 5's Cheeseburger problem

As a magnet for trouble, Cheeseburger points out how Far Cry 5 needs to take a breather here and there.
  • Cruz Cisneros

    until you clear a region... Then there isn't shit.

  • James Paton

    guys use boomer as a fang for hire and he draws all the attention so you never have to worry about animals again he also scares them away except for judges the will down him.

  • edm s

    It can get pretty crazy with what can happen. Down the road from Falls End, on the way to a side-quest, i stopped to help a civilian. Next thing i know there is a convoy trying to kill me, a helicopter flys by not to long after. Then cultists come out of nowhere again to kill me with their van. Oh an as i was getting ready to continue my journey a goddamn plane comes on by and shoots the shit out of my truck.

  • eurosonly

    My worst part about this game is when you try to speak with somebody and they all just start screaming and panicking as if a war had broken out there and then.

  • Steve W

    I love cheeseburger, he is a wrecking machine.

  • Xx_Tgunn_x X

    Idk what happened but one of the people killed cheeseburger in my game uh can someone help me get him back

  • Toki Longsmokes

    Whatever I spent two hours fishing the other day with zero interruptions and that was not the first time.

  • Grizzles

    i assume this doesnt account for ally controled regions because they are really quiet most of the time at least for me

  • Miksershow

    Im getting shot at all the fucking time its not even funny bruh its fucking annoying XDDDDD

  • Kreighton Hunter

    This is harshly true. I have to go to regions I own just to enjoy fishing, or hunting. I can never go to a more exotic spot just because I don’t own the region yet.

  • RebelEvolution

    I bet America has a Cheeseburger problem.

  • Elvis Sanchez

    I own Farcry 5 in pc version and all these highlights are being magnified. These things don't become a problem if you don't want it to.

  • Laundry Sauce

    In my opinion the only good guns for hire are boomer, and nick ryes. They are both extremely useful if you use them right.

  • Snake Alaska

    I fail to see how this is a problem. The population density doesn’t seem like a hole because presumably Joseph has been recruiting from all over the place

  • S Creep

    I also found this to be true however once you kill jacob, faith or John that region becomes a lot quieter. Now that I've completed the main story I can go back and continue in a much quieter world and start finishing some quests. But now the world is almost too quiet

  • Rowley Ryan

    I’m glad Montana isn’t actually as crazy as it is in Hope County. I like it calm.

  • Elijah Alcoba

    Just killed a black bear seconds later 3 cultist rush with cars and minutes later cultists with a truck with a turret comes and wrecks my shitThen a plane comes from out fucking nowhere and spots me and strafes me after that a bear comes behind me and the cycle repeats

  • okc405sfinest

    The hot damn airplanes, I swear I cant fo shit without having to deal with some asshole in a airplane

  • NoahsXboxRage

    Isn't this what far cry is supposed to be, been with far cry since #2

  • PigeonCake

    Well just don’t have Cheeseburger with you all the time then. I only recruited guns for hire when I needed them.

  • Cumbria Strong

    I said something similar after finishing the game; the game would be perfect if the map was about 4 times as big, with the same amount of stuff

  • Tyler Paine

    I agree that the game has too much at once, but admittedly Cheeseburger is my favorite. I like the action and having something to do but there's little variety and it gets tedious to go from point A to point B. Still loved the game though.

  • D Will

    Agreed, it's one thing to be chaotic, it's another when it's to the point of annoyance. My biggest issue was just wanting to chill and talk to an NPC and listen to them in the quest acceptance portion. Seriously like 50% of the time, they run off drawing their gun at enemies I can't even see or shoot. I don't know how to get them out of conflict again to talk to them again, usually just sitting around til they're finally able to be interacted with again. Annoyed me to no end.

  • Coopee Scott

    ironic sense there’s nothing to do after you beat it

  • Jackson Hammonds

    once you finish the game their aren't enough cultists, needs a balance for sure

  • Damion H

    Guns for hire: enemy spotted, engaging.Me: I just want to fish in peace.

  • Yee

    1 like 1 salmon for chesseburger

  • Clell Biggs

    While everything you said here is true it didn't get in the way of me enjoying the game. I'm more of a stealth player so things didn't blow up as often for me. I also stuck with Boomer instead of switching to Cheeseburger.

  • Andrew James Stringer

    Once you liberate a region, things calm down BIG TIME. Most the enemies are off the roads, you WILL run into the occasional cultist but it's nothing like when the region is not liberated. I have wondered the forest for literal hours without attack from some random animal. The more you accomplish in the game the more peaceful it becomes. It actually is a beautiful way to remind you what you are fighting for. You are there and shit is crazy, once you start neutralize the crazy, you begin to see the beauty of the environment come to normalize piece by piece. I do agree with you though, cheeseburger is kind of an nuisance. Not stealthy at all, and very much a bullet magnet. Undoubtedly an affective killer, but also a big doofus.

  • Aaron

    Too much going on? WTF? What do you wanna do just hike and be a tourist?

  • Adrian Shephard

    I thought far cry 5 actually had a cheeseburger problem

  • Why You Asking

    Liberate region and you can relax

  • therealdudeski

    Beat the game and you'll start to miss the craziness.

  • J- Wayne

    The problem with cheeseburger is he's got the diabetus.

  • Carlos Smith

    It probably has to due with all the sorcery and drug stuff that the Peggies are up to. The valley is so active with people and animals because the Seed family stirred up everything.

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